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My 12th Crazy Thing – When cyber and real life collide

Written by didi on

Hello, it's been ages since I last posted. So far, married life has been blissful with the usual challenges couples face. I have generally shied away from the "crazy things" that would happen to me since after all, this is already a new chapter in my life. Despite this, I guess there are times where the past or let's say my cyber life and my real life collide.

I have been chatting with some members for some time now. I started in other sites until I finally settled in Lagablab. God Knows the different types of people I have met in YM. There were people who were complete jerks, perverts, narcissists, weirdoes, and complete idiots that my ignore list is almost twice my friends list. There are of course those who are keepers, people with just enough sense and the occasional wild streak that are fun to talk to, and also willing to follow my simple rules. My 1st rule: no personal details, we can talk about our lives and family but no specifics. I do not give my number, my fb account, my place of work, or anything that can put my real life in danger. No matter how they "understand" it will always be a negative if they start asking. My 2nd rule: Do not forget you are speaking to a lady. I can play along with naughty innuendos and the occasional outright nasty conversations but there is a line, though a little fine that would just be outright vulgar. This is a rule I pretty much give a lot of leeway on but it is still there nevertheless. My usual line here would be "Hindi porke nagsusulat ako ng bastos ay pwede mo na akong bastusin" My 3rd rule: They should have at least read 90% of my stories. They chat with me and they ask questions which were already in my stories. That is very very annoying and really gets my temper up. The worst were people asking for my ym in the chatbox without even knowing who I am or at least reading stories. Fail that rule, I give you a week to read up, and then chat me again. My 4th and last rule: Please have a brain. There were times I was chatting to people that were just really dense. It was like chatting to a brick wall. There are also some who would lie about things, forgetting that I read their messages. There was one time when I was chatting with a guy, and then he would say he was leaving, then all of a sudden he was already out, then his story kept changing and it was really insulting. That guy went to the ignore list after a long time as a chat mate. I can honestly say that I can carry a conversation beyond naughty topics and I require people who chat me to do the same. I always believe that this is a reading site 1st and anything else second. We all have lives, for the others, I suggest that they either live theirs or get one (no offense naman po kung may matamaan).

One of those "keepers" is Ken (not his real name, but you know who you are), he is a married guy who works in the city while his family is out of town. He rents a place here and goes home on weekends. We have been chatting for quite a while now and have gone quite close. He has followed me from the previous two sites I was posting stories before and was one of the 1st I have chatted. Like the rest, we would chat about everything and is really great company. He was also quite frisky and would tell each other some crazy things we did. To all the readers, if the people who chat me would just post their stories, I promise you, it is WILDER than any of the stories posted here. For those who chat me, there are times that I post pictures in my avatar of myself, it started really as a way to tease people but there are times I would just really forget that it was there. To be honest, it really started with him. We would give each other advice, and help each other in our lives but despite all these, all of my rules still apply. Never did he ask or even insinuated a meet up. We were both happy with this barrier where we can do what we want and then meet up at night in YM and chat all about it.

As we got to chat longer, there were things that I say that seem to be quite familiar to him. I actually never thought about it until late but as I chat and as he would chat, there are some similarities in terms of the events of the day, and even to what I ate or what he passed by. We always would talk about our day in this famous coffee shop and there is more than one occasion that we would talk about the same thing that happened in that coffee shop. At first it seemed to just be nothing to me, a coincidence but I did feel a little bit scared if this person was stalking me. Though from the way he chatted, he too was starting to feel that we might be working in the same area. He was saying that he might have seen me already and I would just laugh it off though I do feel I have already passed him in one or a few occasions. We would just think nothing about it and would just continue chatting. He was joking that he would try to approach me if it was me. My pictures were not really that close up so there is still a chance that it would not be me and he actually tried asking 4 girls in the coffee shop already if they were "didi" and he even had a fling with one of them. Actually, I was already one of the girls he asked, I was really surprised but I just played it like it wasn't me. He also had doubts about me because I was so quiet and shy that he just wanted to see if it was me. He said that I (when he asked if I was "didi") was a long shot but he just wanted to get to know me because I was cute but shied away when he saw the ring. I was laughing already because he already got me but I was just being mean to him. Our usual game would be if we caught each other in YM before I went to work, he would ask me what I wore and I would always say it but with something off. Either a mismatched color like if I say a grey skirt and a blue polo, it was actually the other way around. I was quite confident that he will give up and there were times that I see him and I really saw him looking at me and waving at me but I would either just smile or pretend not to notice.

There was one time, a pretty busy day in that coffee shop as I lined up to order. Then I heard a guy say "Hi Didi." I tensed up but really pretended not to and turned around and said "Sorry?". It was Ken, he was smiling and told me "Drop the act Didi, I was watching you for weeks already and it is you." I still wanted to say it wasn't me until he told me what I was supposed to be wearing and it was the opposite. He said that he noticed it and soon got a pattern that it was either the other way around, or a style very similar but still different. Also, it came to a point that I was wearing something from my past pictures. My face really went red. This was the only time I got found out by anyone; I was shaking and couldn't talk. He had to nudge me to the cashier and I still can't say anything. I just clammed up; he actually ordered my drink for me, which was the opposite of what I would usually tell him that I would order. He then led me to a seat, while I was really quite. I literally felt my life flash before me. All the time I was hiding my identity and now I was found out. He got our drinks and sat with me and he was laughing.

He said that he has been noticing the girls in the shop whenever he would buy and got clues, until he thought that I was deliberately confusing him and saw the pattern. He forgot that I was really shy and quiet and that he noticed me being that. After a few more quiet minutes, I just said, "ok" and then he said that my secret is safe with him. He then left and I went back to my building. That day I barely worked and when got home, I was scared to even open my YM. Part of me wanted to ignore him right then and there but I felt it would be a bitch move. A few days went by without running into him and then I opened my YM again. He was online, and he started chatting me up. I barely had anything to say but he was still patient with me and all until I slowly went back to normal. There are actually a few more times that we would run into one another and there would just be "hellos" and then we would chat about when I get home.

All this changed when one time, our system broke down and we literally had a whole shift with nothing to do. So I decided to hang out in that coffee shop a little longer. I bought my drink and a pastry and sat myself down in a corner. After a few minutes, I saw Ken and he asked me if he can sit, I said yes, and we started talking. It was very relaxed, and we chatted just like the way we would chat in YM, after a time, we went our separate ways. After that time, we would sometimes run into each other and sometimes would see each other when buying food though these would not be too frequent until there was a span where my shift changed. I had a little earlier shift so that was closer to his and we almost had the same breaks. It was a bad shift for me because most of my team mates still had my normal shift so I didn't have anybody to hang out with so I would spend more time outside. This played well for him since he would change his breaks and keep me company. He was great conversation and was lively and even sweet.

We would chat about our days and any topic that was relevant, thought there are times that we would talk about some naughty things. Sometimes he would say things about the clothes I wear and I would sometimes tease him about it. There was one time when I wore a skirt and a buttoned blouse and he always averted his eyes. He would look at my face and my chest then back to my chest and only then that I noticed that my middle two buttons were open and he had an open view to my breasts. We started laughing and that he was too shy to tell me but I told him that he was also too much of a pervert not to tell me to button up. Then I was also joking him by unbuttoning another one and then he was threatening to "chancing" me. Since it was quite full, we had the table farthest from anybody and it was also dark because it was in the open area. I was joking him that I was daring him. He was telling me that if he does it, it will change our relationship and everything. I was just messing with him by saying "Game!" but I never really expected anything.

To be honest, there has always been chemistry between us, I guess with our shared backgrounds and interests, but there has always been a barrier, a barrier that is soon to be broken. He then started touching my thigh, and I felt currents go thru my body. It was electric, the 1st ever fan to really meet me, to break my mysterious façade and now he was touching me. Inside me, I felt that it could never be better than him, a person I actually trusted, flirted, joked, fought, given a tantrum (alam malamang ng mga nakakachat ko yan), and even jokingly became a boyfriend in YM (alam din ng mga iba yan =p), and he was now rubbing my thighs. I was quite, only my eyes got big and I stopped talking. He was also silent and rubbed and rubbed and his hand moved higher and higher. The only problem was that, my skirt was not short enough for him to reach anything my wetness. We just laughed about it, I did feel hot but with such a public place and my skirt not really offering any help, I know it was close to impossible. He just said that at least he tried and that he did the dare. He then dared me to touch him. I was not really that shocked since we have been chatting for the better part of two years already. But this was just a few steps from my office!

He was then taunting me, calling me names like chicken, weakling, "all talk but no action", tease, and I then looked around, and slowly inched my hand closer to his thigh. When I reached his crotch, it was already hard. I can feel his bulge from his metro pants. I started stroking him, running my hand up to his bulge. It actually goes two ways; he can feel my hand on every part of his hardness, while for me it was my chance to also feel his hardness. He was a ladies' man, he once showed his bulge to me in chat before and it really got me excited. I then started to apply pressure and to pinch him a bit and my rubbing started to get faster and deeper. His bulge was getting harder and it seemed that it might burst and he reached down to open his pants and pulled it out. It was just as imagined it, a little on the large side, thick, and smooth. I didn't miss a beat and started stroking him. I was pumping him and looking around at the same time because there are times when I had to say hello and even give a little wave (with my left hand) to people I know who buy. This would also happen to him as well and this made it even more exciting. He was about to cum when a person came over to ask if the chair near me was free. I froze and actually squeezed his hardness a little too hard that made his body jerk. It was a good thing that the person just quickly picked the chair up. I was apologizing about that and continued to pump until he came on the floor. I got some tissue to wipe it off, and acted like it was nothing. It was funny that when we got home, we chatted about it like it was a comedy episode.

After that episode, we would still occasionally meet for coffee or an occasional snack. We would sometimes do dares with each other. One time I had him ask the waitress for her number, seduce a gay person, and shoplift. In my part, it was to seduce a barista who had a crush on me, this involved flirting and flashing. I ordered coffee without a bra and let him peek. One of the dares was for me to remove my panties while seated on the table and lay it on the table. Before that time, I already touched his hardness one more time as another dare. He also touched me but it was not as good as I think he got it but he always said that he would make it up to me. I was wearing a more loose skirt this time and as I put my panties on the table, he touched my wetness and played with it. I did not expect this but it was a really exciting surprise. He touched me as good as it could be, and it gave me the orgasm he promised me. I was so flushed, so hot that I reached down to his already growing bulge and started touching him too. He was also into it that he continued touching me, making me wet again.

We were getting on it good and I got my 2nd orgasm with him. He still hasn't cum yet because there were still some people passing by so I had to stop for a few times which actually irritates him a bit. He got a little more desperate and asked me to go to the rest room which is empty. He told me to wait for 3 knocks and open the door. I did and was really excited, scared, and in a daze. I was going to do something once again that would be so wild yet so close to where I am working and all. I then heard the 3 knocks, opened the lock and he came in. I saw that he put up an unavailable sign outside the door.

When he entered, he didn't kiss me, or touch my body. He put his hardness out and had me suck him. He actually ordered me like I was some slave. He just said "chupain mo", I was still frozen until he asked what am I waiting for and I just followed. He was asking me to suck better and better and for some reason I was really following him and wanted his approval. He was also pumping his hips together with my sucking. He then pulled me up rather roughly and started dirty talking me. He faced me on the mirror and was talking to me; he asked me if I wanted it rough. He was starting to scare me but it was also exciting me so much. I was getting so wet already and he can see the flush on my face. He started insulting me and then told me to open my blouse and I did. He asked me if I wanted my breasts touched, I said yes. He then said he won't he wants my wetness and raised my skirt up. If I wanted to make love, I would rather have that from hubs, from other people, I want to get fucked and I am about to get a good one. He entered me, and I was so wet if felt good. He wanted me to keep looking at the mirror as he thrust in and out of me. He was not holding my waist or even my breast. He was holding me by my throat like the way a hostage taker would his hostage while his other hand was grabbing my hair. His thrusts were so hard and rough yet so good that I came two more times. He was also saying dirty and mean things to me. Like how he read my stories and it got him so hard he wanted to punish me and I was just savoring the mix of pain and pleasure. He then came and after he did, he shoved me a bit and then started to dress up. I was still panting and feeling it a bit more before I fixed myself.

We left the rest room and went our separate ways like nothing happened. I went back to the office and again fixed myself because I looked really haggard. With my hair a bit messed up and I bit of makeup off. After that I went home to hubs and with other worldly desire, proceeded to almost rape him. After our action, I went back online and we started chatting again. It was something that was weird but felt so good and we treated it like it was just nothing. This was the first time that being "fucked" felt so good, so arousing that the only thing in my mind was to go home as fast as I can and rape my husband (which he did let me and enjoyed every minute of it). The morning after was again wild for hubs and me and just so since we are trying for a baby this year.

This did not end here and had more adventures with Ken. He is in all essences became my lover, I guess there might have been a few feelings already developing but you will see that whatever feelings were taken over by mutual lust and a want for experimentation. This will not be the only story about him and our adventures. I hope you will like the future ones.

I never planned to write any of this just like the way I never wrote about my adventures with hubs since I consider special relationships sacred but I guess this is different since the person wanted this written as a memoir of sorts.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this. It has been ages since my last post; I will be posting a few more soon J

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