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Written by chuyey23 on

HI! guys I'm back here's a new story from me this is a come back story hope you will like it. About my unfinished story "the love on net"soon i will be publishing the next chapter probably this week :) happy reading everyone

is it Love? or Lust

the letter

epilogue: first part

have you ever experience LOVE ...? the real love that is... it is so confusing if you are inlove with
someone.. loving unconditionally..that your heart beats so fast that you are losing control & emotions too...on how
will you react... by seeing that person..

i felt that kind of feeling i can't imagine loving someosne like this... it hurts me though for he is loving someone
else... & NOT ME... IT REALLY HURTS ME... BUT I CAN'T SAY NO TO HIM... were are not commited to each other, but we
did something beyond friends...
before telling my weird story I'm chloe & i'm working at a bookshop outside manila, 27 years of age... i have my own
place, i'm a bookworbm myself always with a that is...in short i'm a loner type of gal..that always sticks to a
book(a nerdy girl you might say...)

okay! lets cut my self introduction... here's the story..

it started one early mornin, i was walking at my living room just near to my door..then i saw a paper that was
infront,i checked what it is, a note: it says "hello there sorry if we are so loud, we're your next doors
neighbors.. hmm by the way im chris can we be friends if thats okay with you? here's my number please message me
Thanks! my numbe: #099.......... :) i will wait for your message... see ya!"

chloe : who the heck is he... ohh gEezz...

: Oh! one of the party guys... tsk! tsk! as if i will do text him...

i ignored the message.. and went back to my daily routine...(my daily routine: first thing in the morning prepare my
toiletries & take a shower right away it makes me more lively & cheerful when i took shower 1st thing in the morn..
eat breakfast & off to work(10am to 8pm) at noon time i went out for a quick lunch went to a market place to buy
some fruits i don't eat meat i'm a raw vegan (vegetarian pure veggie eater no dairies too). then i went back to our
store... few hours after of working i closed the early than 8pm...about 7:15pm im already out of the store and held
back to my apartment..i was near my apartmenti heard loud music up ahead & flashy lights across my apartment.

(talking by my mind)

chloe's mind: Goodness! the party guys again with loud noise again!

: Oh! man its a long night

walking fast now the music coming from my neighbors apartment makes my eardrums hurt & was throbbing due to the loud
music... i was looking for my door keys... then i accidentally saw the letter that one of the party guys wrote... i
held it for awhile & saw the keys i opened the door & went inside my apartment, put my things on the floor and went
to my room to change my clothes, i prepared my dinner.. a few minutes later, i washed the dishe. went through my
things to tidy it up i saw the letter again... it really bothers me so i fixed my clothes i'm wearing & held the
letter to give it back to my neighbor just across my apartment... i went out i saw that their door was open i saw
someone near at the door and asked who is chris who wrote the letter the infront of me was at shock & grab the
letter from me & went inside the apartment & shot the door hard...

chloe: what the hell was that for..!
: geez! these party guys are so,,,aghhhh!

i went back to my apartment.. i was so pissed by the attitude of that guy who just grab the letter from and slam the
door at my face...

after a few minutes.. someone was knocking at the door, before opening i checked who was knocking by the window &
saw it was the guy earlier

chloe's mind: why is here after grabbing that letter out of my hands & slam that stupid door at me...

: if i will open this must explain that to me...aghhn

i opened the door with a grouchy expression on my face..

chloe: why are you here... Mr.slammer

: and have the guts to knock at my doorstep

the guy was all red & cant look at me at all... and cant talk right away... on my part im gettin more pissed..

chloe: what! you'll just going to stand there all night... why are you here?? then, i make a face again..

mr.slammer(its my nickname to him coz i don't really know his name)

Mr. Slammer: ahmm.. sorry about that...whahat-what i did back there awhile ago i was just shock that i saw you and
you have the letter on your hands and i don't know what to do so i grabbed it & slam the door...

:i really didnt mean to do that... sorry & for you to know that i'm the one who wrote the letter... i was
worried my friends might see it and make fun of me if they saw that letter..(with a stattering voice)

chloe: Okay (in a soft voice) why didn't you approach me if u want to make friends with me?

chris(Mr.slammer): well i'm so shy to ask you.. i don't know how to talk to you.. so i wrote a letter,the good
thing is that i'm the one you ask first about the letter not them... :)

we both smile ar each other....

coming soon! second part.... :)

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