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An unforgettable Bus ride.

Written by chicoloco on

My name is chico, I am 27 years old now, I'm just an average guy (well my height is not an average), anyway I guess its timefor me to tell some of my stories.

It was a dull day in theoffice, I and my gf (a nurse who is meticulous in cleaning my thingy) planned to have a date that day.I left the office around 5pm, and waited for her in gateway SB.

My gf that time was a petite, white, nerdy looking but cute girl she is a nurse in a renowned hospital, so going back.Upon seeing her we exchange hi, hello, how are you, and other norms or what a normal bf gf would say about each other.We were talking that time about how was our day and what we did in our work till, somone from the opposite table caught my attention.

There was this girl wearing a mini skirt, with her conio bf, they were laughing and suddenly I somehow saw the girls undies accidentally.So I told my gf what I saw so what she did was she slowly look at the other chair and she also saw the girl's undies and she told me that"Mas maganda pa dyan suot ko ngaun noh! ". I don't know what to say I was amazed that she is saying that, so I replied back and tell her"Cge nga let me see baka naman suot mo naman ung may hole mong undies ", she just smiled and we hold hands and continue our conversationand finish our coffee.

The evening was good, the air was cool, street lights, restaurants, everything was great till I ask her if she want's to go home since its already past 10.She is still insisting that "mas maganda pa daw yung panty nya dun sa babae na nakita ko kanina ", so I just laughed and provoke her to show me.

But she teased me and replied back "Oo ba san mo ba gusto ? ", I get the gist of what she wanted to do that night but I refused since we both havework tomorrow and I am not in the mood.I insisted that I should bring her home so that we can wrap up the night.I don't have a car, mahirap lang ako well my salary is above average but still kinakapos pa rin. So we went to the bus stop and waited.She is from Valenzuela, when the bus arrived we went inside and go at last seat since that is the only seat available.

Inside since the travel from cubao to valenzuela is almost an hour, we just hold hands and talk. Suddenly I guess my bad, I accidentally place her handin between my thighs, I accidentally allowed her to feel the lust building in my manhood, chico " Wow your hard na pala, why did you not tell me ? " I told hersorry I was not in the mood. She asks where did this stated ? I told her since I saw the girls undies and when you insisted that you wanted to show me yourundies. She look in my face, I guess she can feel the lust building inside me and she replied "Ok madali lang yan". She quickly unzip my pants, andput her hands inside me and feel me up. She placed her bag on top of my legs so that no one can see what she is doing.

Her stokes were really good, hard and fast. While doing that I warp my arms in her waists and sliding my finger inside her pants.

I was shocked that she is really wet and wow I can feel all her juice in my finger. I just played her hole, moving up and down and teasing her, slowlingputting my finger inside and removing it just before I enter her vagina.

She is really good and am almost at my limit, when suddenly I lady in front of us, suddenly look at us and like she can sense that something fishy is going on.

My crazy gf instead of slowing down or stopping, she grab me tight and continue what she is doing but she is increasing the speed, It was neer North Edsa whenI told her, "hun I am coming". Instead of getting a tissue or hankerchief she just let me release my juice at the back of the seat in front of us, her hands wasfilled with my juice.

I cannot bare the feeling of my cum in my pants so I asked her "hun baba tayo cr lang ako". So upon reaching North Edsa , we went out of the busI went to the nearest rest room, When I got there I saw that I did not zipped my pants, darn't it!

It was the embarrasing moment of my life and It was one of the best experience ever.

(This is my first storry, please put all your comments and salamat ) Also I did not do any editing just typed it and post it.


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