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My 12th Crazy Thing (Part 3) - Super Crazy

Written by didi on

Hello, it's me again. I am very sorry for not following up on my story with Ken. Real life has been very busy but I guess better late than never.

Should you want to get re-acquainted with my stories, just click here: http://www.lagablab.net/site/index.php/itemlist/user/255-%E2%99%9Edidi – take note that it is better to read this fromt eh beginning to the most recent because this talks about my life experiences and to see how I "evolve".

Now with my story. This will be pretty long.

After my last with Ken (part 2) we have only tried checking in one more time because of our schedules. Most of the time, it still remained quickies in the car. Just like the 1st time, it was hot, wild and very satisfying. It was getting really satisfying that I am starting to feel something very different in me. There are times I miss him, there are times I just wanted his hardness in me, there are times I wanted him to take me like a lover, there are times I want him to take me roughly. I guess it is because he also treats me differently as well, but at that time, we were still trying to think it was nothing but a hook up.

There was one time when I had a whole day off due to a system issue and we were asked to go to work early. Most of them went home already while I was going to get picked up by hubs. I texted Ken if he is available, he said he is just leaving and will be picking me up. After a few minutes, his car pulled over to the side of our building and I got on. I asked if he has any plans, and he said he plans to just stay home and he thought of an idea, why not we hang out at his pad since his roommate is out. His place is a condo complex down in the new developments and it looks secure and nice.

After going up, and into the condo, it really looks like a bachelor's pad with the way things are arranged, the neat gadgets, and even the way it does not look too clean. It was pretty spacious with two bedrooms as well. Anyway, after getting comfortable and getting a bit of rest, we started doing what we were really thinking. We started making out while walking/stumbling towards his room. It was pretty standard with a little bit of passions since we haven't met in a few weeks and we knew we had privacy. We slowly took our clothes off until we reached his room and dropped down to his mattress (he didn't have a bed). It was pretty standard, thought with Ken, I can say the standard is awesome and I am of course not one to be outdone. I guess it might be the slowly creeping feelings we were having but everything is now starting to be performance level for both of us. After one round, we rested and fell asleep. While he was still sleeping, I went out to use the rest room to pee and to also get some water. Since Ken said his roommate will be out, I just went out without anything on. After I left the cr, I went to the fridge to get water and I turned around to see another guy entering the condo. He was pretty tall, big, and dark, very much like Kuya (from my previous summer outing set of stories) and I was frozen. Here I was staring at a guy while I am holding a glass of water and totally naked. He was also equally frozen and none of us were moving or saying anything until I heard a voice say "Oh Pre, kala ko me pasok ka?".

It turns out, his roommate decided to go home early. His name is Brad; he has been Ken's best friend and roommate for a few years now. Ken speaking got me back to my sense and I ran to Ken's room and closed the door. Ken on the other hand was also naked and entered the room as well. I was quietly freaking out while he was also very dumbfounded but he just got a shirt and shorts while he offered the same to me and he left the room to talk to Brad. I heard part of their conversation and it went something like this:

Ken: "Pre, sorry akala ko mamaya ka pa uuwi"

Brad: "ok lang, medyo tinamad ako sa office kaya nag sick leave nalang ako"

Ken: "Ah talaga? Ako rin eh, kaya nauwi ako ng maaga"

Brad: " Hehe, siya ba si Didi?"


Brad: "Tama ka nga noh"

During that time, I felt a little bit pissed that Ken was talking about me since we were supposed to keep this between ourselves. So summoning internal strength, I decided to leave the room and in usual Didi fashion, just wing it.

I left the room and said, Hello, and introduced myself. Brad then said "ikaw nga" then I asked why, apparently he also read my stories and knew that Ken and I were chatting (well best friends at roommates nga diba?) so with this, I just decided to just accept it and we sat down and talked. Brad went to his room to get comfortable and then when he left, we started talking. It was actually Brad asking me questions about my stories and he telling me about the time Ken told him about me. Brad is pretty funny and pretty nice. While we were chatting, Brad then asked me if I am still play a mean game at NBA, and challenged me. I accepted the challenge and we then decided to play NBA and the other games they had.

As we were playing games and then started watching some series, I was then feeling someone lightly touching my back inside my shirt. Then that touch started to become real himas which then started to move to my side and slowly reaching to my breasts and started pinching and playing with my nipples. I looked to Ken and told him to stop, but he kept doing it. I kinda tilted my head toward Brad's direction but he just shrugged and kept at it and was really touching my breasts. Brad on the other hand was still watching, and I am getting really wet. My hands then started moving to Ken's crotch and rubbing at his already expanding hardness. We then started light kissing and petting until I looked over at Brad and he is already looking at us. With this Ken just smiled and then took my shirt all the way off. I was going to protest but he said that Brad has already seen my body. After he took it off, he started sucking and licking my breasts and nipples while my hands are on his hair. It was really feeling so great and I reached down to pump his hardness. He took his shorts off, and then pulled my shorts off too. He moved towards my neck and licked his place to my lips where we then started kissing. His hands were carressing mine until I am feeling that there are two hands on my breasts and then one on my thigh, and another starting to touch my wetness. I then looked back and it was Brad touching me too. I looked at Ken and he just smiled so I just shrugged. I guess it was ok with Ken, so I guess it should be ok with me.

While they were touching my body, Ken put my head down which meant that he wants me to suck him. As I went down to suck him, I felt Brad's hands touching my wetness faster. This was making it hard for me to concentrate on sucking Ken but I was doing the best I can. We were on a couch so there is some space, and what Brad did was while I was sucking Ken, he moved my lower body sideways and then started eating me. This was very hard for me because I really have problems with multi-tasking but to make up for not sucking, I would just pump Ken. As Brad ate me, there was a real big difference with Ken. Brad was a little more awkward but it still felt good but failed to make me cum. Ken then asked me to give Brad a shot and this time, Brad was left on the couch, and I moved to the floor. Ken then lay down on the floor, which is carpeted and then asked me to face my wetness to his face and he ate me. This was making it harder to suck Brad because of Ken's expertise. He made me cum, pretty quickly, while sucking Brad's fat hardness. After cumming, Ken moved behind me, and this time put his hardness in position to enter me from behind. In my mind, I really can't believe that I am really doing a full threesome. It was hard and exciting at the same time but I tried my best to really do my best. Ken was pretty good and he was entering me while also touching my clit. I was starting to moan already and Brad got really into it and he stood up and started pumping my face. Brad was really getting into it, and I got the feeling he is going to cum so I took my mouth off it and started pumping him and then him cumming on my hand and shoulders. I on the other hand started my orgasm and ended up squeezing his hardness and made him scream. I said sorry but he just laughed and then flopped on the couch, panting. Ken then turned me on my back and then continued pumping into me until he came on my chest.

After that, I just lay there and collected my strength, while they also rested. After cleaning up, we then got back to playing games and/ or watching stuff while we are naked. It was pretty funny because we just were like normal people doing stuff like getting water and stuff but naked. While watching, Brad would sometimes fondle me and I would fondle Ken, then I would touch Brad. Until Brad got hard and I asked Ken if I can try Brad out. I said ok, and then I rode him. It was ok, but the good thing with being on top is that I can control it and I came, he then also came a few pumps after.

We rested again and this time got hungry so we ordered some food. They then thought it could be a prank to greet the guy naked. So we then called for delivery and then waited. They all know about the Pizza Boy story so they know that I can pull it off. I put a towel on, and waited. When the doorbell came, I was on a towel and told him "Ang bilis niyo naman kuya, maliligo palang kami" then as I was getting the food, the towel fell. I pretended to be shocked, while Ken and Brad were just on the TV. The guy helped me with my towel but I told him, itong food nalang. So he helped me to the table and then I paid him. I acted like it was nothing while the guy does not know where to look. I told him "Kuya ok lang po dito na kayo tumgingin saken, baka mali pa yung pag bayad namin." Ken and Brad then went to the food and while he was counting, they were telling him "Oh pre, bago kayo umalis tignan mo mabuti". He was still looking, until Brad said "Pare tanong mo kung pwede hawakan". The guy then looked at me and I just smiled and said "sure". He reached over to by breasts to touch it slowly and kneaded my breasts. He was getting really hard by that time, and then I asked, "Gusto mo bang matulungan dyan?" He just nodded and he took it out and I pumped him. I guess he was so excited that he really came very fast. He then gave us his thanks and left while we were laughing.

We ate our food, and then still hang out until we heard the doorbell ring. Brad checked it out and said that it was their friend Mang Danny. He is a neighbor of theirs who recently retired and would hang out in their place. By this time, we were not naked anymore and just let him in. He entered, Mang Danny retired from the states because he did something like law enforcement or something so he isnt that old because he is just in his 50s andintroduced me to him and then we started to hang out. I only had a shirt on, and I was already feeling it that Mang Danny was already watching me and I got naughty and made sure he saw a lot of me. He was then getting bolder from looking, to going near me and chancing. I just pretended not to care until he got so bold and had his hand inside the shirt alread and I was shocked and the two other guys just laughed and then asked Mang Danny if he has tried someone younger. Mang Danny was one person who did not mess around. Btw, Mang Danny knew who I was because he said he read some of my stories too. He quickly took my top off which got me so naked again. He just got to work really quickly, sucking my breasts and then touching me down there. I told him "Mang Danny, relax naman po" to which he said "Naku Didi, sa edad kong ito susungabin ko na lahat ng masusungab ko, baka mamatay nko bukas". And then went down on me. He got slower this time and got more patient and he was actually not bad. He ate me for a good number of minutes before bringing me to orgasm. After that, he lay me on the couch after asking Ken and Brad to move out and went on top of me. He entered me missionary style and was pumping pretty fast. Ken was just watching but Brad already had his hardness on and was jacking off as Mang Danny pumped me. He then got tired and asked me to go on top, which I did and I rode him until he came. While riding Mang Danny, Brad would go to me and ask me to touch him and suck him from time to tim, Ken would also toucn my body a bit. After Mang Danny, Brad then entered me briefly until he too had to cum. Both Mang Danny and Brad got so tired that they napped on the couch after cleaning up.

That left me and Ken alone, and we went to his room again. We first just laughed about the experience since this is my 1st real threesome/gang bang/pila balde experience. I was also laughing and then I was asking him if he liked me doing it and he just smiled sheepishly. I asked him what he really meant and he admitted that it was kinky and fun but he actually felt jealous. At that point he kinda confessed his is having feelings for me, at that point, I was kinda feeling something too. We ended up kissing like lovers until he asked me why I was always asking Brad and Mang Danny to cum outside while I let him cum inside knowing I was safe. That is when I said, I want your cum inside me and only yours (chos!) ............and my husband (but this was after a long pause). We then kissed again and made love. Like not the normal fucking but it was sex with feelings, something I only feel with my husband and it made it so much better. Every touch, every thrust feels like an orgasm, I hated and loved every bit of it because I know I should not be developing feelings for him but here I am moaning and saying his name as he thrust in me. We did it sideways, me on top, him behind me until he came hard inside me. I savored every drop and every sensation and went to sleep.

After a few hours, I woke up and told Ken it's time for me to go. I fixed up, and bid goodbye to Brad and Mang Danny. They said they were already spent and Ken drove me back to the building as I waited for hubs to pick me up.

From then on, we became an unofficial, secret couple. This was very new to me and scared me a lot but it was also exciting, much like having a new boyfriend. This actually made us more careful and we met less but everytime was like an explosion of emotions and pleasure.


This is not the end of the story with Ken, and no we are not together anymore. I have one or two more with him and I again apologize for the long delay. I hope you like this and please be gentle with your comments.

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