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Journey (Valentine's Day Special)

Written by skeithizm on

Sagot ko

Tumawag ang kaibigan, expected ko na dahil katatapos lang ng Valentines.
Tatawag sya before or after, never on that date.

"Bro, free ka? Bar tayo."

As if may choice ako.
Pag may kasama ako ay kakausapin nya, then would make all kinds of excuses, ie.

*kapatid nya toh, naaksidente ako, so i need him more than you*
*pinsan nya toh...ah..cuz! (Kasama ko mga legit na cuz ko), long lost cuz nyo toh, and i need him, alam nyo na...padala nalang ako ng welcome gift pagbalik nya*
*this is his boyfriend...yes maam sorry, he is gay, well more girly than you ever will be*
*nakabuntis ako, and i need his expert on where to go, you know advocate sya ng smorsmorsion(A word)
*i need him more than you do honey*
At madami pa...i lost most girls i have dated because of him.
But he makes up for it for letting me meet other girls....sometimes.

"The usual?"

Buti na lang, free ako...or is it good without any date?

"Yup, now na, andito na ako, bago na ung bartender, wala na si J"

Oh, the usual bartender, pinormahan ko dati, but when i saw the bf...bouncer ng bar...well..
"Thanks for dropping bro, here have my mug"

Offer nya sakin pagdating ko, i declined, and he ordered for me, nakita ko ang bagong bartender, cuter and more...free, walang ring sa ring finger. He introduced me to her, her name was...well..K.
Then she gave me a paper, with her name and number. I don't know why though.

"Pare how was your Vday?"
My friend asked as i gulped the beer, it was formality, he doesn't want to hear my answer, not now anyway, so i just shrugged.

"Bro, sya na naman, she texted me nung saturday, then, wham, bham, thank you it was good..."
Simula nya..

"Then poof, she was gone before you/I know it."
We finished.

Ganun lagi ang Vday nya, its not valentines day, but vagina day.
The girl, V, which I see, at most once a year, is his date every vday. Regardless kung may gf sya.
It was a secret we've kept all those years, except if with his blessing.
The girl was to die for, a chef, slim, morena, half spanish, grew in london, her eyes were large, and full of curiosity, her body is like...dj debie's, not much in the chest, but just right for her body.
Oh.. and they are currently single. He is tall, dark, handsome, i think. Hit the gym regularly but with a slender body, and is recruiting me to be his running buddy, his location is my excuse to decline him.

As usual, nilalabas nya ang sama ng loob nya, this guy is deeply, hopelessly in love with this girl.
And she reciprocate the feeling, at least a day every year since they met.
And i always tell him...

"It's not love, it's lust"
Banat nya sakin.

"Alam ko na ung sasabihin mo, eh sa stubborn ako, and I have a heart unlike you"
Turo nya sakin sa chest area, lugar kung nasan ang mythical heart na sinasabi nya, then gulped the remaining liquid.
He ordered another one, winked at the bartender, then turned to me.

"So it's like this, nag message sya sakin, sa Fb, sa email, sa text, viber, whattap...and nasa manila daw sya since thursday! Pinopromote nya ung resto sa bgc, masarap un, punta ka once, try mo."

I did, and it was...ok. Typical european restaurant, and typical money grabber ang price, masarap sa masarap, but im ok with Jollibee.

"Stop thinking, and listen! Anyway, so ayun sabi nya is let's watch some film, sat night sa bgc, something romantic, so i sent her a pic for deadpool, yung romantic ad nila, then she agreed"

Sabi ko sa kanya.

Ngumiti sya then continued.
"So I picked her up sa resto nya then...."

To further tell the story ill switch to his POV, place is a mall in bgc time is saturday Feb 13, and ill try to write as he told me, with a few edits, to have a more entertaining and HOT story.
************** ******************

*Im here in front of the restaurant, wearing a black dress, high heels and short hair =)*
She texted me.

Im excited, Ive got some flowers, and her fave chocolate, and some pheromones.
Courtesy of my friend, best bud, down to earth, cutest, and dependable, always there..skeith
(One such edits, im pretty sure this is not what he thought, there are more adjectives)

So I picked her up, and drove towards the mall, i saw my super bud's office, and I would've said hi to him but it was his off day, he is probably at home and writing or doing some other great things, like thinking of a way to eliminate poverty, or end world hunger...
(Ok enough about me, and more with the story)

We are inside, bought some ticket, snuck some snacks, her own made sandwich and went inside the cinema.

"Asan yung poster na pinakita mo? Bakit puro masked suit toh? Is this a superhero movie?
She asked me as i guided her up the room.

Ok...it never occured to me that she doesn't know this film, it was all over the net, I mean even a small child could guess that it was a superhero movie, ok maybe not superhero, but...

Naka upo kame sa gilid, madami ang nanunuod, pero pinili ko eh ung pinaka dulo, maganda ang view, and it was dark, and konting adjustment ko ay secluded na kame, i bought the chair next to me para walang istorbo. I have to go to the mens room to fish up my pheromone scent and as I say it to her..

"Bilisan mo, sayang ung trailers"

She said it with a smile, a smile to die for, to go gaga over and over again, coupled with those perfectly lined teeth, puffy red lips, luscious eyes and proud nose, I sweated, got excited and all words left my mouth.
Skeith would've had a great comeback..
(Ok...seriously..this is the last one)

Inside the bathroom, I dabbed some pheromones and i got a pat in my but, I looked, and saw a couple of gay guys, they both laughed and winked at me, I laughed nervously, they're cute, but im not into guys.
Then they left, the scent must be making it's magic.

I went to her, and she smelled me, sakto dun sa area ng pheromones, i can see it in her eyes, and lips when she bit it, that the pheromones were working.
Umungol sya nung ipulupot ko ang kamay ko sa bewang nya, small, soft and with electricity as i trace my hand over her back.


Napaungol sya sa ginawa ko, umeepekto na ang phermones.
Then we kissed, the first time our lips met after a year.
I felt the smoothness, softness of it. I felt her tongue swirl inside as i put mine to hers, i smelt her breath, sweet and minty, and tasted her saliva, sweet, intoxicating.
Her hands cupped my face and pulled me closer, I can hear other people cough, trying to get our attention, but we are in a different world.
Our tongue swirled and tasted and played with each other.
Then the lights went out, I traced my body down to her buttocks, and squeezed them, soft moans and soft upward jerks were i heard and felt.
I felt her warmth emenates in her pussy. I felt electricity.
Then drumroll from the screen cut our greetings.
Our lips parted, we were panting.
She pushed me back, my hand was placed in her warm, round, soft bottom.
And watched the film.

Middle of the scene when the characters were fucking their brains out, she put her head in my chest, and placed his hand in my crotch.
I fiddled my hands in her back, then she grabbed my hand, placed it in her legs, then she opened them, inviting me to fondle her,
I obliged.

Pataas kong hinimas ang legs nya, papasok sa dress nya, ramdam ko ang init ng hita nya, ang pag hinga nya ng malalim, ang pag pisil sa ibabaw ng pants ko.
Nakapa ko ang singit nya, makinis, basa, at napansin ko na naka t-back sya.

"Gift mo sakin, last year"
Bulong nya, at dinilaan ang leeg ko.

Hinagod ko ang hiwa ng puki nya dahan dahan, pataas, pababa, taas, nilaro ko ang bumubukol na tinggil nya, at pinalo ang braso ko.

"Lets enjoy your Romantic Movie"
Sabi nya sakin.
Hinayaan nya lang ang kamay ko sa puki nya, hinihimas paminsan minsan, at pinanuod na ang pelikula.

Time: 11:00

Nasa parking na kame, magka akbay na hinahanap ang kotse, hapit na hapit sya, ayaw akong palayuin.
Nakita namin ang kotse sa sulok, umalis na ang mga nakapaligid na kotse at kinawayan ang rumorondang guard.
Pagkalapit namin, ay tinulak nya ako sa pintuan, siniil ng halik, malalim, madiin.
Kinuha nya ang dila ko at sinipsip.
Ang kamay ko ay ginabayan nya papunta sa puki nya, pilit nyang pinasok ang daliri ko sa loob, ramdam ko ang mainit, basa na puki, nilabas pasok ko ang daliri at umungol sya. Mas lalo nyang sinipsip ang dila ko.
Bumukaka sya at sinampa ang isang paa sa likod ko, mas bumilis ang pag finger ko sa kanya, mas lumuwag ang braso ko, at pinuwersa kong maigi ang daliri sa looban.

"God im so turned on right now"
Sabi nya, at sinipsip ang labi ko.

Ginalaw nya ang balakang nya, sinasabay sa pag finger ko, bumilis ang pag gewang at umarko ang katawan, hinalikan ko ang leeg nang lumiyad sya, at nakita ko ang pagbukas ng bibig nya, ng siya ay labasan. Nabasa ang kamay ko at inalis nya ito sa pagkapasok sa puki nya, sinipsip ang daliri, dinilaan, nilasahan ang katas nya. Titig na titig sya sakin nang ginawa ito, nangaakit ang mata.
Binuksan nya ang zipper ko at tinulak ako, binuksan ang pinto at sumakay.

"Are you just going to stand there with your fly open, or are you gonna shove me with that shaft of yours?"
Sabi nya, naka ngiti.

Lalapit ako sa kanya ng sinara nya ang pinto at in on ang kotse. Binaba nya ang bintana, nakakaloko ang ngiti at...
"Im driving"

Pumunta ako sa passenger side.
Shit..blue balls.

Automatic ang kotse kaya ang isang kamay nya ay nasa loob ng pants ko, hinihimas, nilalaro ang titi ko.
Binabaybay namin ang C5, papunta sa apartment ko sa Alabang.

" I missed this", then she went down and licked and kissed my cock, I was turned on and terrified at the same time, since we were moving and she just went down.
She laughed as she went up, then played with my dick again, we were doing 100kph.

Time: 12:00
I can feel her warm soft hand as she expertly jerked me, her eyes on the road, breathing hard, and as we near the apartment she parked the car near an abandoned lot, turned off the lights, then reached over our chairs, adjusted the seat and mounted me.

She swiped the cloth and guided my dick inside her shaved, wet, warm pussy.


She was breathing heavy, she was pumping me, i feel her warm body as she slid in and out, her dress getting crumpled, but she didn't care, her hair was swaying as she went up and down on me.
Sweat appears, dampens us, cold as it is inside, our bodies were heating, anticipation rising.
Her lips sucking my neck, right where the pheromones were.


She shivered, her hips thrusted down hard, convulsing, her wetness exploding inside her, my dick quivering, her pussy sucking it, clamping it.

"Cum inside...hhmm..."

She kissed me, hard, her lipstick smearing, her make up getting wet with sweat.
I thrust up, then she swayed her hips, fast, she went up, then down, quickly, hard, fast, each time moaning, biting my lip, licking my lips.


The sway of her hips, the thrust of mine, makes her shiver, she let go of her embrace, spread her arms, placed it the window, and roof of the car, balancing herself, then she started grinding her hips again, faster, her pussy squeezing my dick, i felt the car rock, and it added to our sensation.
I sucked at her breast, dress still covers her, but i sucked them, i felt her nipple grow, as she trusted down.


I explode, juices spurted inside her, she shivered, eyes closed, biting her lips, as she slowly grinds her hips.
Her arms snake through my body, our bodies intertwine, i pulled her closer.

"Happy Valentines"
She whispered.
She moved away, pecked me and went in the driver seat again, then wiped the fog off the glass, and drove to my apartment.
************ *********** *******
Naubos na ang nacho na inorder namin, pinagpawisan ako, habang ang kaibigan ko ay umorder ulit ng beers at tacos.
" pare effective pheromones pre.."
Sabi nya nang tinaas nya ang kamay nya para kunin ang beers.

"Sir sino mag hatid sa inyo?"
Tanong ng bartender sakin.
Policy ng bar na toh na wag mag pa drive pag nakainom ang customer, taga davao kase ang may ari, lumaki pa sa America kaya kinuha ang policy na yun.
Tinuro ko ang apartment ng kaibigan ko, malapit lng dito, tanaw ang building.

"Ahh, well siguro mamaya pagdating ng kapalit ko ihahatid ko na sana kayo."
Sabi nya nalang. .
Ok...nagkatitigan kame.

Inabot sakin ng kaibigan ko ang beer ko,
"Well skeith so ayun nga, pag balik namin sa bahay, nagluto agad sya, tapos nilabas ung dala nya wine, sarap ng edad. Then nung hinhintay namin matapos ung luto, eh nag shower kami, walang nangyari, petting lang, pagod pa kame eh, tapos nung natapos ung niluto nya eh sa terrace kame kumain, madaling araw, malamig, so after kumain eh tumabi sakin tapos...."

************* *******

"I just love this night, romantic, im with you, busog, and getting tipsy..."

Nakasandal sakin si V, ako naman ay naka akap, suot nya ang t-shirt ko na puti, mahaba, hanngang sa knees nya, labas ang legs nya na makinis, morena. Hawak namin ang baso ng wine, inaamoy nya, sya ang nagpakita sakin pano maging food critic, it mostly involves tasting.

"I wished na ganito lagi, but im afraid that it may not last."

Bulong nya, malungkot siya.

"Hey, don't be that, why can't you be with me anyway?"
Kinuha ko ang baba nya, then placed a kiss sa noo, then sa mata, then sa lips. Nagtagal ako sa labi nya, masarap, malambot, lasang wine.

"Sabi ko naman diba? Im not ready, and i don't want to ruin this thing that we have."
Sagot nya, hinalikan nya uli ako mas madiin, mas mapusok.

"Well, if your not ready how come you were married once?"
Hingal kong sabi, naubos ang hinga ko sa halik nya.

"That was a mistake, I was younger and im divorced now so you cant really throw it to me"
Mejo irita ang boses nya, yes lagi ko sinasabi yun, i met her when she was still married, early twenties, and she divorced soon after, it was not because of me, but of other things she won't discuss.

"Im happy that i have you, but i want more of you"
Sabi ko nalang, ayokong magaway kame, ngayon ko lang sya uli nakita, and i would rather have a perfect time with her.

"I know, but..."
She stopped what she was about to say. Leaned over.
Then kissed me, passionate, hard, soft, afraid ill let go.
She hugged me, strandled me, she wasn't wearing any bra, or panties, her arms and hands were all over me, as i was with hers.
We forgot the cold air, what we felt was fire, fiery flame, consuming us, and we let it.

Our lips touch, tongue swirled, my hands grabbed her soft, small breast, she moaned as i suck her lips.
She pulled my shorts down, and rubbed her warm, wet pussy over my dick.


We both moaned, she lift the shirt and pulled my head to suck on her nipples, her breast filled my mouth, as i suck hard, her neck craned up, and gasped loud.
I sucked like a sinner, and her breast, my salvation, i licked her nipples, pinaikot ko ang dila ko sa suso nya. Kinagat kagat,, habang ang isang kamay ko ay sapo ang kabilang suso, nilalaro ng mga daliri ko ang tumatayo nyang utong, bumibilis ang pag grind nya sa titi ko, nababasa na ito, nababalot ng kanyang katas.


Nanginig sya, tinulak nya ako, pumwesto sa upuan nya, bumukaka at dinilaan ang labi, sumenyas sya na nangaakit, lumuhod ako, hinalikan ang singit,dinilaan sinipsip.


Singhal nya habang nakasandal sya sa upuan, nakapatong ang isang paa sa upuan, at isa sa balikta ko.
Kinuha nya ang likod ng ulo ko at nilapit ito sa butas nya, kinagat ko ang pussy lips nya, sinipsip at nilaro ang tinggil, nanginig ulit sya at lumabas ang katas sa puki, tumilamsik sa mukha ko.

"Fuck, that was good"
Sambit nya, mas dinuldol nya ang mukha ko sa puki nya.

Pinasok ko ang dila, pinaikot sa mainit at matamis na loob, pilit hinahanap ang spot para manginig syang muli.

"Fuck...itaas mo dila mo..."
Sagot nya. Tinutulungan ako mahanap ang paraiso nya.


Ungol nya, ng maramdaman ko ang rough patch sa loob ng puki nya, nanginig sya, diniin nya lalo ang ulo ko sa puki nya, pilit igiling, binalot nya ang paa sa likod ko, diniin,nanigas ang katawan, bumasa lalo ang puki.


Umarko papalabas ang katawan, nabitawan ang ulo, nanghina, lupaypay ang binti...
Humihingal sya, pagalis ng ulo ko sa katawan nya, nakita ko ang ngiti, ang pawis sa magandang mukha.
Binuhat ko sya, at pinasok sa loob, inihiga sa sofa, pinatalikod, tinaas ang puwet, at pinasok ang naninigas ko ng titi sa loob ng puki.

"Ahhh....harder, do it fast..."

Ungol nya, binilisan ko kaagad ang pagpasok, paglabas sa katawan nya.
Pinalo ko ang pwet habang kinakantot ko, lupaypay parin ang katawan, nakahawak ako sa baywang nya.
Mahihinang ungol, kinakagat ang unan sa sofa, pinipiga ang ang unan, muffled screams.
Umuuga ang katawan sa bawat bayo, nililiyad ang ulo, palalim na hinga.


Ramdam ko ang init ng puki nya, ang wetness, ang pag contrat, paghigop sa titi ko everytime na lalabas ako sa kanya, at pagsalubong ng hips nya tuwing papasok ako...bumubibilis, lumalakas, sumasama ang katawan.


Tinukod ang kamay nya, nilagay nya ang isang kamay ko sa suso na, pinapadama sakin, ang maliit, firm at nakakabaliw na suso, pinipiga ang nipple, umuungol ng palakas, nilaro ang clit, ramdam ko ang mabilis, malalim na hinga, ang lumalabas na pawis, ang init ng katawan.
Binilisan ko lalo ang bayo, sinabayan ang pag grind ng hips, mabilis na pagpasok, marahas, mapusok.


Bumaliktad sya, humarap, pinulupot ang paa sa likod, tinaas ko ang hips nya, umungol ng mahaba, malakas.
Pinulupot ang kamay, ramdam ko ang kuko nya sa likod, dumidiin, kinakagat ang labi, tumitig sa akin.

*I...thhiinnkk...iimm iinn lloovvee wwiithh, aaahh, yyoouu..oohh*

Nasabi nya sa bawat bayo ko, nababasa ang katawan namin sa paglabas ng katas nya, sa pawis, sa init..
Sinipsip ang suso nyang maliit, nilaro ang utong na matigas, binayo ko sya ng mabilis, marahas.

*oohhh...aahhhh...iimm ccuummmmiiinng...aaagghhh*

Isa pang pagdiin ko sa kanya, ramdam ko ang pagsabog ng katas nya sa loob, mas humigpit ang pagkadiin ng puki nya sa titi ko, hinihigop, nanginginig, dumiin ang pagkapit sakin, bumaon ang kuko, humigpit ang binti.
Nilabas ko sa loob nya, madami, malapot.


Ungol naming sabay, napuno ang sala, at tumahimik.
Magkayakap kami, sinasamsam ang sarap, ang katawan ng isat isa, ang init.

*Im going to the cleaners tomorrow, have the seat cleaned*

Bulong ko, tumawa sya, hinalikan ako, matagal, mapangakit...

*********** **********

"That was intense...."
Nakikinig na sa amin ngayon ang bartender, si K., tapos na ang shift nya, at ngayon ay umiinom ng isang basong beer, nakisali sa usapan namin, at pinabayaan lang namin.

"So asan ung girl? Bakit hindi mo kasama?"
Tanong nya sa kaibigan ko.

Tumahimik lang ako, tinitigan si K, pinagmamasdan ang matangos na ilong, ang maliit na labi, ang mata na singkit, perfect eyebrow, may birthmark sa cheeks, or pwedeng scar, na matagal nang naghilom ngunit hindi na matatanggal.
Naginit ako sa kwento ng kaibigan ko, sana si K, din.

"So, after nun, nagligpit kami, tapos we did it again all through the night, sa shower, sa lapag, sa kitchen, behind the door, sa bintana, then naglatag sya sa sala, natulog kami, may araw na."
Simula ng kaibigan ko, lumungkot ang boses.

"Eh ung girl? Market lang? (Paulit ulit)"
Tumaas ang boses ni K. Siguro nairita, masokista ba sya?

"Pag gising ko, may note, envelop sa tabi ko, may kissmark nya, may sulat"

Pinakita samin ang sulat, lukot, ilang beses na din nabasa, may patak pa ng luha nya.
Binasa namin.

".....Ill be waiting in the front of big ben, four months from now, i would like to have, as your gift, a stone from where the spaniards landed, as memory of how we came about, a fourleaf clover for good luck, and a big apple, authentic"

Basa ko sa last page, ang post script, naamoy ko ang buhok ni K, at ramdam ko ang init nya.
Bumagal ang paghinga, at nakita ko sa brown eyes nya, ang pag glaze ng mata... hmmm.

"So pinapasunod ka...Go if you love her! Oh my, sweet naman ng story, sweet pa ng girl!"
Bulalas ni K.

Sweet....story? It was mostly sex and hot, im affected nga, malamang sya din.

"Yeah, so its like goodbye here pre, may plane ticket nako, iniwan nya kasama ng letter, and may note pa dun, eto oh"
Binigay nya sakin ang note, binasa ko, nakidikit sakin si K, masyadong dikit.
Nag thumbs up ang kaibigan ko ng makita nya ang ginawa, loko talaga.

*the date on the plane ticket is for 16, I know you need sometime to pack, do your laundry (wink), and tell me to your friend skeith, he is an asshole, a loveable kind, so ill forgive you in making him a friend of yours, oh and I read some writings of him, tell him to edit it, and it sucks.
P.S. let him tell our story tonight, I like how he's done with the others.
P.P.S. though he still suck as a writer. If you're reading this skeith, you suck as a writer, and tell our story tonight. And have him come to me. Thanks A-hole, much love... V

"Oh, writer ka? Writer ng ano?"
Tanong sakin ni K, curious sya, at lalong lumapit, amoy ko ang minty breath nya.

"He, madame, is a writer of all sorts, and one that is of no one else, in this worlsd"
Yup official, lasing na ang kaibigan ko, so we...well he, paid for the tab, and the three of us went out.

"I'll drive you, malapit lang naman."
Alok ni K., so sinakay namin sya sa likod at pumwesto ako sa drivers seat.

"So long muna skeith, ill travel the rainbow, and bring her those items she wants, and...well, we will walk in the countries and find a pot...of gold..sayang hindi pot..."
Mumbled nya sa amin, lasing na talaga.

Pinasok ko na sya sa loob ng gate, niyakap, i felt his tears then...

"I'll see you, say...when I fucking see you, oi hatid mo ko bukas ah, maaga, sharp asshole"
Sabi nya ng magpaalam ako.

"And do her hard, i like her, she listened and not get disgusted"
Pahabol nya, nag wink pa si gago.

Paglabas ko sa gate ng bahay, nakita ko sya, naka abang, nakatayo sa kotse, liwanag ng poste lang ang meron, walang tao.
Pansin ko ang mahaba nyang buhok, ang manipis na braso, mahabang legs, naka mini skirt sya, at hanging t-shirt, maputi, makinis, may konting scars sa tyan, maliit at hindi halata, talagang tinitigan ko lang sya.
Maliit sya, at energetic pa din, kahit dis oras na ng gabi.

"So..you're not going to stay here?"
Tanong nya

"I'll just pick him up tomorrow, so..."
Sabi ko
Lumapit ako sa kanya, ramdam ko ang hinga nya, hindi sya umalis sa pinagkakatayuan nya. Umalalay ako sa kotse. Pinatong sa roof ang kamay.
Nagtitigan kami, naguusap ng walang salita, mga mata ay nakikipag sayaw, delicate, isang maling move sa akin ay mawawala ang magic, huminga sya ng malalim, sinabayan ko ang mabagal na hinga nya.
Nilapit ko ang labi ko sa labi nya, halos maramdaman ko ang lips nya, ramdam ko ang init.
Hindi sya tuminag, titig pa din sa mata ko, hindi ako umalis.
At humalik sya, malalim, mahaba, masarap.

"I don't kiss guys on the first meeting..."
Singhap nya matapos ang halik, ang maamo, banayad na halik. Nakapulupot ang braso namin sa isat isa.

"Ako din"
Banat ko.
"I don't kiss guys. Perios"
May tama na ako.

Ngumiti sya, binuksan ang passenger seat, hinawakan ang kamay ko at pinapasok ako.
Nag drive kami palabas ng village.

"I don't want to be alone tonight"
Sabi nya sa akin.
Ako din, it's a lovely night to be alone, too deep, too romantic, too cold to be alone.
Copyright skeithizm, journey.
No writings or works may be reproduced without consent from author skeithizm.
Names were omited, places changed to protect anonimity.
Based on a true story.

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Filipino Sex Stories

Black Book (Wing Woman 1)


This work of Art is Fiction. First time ko gumawa in a girls perspective, so comments and suggestions are appreciated...

8 minutes Read Time
Filipino Sex Stories

Journey SE(02)


Air is cool, bed is soft and firm, but only her... I can feel. *hah...hah...hah...ahhhhh...* The bed...

16 minutes Read Time
Filipino Sex Stories

Z-files (aisle 13)


I am an nbi agent, newly bar passer, recently promoted to SPECIAL agent. its a tough job, on a tougher...

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Wild si Manong Taxi Driver


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's...

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Wings Of The Valkyrie 3


Part 3: Rise of an Empire By: Balderic Sa loob ng Leviathan, nagtipon sina Victoria, ang apat na natitirang Valkyrie at...

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Girl Friend for Rent


Haaaay! lang ang nasabi ko ng dumaan si Cassandra sa harapang naming ng best friend kong si Raymond. Ano ka...

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First Time Kay Maid


Gusto ko I share mga ka fss ang aking sexperience para maiba naman hehe lage na lang kase ako nagbabasa...

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Filipino Sex Stories

The Fitness Program - 3


My heart froze! From the look on her face, I could tell that Josie's had too. "What do you mean...

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Filipino Sex Stories

Agnas 3 (Episode 6)


Author's Note: This story is entirely fictional. Any events and names in this series that resembles real life is purely...

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Filipino Sex Stories

Just Teasing Antipolo 1


Medyo matagal na po bago masundan ang adventure namin as usual busy po sa work kelangan kumayod para sa future...

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Filipino Sex Stories

Kumain Ka Na Ba?


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events and incidents are either the products of the author's...

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Filipino Sex Stories

Celebrity: Janella Salvador


Paunawa ito'y mula lamang sa imahinasyon at hindi nangyare sa totoong buhay libre magpantasya. "Maraming salamat po sa pag-punta at...

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