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The Master - Hello William!

Warning:This story has extreme sexual and violent scenes not suited for faint hearts. Read at your own risk. This is an original composition of the a

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Pangako Sayo

(Mga nakakalibog na kuwentong halaw sa mga pamagat ng sikat na teleserye sa telebisyon)Si Yna at si Angelo, isang atsay at isang senyorito - relasyong

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The Master (Ritual)

A week had gone by and the sleeping demon lays restless, eager to get out of its cage. Hunger evident on his rambling and a thirst for blood compels h

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The Master (Escalation)

The stale scent of used clothes and of puffed cigars did nothing to deter the arousal of that man and woman; their sweating body glistening, their sig

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The Master (A Prelude)

Tangina! Ang daming arte, oh.. Ibuka mo na kasi. Bukaka pa! Ayan, ganyan nga. Spread your lips, bitch! See how wet you are? I'm gonna slap your

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