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is it LOVE? or LUST

Written by chuyey23 on

is it love? lust

part 2: A start of someting new

chloe: okay...okay fine we could be friends in one condition...

Mr. slammer: sure.. okay, what is your condition..?

chloe: can you guys please lower your music when its night time... its really loud from here

Mr. slammer: ohh! sorry about that... sure, i will talk to my friends to lessen up the volume for you...

chloe: thank you...

Mr. slammer: so lets start over... im chris by the way.. and you are ?

chloe: i'm chloe

chris: so... am I forgiven..?

chloe: Yes, you are...

chris: thanks..

chloe: well nice meeting you.. its gettin late i have to get some rest now...

chris: sure! sure! good night.. oh wait can i have your FB (facebook account) can I add you up

chloe: hmm... ok here's my FB.. clo bookworm, i will just accept your friend request

: night..

chris: ok...thanks! good night

i closed my door and headed to my room. i lay down on my bed i couldn't sleep at all, i did a different side of the
bed so i could go to sleep.. but its no use I can't get to sleep at all..

BUZZZZ... BUZZ... my tablet went on indicates i have a message.. i got up to get to it...i saw my messages

Chris Filler: hi.. its me chris

chris Filler: i already requested for a friend request...

chris Filler: add me up okay? are you still awake?

clo bookworm: yeap.. i'm still awake

chris Filler: can I ask you out sometimes?

: can we hang out... hmmm, just for a chat if that's alright with you ?

clo: hmm.. its alright... if i don't have work.. or if im not busy at work

clo: i don't know let me check it first..im free after work that day.

chris filler: ohh.. okay so we could go out on wednesday.. what time you'll be out?

clo: around 6:30pm

chris filler: ok i will pick you up at 7:00pm

clo: ok sure

*few days after... its wednesday, i got out of work around 7:30pm its was a tiring day,i have to unload all the
books that has arrived.

i was walking home .. and saw someone sitting at my door step then, i saw chris...

chloe: what are you doing here..? aww is it wednesday

chris: its wednesday..

chloe: aww is it wednesday...? i totally forgot i'm sorry...

chris: its alright..

chloe: i will just drop my bags and change..

chris: sure i will wait for you here

chloe: okay, thanks!

i totally forgot about our messages last saturday.. i'm so busy that i forgot all about it.i headed right away in my
room and change.. i wore a hoody type tish with a tight leggings and i just slip my flip flops.. and got out.

chloe: hey there, sorry i'm late its been a busy day for me

chris: its alright.. if your tired we could cancel it..

chloe: no,, its okay..we can still go out.

chris: okay... let's go have somethin to eat first, i know you haven't eaten dinner yet

chloe:thanks, where will we eat...?

we went to a fast food resto.we talk and eat dinner at the same time. we talked about lots of things like his work & family. after dinner we just
walked for awhile and headed back home.

he walked me at my door..

chloe: good night it was really nice talking dow to you

chris: me too... good night thank you.. i had a great time

i closed my door and took a shower. after a few minutes.. i got out of the bathroom to put my clothes on..when suddenly my
tablet.. BUZZZ!! as i checked my inbox it was chris.

Chris filler: hey... hmm sorry to bother u...i cant stop thinking bout us, hmm i really like to kiss you awhile ago
before saying good night to you..

chris filler: can i kiss you?

chris filler: just one kiss? ok on my cheeks only..

chris filler: ok thanks.... i'm outside your door

chloe: are you serious?! aww.. wait i'm still undressed, wait a sec i'll just put something on..

chris filler: sorry... okay, i'll wait here

my heart beats so fast i really don't know what to do, why did i say yes to him i fixed myself and opened the door.
he waso standing outside and he come inside my apartment and kissed me on my cheek, he kissed me again, but this time
he kissed me on my lips..his hands caressing my hips and back i was carried away and i kissed him back.. its really
a cliche, what was happening between us now.. we kissed again this time more intimately, his hands was all over my
body, his hands cupping my breast kissed me on my neck, his other hand holding me more tightly and
intimately.undressing me he kissed me down into my lips, neck down through my breast. he gently licked me and sucked
my breast untill it got swollen. now, were both kissing and undressing each other. he ask me where's my room we stop
& guide him to my room. inside my room he put me on the bed and started kissig me again... i was really moaning
while caressed me even more, i feel like my body is all hot.. while he was kissing me i felt his tool is getting
really hard and big.i let him lie down on my bed and gave him a bj, his tool is so hard and throbbing.after giving
him a BJ... he kissed me and hug me he put me down and caressed me, kissed my neck through my breast and kissed my
temples..were both in heat that time and he put his tool in me, in and out, and not stoping. i was moaning too much
what he hold my mouth and kissed me again..in and out of me..after a few minutes he was doing me so roughly i was
loaning so loud that i am about ko cum. he was pumping me so hard. and pull out his tool and cums. we did it all
night long.and not stoping till, were both exhaused.

chloe : i told you,, to just kisss me on the cheek? :)

chris: hehe... sorry bout that i was carried away by your lovely face of your... :) (both giggled silently)

coming soon part 3

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