Rance has nothing to say.

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Blackmail - 1

Nicky is a senior college student of Mass Communication, in one of the top Universities in Manila. Her looks could be considered—above average than

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Striptease - 4

Chapter 4"Bestfriend be like, now suck it. Join me?" Utos ni Sheena."S hit bes, may amats ka na nga" anito sabay halakhak. "B itch, don't tell me you

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Striptease - 3

Meanwhile . . ."Hello""We're here""Oh great! See you in awhile""Okay""Uhm! Xander.. sorry for the incident while we were talking few hours ago. My com

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Striptease - 2

Chapter 2Annual Meeting at Manila Peninsula Hotel"Ma'am Sheena, handa na po ang lahat" Bungad sa kanya ng kanyang personal assistant paglabas niya ng

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Striptease - 1

Chapter 1"Hi! Good morning, Ma'am! May I know what you'll be having?" Magiliw na wika ng cashier kay Sheena."I'd like to have one Coffee Jelly please.

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