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2nd Confession - Intern

Written by yummy on
This happened during my first internship for a company in Paranaque. This was still when I was still in college in a university along Taft. I've always been attracted to older women and, to be honest, I have been with some.

For the early part of my internship, I was assigned to work as a compliance analyst that placed me in the finance department. There I met a lot of different people, most of whice were from the accounting department.

The setup of the company is that it was enclosed in a compound and the different offices and departments were lumped together in one floor. This might not be so accurate since this happened sometime in 2012. The point is, since the departments were lumped together, I was exposed to the different employees from different departments.

Even though I was only an intern, the company I worked for was big enough to give me my own table that was next to the other employees. Because the departments were lumped together, I got to meet employees from other departments, and one employee really got my attention.

She was an accountant who was in her mid 30's. At the time, I was only 19, so the age gap was quite big.

What really caught my attention was how long her legs were. It was as if they never ended. She stands about 5'5", so she's a bit total compared to the average Filipina.

My first impression of her was that she was snobbish and looked mataray. She kept a tight circle and would usually have lunch at the cafeteria with her two close friends.

At first, still learning the ropes, I focused on what was assigned to me since the internship was graded and the company is one of those multinational companies aspired for by a lot of students.

As days passed, I became close to one of her friends who would always tease me. They treated me as that you younger brother you always teased and that brought me closer to them. During one of our workdays, they invited me to have dinner and watch a movie with them.

At the time, I had a girlfriend so I had to make up some excuse since I was going out with 3 girls. Cut the story short, it was at this time that I really got to know her.

Dinner was uneventful but at the movies, for some reason, I ended up sitting next to her. I forgot what movie this was but all I could remember was that we grew comfortable and I discovered that she had a long time boyfriend who was based out of town and would only get to go home once in a while. Fast forward, I got her number and started texting her.

At first she wasn't as responsive but through time, I was able to breakdown her walls and really got to know her.

I remember this one time, Valentines was approching and considering that her boyfriend was out of town and will not be able to come home, she felt lonely and invited me to her place.

Since she was staying somewhere in Makati while I was staying in Paranaque, I drove to her place not knowing what to expect.

When I got to her place, we just started hanging out and watching a movie. There was no Netflix yet, so we had to settle with whatever was available. After a while, she excused herself and told me she'll freshen up and take a quick bath. I think it was past midnight already so this got me thinking that something might happen.

After a while, she returned wearing just a towel and it was at this point that I threw caution to the wind and grabbed her. I kissed her passionately and to my surprise and enjoyment, she actually responded. I ripped her towel from her body and started kissing her hard, working my way down from her lips, down to her neck, and licked my way to her nipples while I slowly started touching her in between her legs.

She was really wet down there. I love women who shave but she was waxed like a baby. As I said earlier, it was her legs that really got me and so I worked my way down there and started licking her leg while fingering her.

In just a few strokes, she started bucking and so I rushed to lick all her juices as she cummed her way to an orgasm. She tasted really sweet and I loved every minute of licking and sucking her.

When she was able to get her strength back, she returned the favor and started undressing me. She did the same and started sucking my nipples as she worked her way to my throbbing member. She was insatiable. As soon as she got to my cock, she swallowed whatever would fit her mouth while licking the shaft. I don't know how she does it, and frankly, I did not know that was possible but somehow she made it happen and it was unforgettable. My cock is a little crooked so some of the girls I've been with would actually find it difficult to swallow the whole thing yet she managed to engulf almost the whole shaft. It was really one of the best heads I got and it really took all of my will to not cum right then and there.

In fact, I had to stop her for I did not want to cum without first getting to fuck her. So, mustering all my willpower, I stopped her from sucking me and pushed her to the bed to finally get to fuck her.

Seeing her on the bed with her lustful eyes staring at me was all I needed to move on top of her and in one motion drive my dick inside her. It was ecstatic. She was really tight. We started kissing like lovers, exchanging salivas at the same time. It was almost surreal how wild she was when at first she was quite mataray.

After what seemed like hours of raw and wet lovemaking, I felt that I was about to cum. Without even thinking, I blew my cum inside of her and filled her cunt with my cum. I was so deep in ecstasy that I forgot I wasn't wearing any protection. Luckily, she was safe at the time.

We were so tired we fell asleep right away. The next morning, I woke her up wanting more and she immediately responded. Needless to say, this was just the first of many sexual encounters I had with her during my internship in Paranaque.

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