This is my first submission and hope you can let me know what you think about it :)

Teenagers, at first thought all they know is to have fun, clean fun I mean. But for me, everything was the opposite. At the age of 12, seeing couples torridly kissing on TV gives me a feeling that I couldn't explain, making me sit at the edge of a chair not knowing I was already rubbing my genital against it. Ohhh damn it felt so good and satisfying, I reckoned. Years have passed and still I was enjoying rubbing my genital against the edge of my favorite chair.

Exploring the world of pleasure through sex, intercourse, love making whatever you may call it started too early for me (knowing we Filipinos are "conservative") and that was when I was 14 years old. People who came to know my story said I was malandi, which I totally disagree on. I had my first boyfriend, got totally overwhelmed and fell inlove. A love I thought would not end and a love I thought he can only give which made me give up my virginity.From that time on, I've experienced many firsts that made me interested to try whatever this malandi world has to offer but sadlythe relationship of almost 5 years ended but my journey of knowing how libog I can be didn't stop there.

After the dreadful breakup, I learned to know about SOP (Sex on Phone) through a guy I met on a similar page as this back in the year 2008. At first, I thought it will be as boring as an old tale since it will be pretty awkward to just imagine and moan without someones' body heat beside but he was totally hot, not that I saw him but it was with the way he spoke to me, a good tone of voice that makes me wanna get naked everytime and beg for some more. He never sounded so fake, which made me like him more. Ohh please don't stop. A routine I love that makes me want to touch myself more than 3 times a day, yes it was that intense that made me venture to just not one random guy but 2 or 3 in a day. I was a certified SOP addict I must say but nothing will beat a man's flesh standing in front of me with an erect penis that I could lick, suck and enjoy while he is inside me.

Partying with friends with flowing beer and music was my go to stress reliever back in college. With friends to meet and even strangers to friends, to drinking buddies or even to ONSs that makes every Saturday worth remembering. (Note : Even if condom loses the sensation, it is a must for ONSs) ONSs on the other hand, is something I less enjoyed because there is not much of a connection (emotionally) but kung libog pag uusapan meron pero not that much satisfaction of someone you might be friends with or prior communication before the deed. Or am I just too malambot? Hahaha but nevertheless it was not just a one time experience I had pero I really am not a fan of it.

Lying in bed, fucked and cum inside my pussy is a boring game for me, but let's admit it girls it really is so fucking boring when our main is just in the mood to fuck with no ihi lang ang pahinga foreplay. But luckily it just seldom happens that made me hoaned my skills to be the best giver and sub I can be ;)

Much libog,