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khrazzy jehn's dilemma

Written by khrazzyjehnjehn on



I haven't been working since august 21, 2015. And today is October 25, 2015 (Late lang pagpost ko, sori). More than 2 months already. Well, I have a valid reason. And I am bored to death, as in.

August 21, I was brought to the hospital at 2:30 am. I had a very severe stomach and back pain that I couldn't stand it anymore tapos nagsusuka pa ako. Then later that day, the result of my ultrasound showed that I have gallstones. That needed to be removed. Not only the stones but also my gallbladder. So I must undergo surgery. I asked if there were other choices but the doctor said none. If I prefer to take medicines, only pain reliever would work but eventually, the pain would still come back. And those other medicines that said could make the stones melt or something, would not work either or maybe they could but on low percentage only. So that same day, after they gave me pain reliever prescription, I checked out of the hospital (haha parang hotel lang??? hehe). And guess how much my hospital bill was? Php 4,021! Ugh!!! (this is the trouble not having my philhealth checked, it turned out na di pala naasikaso ng boss ko, so after ilang days I converted na lang my philheath into Volunteer kesa naman hintayin ko pa pag asikaso ng boss ko, mahirap na, so I paid P600 for the third quarter July to September, and sabi sa akin magagamit ko on September, August 25 ako nagbayad.)

I went to two other doctors and said the same thing to me. So I knew I really got no other choice. I was given a referral letter to a certain surgeon. Then I went there and talked to that surgeon. I asked him about the surgery and how much would that cost. I was shocked. He said, 60 to 70 thousand! And that would be the excess if I use my Philhealth. I thought I was just mistaken and I asked him again. In the end, I told the doctor that I will just come back whenever I'm ready financially.

Then after several days, it was already September, I just took pain reliever whenever the pain was unbearable, somebody told me to go to the medical center and inquire there. Though I must really be very patient because it is a public hospital so that means many people are also there. So, I went there on September 15th. When it was already my turn, the doctor looked into my ultra sound result and asked me some questions and wrote something on a prescription pad and told me to go to the other building, look for the surgery office and ask for a schedule for my surgery.

Then when I was already there, only few patients were there waiting for their turn. Then my name was called. The doctor also read my ultra sound result and explained to me that there are three options. The pay, the semi-pay and the charity ward. But he said let's just forget the pay ward, though, on this, I will be the one to decide when my schedule is, but it will cost much, as it is like a private one that I will have my own room. So he tackled about the semi pay and the charity ward. On the charity ward, the old process will be used. A long cut on my stomach that means a longer and bigger wound and a longer time for recovery. If I use my Philhealth, there will be an excess on my bill approximately up to Php 15,000. While on the semi-pay, they will use Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. This procedure will only give me 3 or 4 little wounds on my stomach and the recovery is much faster. And the excess will be more or less the same. Php 15,000. Of course with Philhealth. Of course the latter would be much better. The doctor told me to go to Philhealth office on that hospital to ask the status of my account. Then I just need to comeback afterwards.

I then went to PhilHealth's office, and guess what? There were lots of people there so I just went to the end of the line and waited patiently. And at last, my turn came. I asked if I can use my account for a surgery. He asked me what kind, and told him removal of gallbladder and gallstones. He checked my file and the receipt then told me yes. Then I asked him what if there's an excess on my bill? He answered: "ah, there is a social worker for that, you can ask help there about your bill, but you must be in charity ward only, not semi-private ok?"

That's that. I told myself that it's ok whether it is charity ward only. The important thing is to get a surgery. Then I head back to the surgery office only to find out that it was closed. Just my luck. When I check the time, it is already past 12 noon. I was really super worried. What if the scheduling time is only on morning? What if... what if... I don't want to come back another day and wait again and again. I knocked. Then the secretary opened the door. I told her that the doctor told me to come back to have my schedule for surgery. She told me to eat my lunch first and just come back at 2pm. I was relieved. Really.

Then came the 2pm. I was already inside the surgery office. Then the doctor arrived. I told him that I will just be on charity ward and he said yes. So I got my schedule and it was October 2, 2015. Then I went home. And waited for that day to come. Paid the last quarter of my Philhealth (October- December). Then it came. My schedule was morning, before 9am. Then the operation took place. Then I came out of the recovery room at 12noon I think. Then the next day, October 3, early morning, the doctor came and removed my dextrose and told me to take a bath. So I did. Though I was super dizzy and I thought was gonna blackout at that moment at the cr. Then just a minute after I took a bath, the doctors who were doing the rounds came and checked on me, and the doctor who told me to take a bath smiled at me and motioned a thumbs up. Maybe because I followed his order immediately. And later that day he told me that he will discharge me already on that day. By the way the procedure that was done to me was Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy. Yes. When I submitted my Philhealth documents I was suddenly assigned to a semi-private room from a charity ward. I got worried about the bill. I was afraid that there would be much excess on it that I need to pay. So worried that October 3, 4, and 5 has passed and still no hospital bill yet. The more I got worried about my bill hehe. Then at last, October 6 came and at 7pm they told me that my hospital bill was ready. Guess how much my bill was? P31, 675.00. And the P31, 000 was covered by PhilHealth. Thank God. That was a relief. And then I was discharged,

After a week, I went back to the hospital for a follow-up check-up. As usual, I've waited for my turn. I'm the 118th patient at that time hehe. Then my turn. The doctor looked at my wounds. And said they were fine and asked me if I am still taking my medicine and I answered yes. I told him the pain on my stomach and my back were still there and he said that it may take more than a month for that to completely be gone coz my body was still adjusting. I asked when can I start jogging and he answered after a month. He told me "Wow nice yan, good good, baka pagdating ng summer BOMBSHELL ka na hahaha, baka pag bumalik ka dito di na kita makilala? Hehe" Smile lang ako wala ako masabi eh. Then I went home. To be there on the hospital took almost an hour ride. Then another on the way back. The next day I found out that there were some liquid discharge coming out from the wounds on my stomach. Maybe because of the byahe. Natagtag sugat ko. So I continued taking up the medicines. Then on October 22 I got fever. And now I have cough. Good thing the wounds were almost healed. Except for the one on the right side. And sometimes I also felt pain from the inside of my stomach. Just my luck.

During those times that I was just at home, and didn't went to work, (since that August 21) I started reading English novels again, those thriller and suspense themed like those of Carolyn Hart's (Death on Demand, Ghost at work, The Christie Caper, etc.), the Hunger Games trilogy (though I've already read that twice already), the Divergent series, and others. I started watching movies again, (not in the movie house, I have many downloaded movies on my hard drive), as of now I have more than 200. Like the complete series of Harry Potter (it has 8 parts but counted only 1 movie in my file), I really love harry and Hermione there, twilight complete with 5 parts, I kinda miss Bella (not Edward hehe), the hangover trilogy (I like Phil), divergent and insurgent (I admire Tris), the hunger games (oh I just love katniss and peeta), catching fire, and mocking jay 1, Pitch Perfect 1 & 2 (how funny Fat Amy is and I also love Becca), the 3 Idiots (I love the three of them Rancho or Phunsukh Wangdu, Farhan and Raju), And Blue or the beta raptor of Jurassic World. And Ryan Gosling of The Notebook. I also love epic, frozen, big hero 6, rise of the guardians, how to train your dragon, rio, turbo, jack the giant slayer, hansel & Gretel the witch hunters, now you see me, upside down and sooooooooooooo many more! Ugh! I wanna mention all of them to you but I know, I know it will take a lotttttttttttttttttt of time hehe.

Then suddenly, I was into anime. Yeah, anime. Childish? Maybe. But I actually enjoyed it. Parasite The Maxim was the title. I love Migi there. Then I remembered that the first anime I've watched long ago was The Death Note with Light Yagami and L. I love them both. And of course, Ryoma Echizen of the Prince of Tennis. Mada Mada Dane was his favorite line. You still have lots more to work on. Hayyy... I love him so much together with Captain Tezuka, Momo, Kaido, Oishi, Kawamura, Inui, Kikumaru and Fuji Senpais. Would you believe that I've watched the whole episodes from 1-178 and also the Nationals, and the OVA about U17 Camp and the movie with Echizen Ryoga and also the live action? I'm crazy!!! (May karugtong pa ba yung sa U17 Camp? O last na talaga yung kalaban niya yung nasa Court 1? Di naman kasi tapos yung match nila dun sa episode 13 eh kaya bitin.) Then my cousins recommend some other anime that they thought I would love. And they were right. One is Attack on Titan. Ohhh I really like Eren and Mikasa and Armin, but I LOVE CAPTAIN LEVI!!! I don't know why but I just love him. After I watched that anime, the first season, I suddenly became sad. Because I'm gonna miss Capt. Levi. Weird huh? I don't know. That's just how I felt. Then I became one of those who read manga online just to follow the story and of course to know what happened to my Capt. Levi (though till now the manga is still not finished yet). Then another anime I watched was Tokyo Ghoul, with Ken Kaneki (the white-haired ha)and I also love him (but not as much I love Capt. Levi hehe). Oh and there's Kuroko Tetsuya. I love him also hehe.

If you are familiar with Ryoma Echizen, Kuroko Tetsuya, Levi Ackerman, Ken Kaneki (white-haired) well maybe you can pin-point their common denominator. Ewan ko. I haven't realized it before pero as in para akong tanga sa pag-admire sa kanila. Basta pare-pareho sila. Naku ewan wag nyo na aq intindihin hehe.

I don't know. I just don't understand myself. I suddenly became someone who was easily get attached to something (or someone) I read or watched. Laughed to funny scenes, cried, and got angry, fell in love, duh!!! Weird. Normal? Nope, I think I always over react. I just can't help myself. I just can't get enough of them. I wanna watch Harry Potter all over again to see him and Hermione and Twilight for Becca and Kuroko's basketball and Tokyo Ghoul for Kaneki and watch Attack on titan over and over again to see Captain Levi. I'm just crazy. And I really miss Ryoma, that after I finished watching all episodes of Prince of Tennis I suddenly felt sad or rather depressed. Nababaliw na ako. Sobrang na-mimiss ko talaga siya. Pero medyo naka-moveon na ako konti ngaun.. hehe.. baliw lang talaga si Khrazzy hehe.

Yesterday, October 24, I've read the e-book of She's Dating the Gangster by Bianca Bernardino, (hope I'm not mistaken about the author, sorry). Though I already watched the movie by Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo. And remembered that I cried on a particular scene when Kathryn was saying goodbye to Daniel, huhuh. But reading the book, oh my, made me cry real hard. It's just different from the movie. Just different. Every time Kenji and Athena cried, I also cried. Especially when Athena's death came. Even before that, I cried nonstop. Until Kenji decided to follow Athena. Oh, it's hard to explain. I'm just reading the story. But I felt the pain, the sadness and the joy. Oh. I'm just weird and crazy and pathetic and weird. Never mind me. Hehe.

Right now, October 25, 2015, I feel the urge to write this story. Wala lang. I'm just in the mood. Even my back ached and even my throat and chest and wound ached whenever I coughed. Huhuh sana gumaling na ako. I wanna go back to work na.

How do I end this write-up? I don't know. Hehe. Though I want to apologize that this is not some sizzling hot and exciting story of mine. Not the one most of you did expect. I just wanna share what happened to me and what I felt. Hope I don't get you bored. And more importantly, yung GRAMMAR ko. Sorry kung mali-mali. I know. Forgive me please? Ibalato nyo na sa akin. Hehe... thank you. For bearing with me. And another. Walang proof reading na naganap dito.. hindi ko napa-proof read sa iba basta dire-diretso lang ako hehe. Iba lang kasi talaga pag nasa mood ako magsulat. Peace (^_^)v

But you know what? I don't really know when was the last time I visited the site? (Sorry stressed ako sa work as in tapos sobrang dami ng ginagawa tapos hanggang sa nagkasakit na ako hanggang sa naoperahan na ako hanggang sa eto na ako ). Basta, ang alam ko lang, last ko na nabasa is BAKIT ABSENT SI KLASMEYT 61. (Later check ko kung kelan siya napost). I really love Calebrador and Bebang. Ohhh how much I miss them and how I want to know what happened to their play, and buti nga kay Yohan napilayan siya hehe. And magkakahiwalay ba talaga sina Caleb and Val dahil need bumalik ng States ni Caleb? Kainis!!! I wanna read the whole story na. grabe dating sa akin ng kwentong 'toh eh. I mean, natawa, naiyak, nagalit, kinilig, napamura ako sa kwento na to. Oo as in nakapagmura ako as in talaga! Yung part na gumawa ng kabulastugan si Britney na nakita ni Val saka yung ginawa din ni Yohan na kaepalan sa pagsagot ng celfon ni Val. Over. Affected much!!! To the next level talaga as in. Tapos madaling araw nga humahagikgik ako eh dahil sa pagbabasa. (Credits to the author po na si Mr. Supertoyantz). (Sir Toyantz penge ng softcopy from 62 onwards hehe... baka sakali makalusot hehe).

Oh wait! Ano na kayang nangyari sa character ko sa Blood Butterfly? Deds na kaya? Hunter mumultuhin kita!

Missed all of you guys. Hello to all the Admins and to all the moderators (hope moderator pa din ako despite of my long absence) and to all members. God bless.


Wanna have my movie and anime list? Haha Just kidding.

And Sir Toyantz... baka pwede talaga hehe.

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