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Crazy Girl Series: He's Dating A Psycho

New Horizons Recovery Clinic, Present Day“Chief,” tinanguan niya ang guard-on-duty sa psychiatric facility kung saan siya regular na pumupunta tuw

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Hiwaga At Pagnanasa

Author's Note   Since I started writing stories, I made a self-imposed rule, and that is to make my works as believable as possible. This erotic st

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The Fiancé 8 (Kan Chiu/The Wedding)

Author’s Note      This is the last installment of my series, “The Fiance”. It took a while because I got a bit busy with school stuff.  

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The Fiancé 7 (Ting Hun/The Engagement)

“You can’t call off your wedding just like that! It’s not as if you’re just simply calling off a business meeting!” Kalmado ngunit mariing b

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The Fiancé 6

The next morning, Aimee woke up feeling so nauseated. Parang binibiyak rin sa sakit ang ulo niya. Then she realized na naparami yata ang nainom niyang

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Crazy Girl Series: Manic-Depressive Mariz

Vince was on his way to his bestfriend’s condo unit. Napagpasyahan niyang doon muna manatili ng ilang araw sapagkat ginugulo siya ng kanyang ex-girl

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Never Again

Author's Note   May you be warned that this story contains only light romance, minimal sex scenes, and a tragic ending.   Due to the untimely pas

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The Fiancé 5

"Akala ko fetish mo lang yung itinali mo ko sa kama using my panty when we first made love. But now you’re using real handcuffs. Don’t get offende

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The Fiancé 4

Aimee’s birthday is fast approaching. Ibig sabihin nito, malapit na silang ikasal ni JC. They’re scheduled to get married two weeks after her birt

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The Fiancé 3

“Jace, this time I’ll be on top.”JC was really appalled by Aimee’s sudden transformation.She was a virgin when he took her, for Christ’s sak

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The Fiancé 2

I freaked out when I heard my mom’s voice. I pushed JC away but he just kept going.“Are you out of your mind?! Nasa labas si mommy!” I shouted a

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The Fiancé

I was inside my room when my ahia ("kuya" in Fookien/Fil-Chinese) told me that our dad wants to talk to me in private. Natakot ako. My dad is kind of

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