Part 3 – Igor

Privyet. Minya zhavut Igor. That's 'hello, my name is Igor' in my mother language. 7 years of stay dito sa Pinas and I am still having a hard time speaking fluently in Tagalog.

So, I'm guessing nabanggit na sa inyo ni Billy at Jenko yung tungkol sa housemate naming si Dara. Dara… she's one heck of a woman. In Russia, when a woman dresses like that, she surely offers herself for a service or so, but this one, she's definitely not your typical woman.

Sa aming tatlo nila Jenko ang Billy, ako yung pinaka hindi masyado nakatira sa bahay, most of the time pa pag nandito ako, nagpprogram lang ako at nagsusulat ng code in preparation dun sa science fair sa university. However, this time its different. There's this lady that's like a bully in our department, bully siya sa lahat, pero most of the time ako yung target niya. Alam niya kasing matataob ko siya sa presentation namin kaya sinabotage niya yung work ko. Wala lang naman sa akin yun because fuck it, right? Hindi naman ako papatol sa ganun. She's born a bitch, and definitely die a bitch.

Anyway, there was this one time na lumapit sa akin si Dara for a help/ favor. Meron kasi siyang natutunugang stalker niya, so we definitely looked up into him through social media. We hacked into his PC and that's it, we just saw a huge collection of Dara's stolen pictures from random spots throughout the university. There was also this folder that contain different videos of him ejaculating on printed photos of other ladies from our university. Sobrang naging uncomfortable si Dara and asked me to do something about it. Sabi ko I have a plan.

Naglagay ako ng bug sa system niya that warns me whenever he's active and yun na nga one time nagnotify yung phone ko na active siya and sakto gising pa si Dara because may tinatapos siyang plate, I invited her to watch me do what I wanted to do.

To my surprise, hindi lang yung guy ang nasa room niya, kasama niya yung bully sa department namin. Naka ID pa nga siya eh so kitang kita yun sa webcam ng laptop ng guy. Her face was clear on the video while she was stripping, slowly taking off her blouse revealing her black laced bra. Ngingiti ngiti pa yung girl sa camera as she unhooks her bra. Bumungad yung boobs niya sa camera, it was huge; Dara estimated about 34C. Yeah, kasama ko nga si Dara na pinapanood itong live video scandal na ito. I started recording since the beginning.

She was massaging her breasts and pinching her brown nipples while talking to the camera na as if meron silang kausap on the other end of the line. While she was fondling her breast, lumapit na sa kanya yung guy na nakahubad na rin at nakatayo ng yung dick niya pointed towards the lady.

"You don't need not be seeing this" sabi ko kay Dara.

"No, no, no, I definitely need to see this" sagot niya.

Pinanood naming na inabot ni Eki (the bully with a matte green colored hair, about 5'2, slim and morena. Hawig sila ni Roxanne Barcelo) yung titi nung guy, at agad na sinubo ito. While the head is inside her mouth she was stroking the shaft with her right hand and fondling the balls with her left.

Meanwhile, Red, the stalker grabbed her left boob and started on fondling it. Inaayos niya yung buhok ni Eki para naman hindi ito nakakasagabal sa pag blowjob sa kanya.

"That's it" sabi ko. "Show me your face, cyka!"

She was doing a fast blowjob on Red's dick, while looking seductively at the camera. Maganda rin pala siya sa ganitong view. For 5 minutes ito yung ginagawa nila, ihihinto niya yung pagsubo, tapos didilaan yung ulo, hanggang sa buong titi hanggang sa itlog, tapos subo nanaman habang sinasalsal yung titi ni Red.

Yumuko si Red at biglang sinuggaban yung labi ni Eki while fondling her breasts. And Eki in the meantime is jacking off Red like there's now tomorrow. She just wants to make this guy cum. At least lumabas na sa camera yung mukha ni Red.

"Huli kayo ngayon" sabi ni Dara. "Ano na plano mo dito Igor?"

"Let them finish" sabi ko.

Dara just scoffed and went on to finish her plate.

I stayed on to watch the live show these pigs are giving me.

Red made Eki stand and just revealed that she is still wearing half our school uniform. Red was spanking her ass. He unzipped the skirt and it showed us that Eki was wearing a black laced t-back. This turned me on a bit. Red wasted no time as he pulled down her underwear and reached for her labia. Red bent down as Eki raised her right leg towards Red's shoulder and started licking her slightly hairy pussy. You can see from her belly that she must be moaning right now but the audio is down. Okay sana kung meron, baka mas nakakaturn-on. I feel so horny seeing the pussy of the one who kept on bullying me. I can't help but reach down my dick and rub it a bit.

They went far back to get to the bed. Eki was laying down the bed with her short, morena legs spread out and Red in the meanwhile went to her left side gave us a view of the Eki's pussy being licked and caressed and fingered. Titingin tingin pa yung gago sa camera after giving it a mouthful and playing the pussy with his fingers. Ibinubuka pa nung guy yung pepe ni Eki to show us a minor leak of her liquids. Shit, Eki is a girl after all, a pussy is a pussy no matter who owned it. I am enjoying the view of my classmate's pussy being toyed with.

After a bit, they changed position, they went to do the 69. Eki was on top and they both started giving one another oral satisfaction. Eki is a talented licker and a natural media artist for she knows how to project herself on the camera. That dumb idiot Red, however, kept on spanking Eki occasionally, and how I wish I can hear the sound of her ass being spanked for being the naughty bitch that she is. I wish I can just spank her butt when she's bullying me.

Siguro they got bored kaya nagpalit nanaman sila ng postion, nakahiga si Red with her head towards the camera and Eki with her exposed overalls, sat down Red's dick. Kitang kita sa camera kung paanong pumasok sa pepe ni Eki yung titi ni Red. Napakagat labi pa nga si Eki eh, nakasabunot lang naman siya sa matte-green niyang buhok kaya meron din siyang kili-kili giveaway. They took about 4-5 minutes of pounding and fondling and spanking.

From the looks of it, Red is about to cum as he stopped the action and made Eki lay on all fours. Pinatuwad niya si Eki ng nakaharap siya sa camera and starting penetrating her from behind, dog style as they say. I can see her 34C jiggling back and forth and the view was perfect. Her round eyes closing due to orgasm, and her mouth letting those inaudible moans. Hindi naman papigil yung mga kamay ni Red at pinipiga-piga yung boobs ni Eki.

I reached down for my cock and started masturbating. I rarely masturbate so for 3 minutes of their sexual intercourse, I came first.

Tapos inabutan ako ni Dara ng tissue from behind.

"Kanina ka pa ba jan?!" pagulat kong tinanong sa kanya.

"Yeah. Don't worry, like I told you, I don't mind." Focused siyang pinapanood yung bakbakan ni Eki at Red.

Fuck. I felt ashamed for masturbating. Nagpunas ako ng tamod sa kamay at sa brief gamit yung tissue na inabot ni Dara.

"Sanitizer?" alok pa niya

"Yeah thanks." Sabi ko habang pinapanood naming dalawa yung live sex video ni Eki at Red.

Just so the right time came when Red went for a coitus interruptus. He shot all his load on Eki's back and she was liking it. Pareho silang bumagsak on their bellies after the last load. They were laughing romantically and kissing each other on the lips.

"Dara, watch this. Look at this mini screen over here. Yan yung nangyayari sa screen nila ngayon."

Inupload ko yung program na ginawa ko kanina before masturbating. Pinaghang ko yung screen only for it to resume with their names on the screen. Napatingin silang dalawa na nagulat. "Rebecca 'Eki' Samonte; Red Pajinante." At nagplay sa background yung sex video nila at namatay ulit after a few snaps at may message na lumabas. "You will behave yourselves or this will be submitted to the administration office… even PornHub"

Dara and I saw the grim reactions on their sick faces. Si Eki nagtakip ng mukha sa kahihiyan, and almost about to cry. Si Red naman at galit na tumayo sa kama at hinampas ng baseball bat yung screen. That act cut off the transmission.

Humiyaw si Dara habang kinakarate chop na masahe yung balikat ko. "Idol ka Igor!"

I raised my hand to offer a high five.

"No I'm not high-fiving that hand after touching your half-russian dick."

"Oh. Sorry about that"

"Clean up your mess. Hawak na natin sila sa leeg" sabi ni Dara. "You know what… akin na yung kaliwang kamay mo, you deserve a high five after all"