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My Crazy Summer Outing Part 1

Written by didi on

I was going to continue with what happened to me before (if you are not familiar, please look into my other stories) but something happened the past 2 months that I have to write. So I will not be interrupting my "Crazy Thing I Did" series for this one. In a way, this will also be a series because it will be more than one part which spanned almost 2 months. The title of this is My Crazy Summer Outing.

The company that I work for now, has a lot of employees that it need more than one batch for our summer outing. Also, with a big company, they allow and actually get the help of employee volunteers to help out in the preparation before and during the event. I decided to join them since my team isn't too busy during the 1st quarter and I guess it would be fun. Also, my supervisor is quite open to this since we have excess leaves that we need to use up before the 2nd quarter ends. The summer outing had a total of 4 batches where there are different volunteers who join per batch since it is not mandatory though I signed up for all batches. On the initial batch, one of the volunteers is a guy who I had a crush on, let's call him Mike. He is what people would call a pretty boy in a sense that he is quite tall, chinito, handsome, and really projects himself well.

We were not really that close though we would joke around before but most of our communications were "Hi" and "Hello" in the office. There was a need to join the advance party in the venue and we volunteered with others together with the main organizers. We are both committed at that time and there was really no real spark. During the advance party meeting which was 3 weeks before the event, we exchanged numbers and started texting. It was innocent at first but sometimes it gets a little naughty when he would ask about our experiences while I would answer. On the day we were going to the advance party, we went around the area 1st before we started the prep for the event tomorrow. We got there at around late afternoon, and while we were looking around, the place was still not fully occupied and Mike mentioned that there are a lot of areas where "things could happen" in the venue. Places like dark cabanas, or dark corners which became a joke within the advance party team. We finished our prep at around 10pm and the rest retired to their rooms. I was still not sleepy at that time so after taking a shower, and also as a way to let me dry my hair, I decided to walk around the venue. Since it was a Friday Night on early March, there was still not much visitors in the Venue. While walking near the beach front, along some cabanas which is usually used by the day tour visitors, I saw a familiar guy sitting and I saw that it was Mike. I went over and said hello, and asked him why he was still awake, he said the guys were still watching TV and he felt that with the venue full tomorrow, it would be better to enjoy the beach front tonight. I said I was just walking around and continued on. He decided to walk with me and we started talking. Talking about the upcoming event and hoping our prep would be enough. We also noticed that the usual guards who are there are not, we thought they might already be sleeping. He sat in one of the cabanas and continued on talking.

We were talking about the venue this time, and the topic when to the dark areas in the venue where people could do some naughty things. I asked for an example, and he said this cabana. I asked him how, and then he told me that we can make out in this cabana without anybody really noticing. I just laughed and was looking at the beach but when I turned to him, he was already close and kissed me. I was shocked because number 1, he kissed me, number 2, he is my crush and we are in relationships, and number 3, he kissed me. I was too shocked to resist which I think gave him the idea to kissing deeper and get closer to me. We were now hugging and feeling each other's bodies by then and he started feeling his way under my blouse. I was wearing shorts and a blouse which I will use to sleep while he was wearing a jersey and shorts. He was able to unclasp my bra from the back and his hands were exploring my breast. I was silently moaning while he started kissing my ears. His other hand then started massaging my thighs which slowly went up until his fingers were grazing my wetness. I was really excited that time since it was public and it was my crush, that I really started a soft, slow moan. We were still apprehensive with doing any more specially since there are still people walking about. He was already touching my down there from my shorts while I was also rubbing him from his shorts too. He stopped, and he started looking around and there was this dressing room that also doubles as a cr. He grabbed my hand and led me to that place and tried the door. Apparently they do not lock places like that, that gave us a chance to enter and we kept the lights closed and locked the door. We started kissing more torridly and with the privacy, he lifted my blouse and bent down to suck on my breasts. He was sucking and biting my breast while his other hand opened the buttons to my shorts and put his hands inside my wetness. I was leaning on the wall, and with the public place and the excitement of the whole event, I came quickly. He then pulled his shorts down and was asking me if I could suck him, but I am not really into that I just kissed him and started pumping his hardness. We were kissing while his hands were massaging my breasts while I was pumping his hardness. While we were at it, I started hearing sounds in the area, I think it was the guards going back to their posts, he kept really quite but Mike asked me to keep pumping. I was scared but I was still pumping like he asked, until he said he was going to cum. I continued pumping him as he came on the floor. We were visibly tired that time and we slowly left the area and went to our rooms. Good thing that my roommates were already sleeping and I just crept in and slept.

On the event day, things went smoothly and during the night, we planned to do it again but there were too many people in the area and we were also tired that we decided against it. He asked if I will be in the next batch which I answered that I will. He smiled and said that he is also volunteering for the 2nd batch and hopefully we can do something.

Well, that ends my 1st part, I know it's not that hot, but stay tuned for the 2nd part.

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