My Friend's Dad – In His Office

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My Friend's Dad – In His Office

Almost two weeks had passed mula nang mag sleep over ako sa bahay ng friend ko na si Tracy kung saan naka one night stand ko ang dad niya na si Tito Phil. I just spent my time going to gimiks or outing with my other friends and relatives.

I was already getting bored so nag iisip ako ng ibang gagawin. I saw this Ad sa newspaper regarding a job offer from one of the top companies in the Philippines ... its almost the same job I am having in Australia at nakalagay na sa Ad ang minimum salary ... a little bit lower what I was getting in Australia but hindi nagkakalayo.

So I said why not give it a try. Nasabi ko na kasi sa father ko na gusto kong bumalik sa Pilipinas at dito na lang mag work at manirahan. I just sent my resume by email and after an hour I got a call for a job interview the next day morning.

The next morning I went to that office for an interview. The building is located in Ayala Ave. I was waiting for the elevator to come down ... nasa 16th floor yung office.

While waiting for the elevator ay nakatanggap ako ng text kay Tito Phil ... message was ... "Hi Dess, how are you?" ...

Napaisip na ako if I will reply. In the past two weeks, Tito Phil texted me 4 times and he called me 4 times but I did not reply on his text and did not answer his call.Yes, I felt good with my short and hot fuck session with Tito Phil but nakonsensya din ako kasi pati father ng friend ko ay pumatol ako. At sabi ko ay hindi na mauulit.

"Hmmm, ang ganda mo talaga, Dess ..." another text message kayTito Phil.

I just smiled but left me wondering bakit ganoon ang text niya.

I finished my initial test and interview. I was already waiting in the reception area of the office of the Manager where I will have my 2nd to the last interview nang makatanggap ako ulit ng text from Tito Phil.

"You looked so yummy in your corporate attire Dess ..."

I suddenly looked around and told myself ... "dito ba ang office ni Tito Phil??? ..."

I'm sure nakita niya ako ... how can he know I was wearing a corporate attire. I was suppose to text back pero tinawag na ako para sa interview ko.

I finished my interview and passed ... I will have my final interview after two days dahil out of Manila yung boss na mag final interview sa akin.

It was almost lunch time and I was walking towards the elevator ... kinuha ko ang cellphone sa aking bag to activate the general setting from its silent and vibrate mode.

Nakita ko four text messages ... isa sa cousin ko ..."Dess, huwag ka muna umuwi lahat kami umalis".

I have no keys to the house of my relatives where I was staying so I decided that I will just go to the mall.

Next message is kay Tito Phil ... "my office is just at the 20th floor.

Next message of Tito Phil ... "visit me if you have, time, I ordered lunch already".

Last message ni Tito Phil ... "just say to the guard & my secretary you're my pamangkin."

I don't know but when the elevator stopped in front of me and it was going up ... I went inside and went up on the 20th floor.

Upon going out of the elevator ... nakita ko yung security guard.

"Yes Ma'am, saan po sila ..."

"Ah kay Mr. Philip Arenas ... pamangkin niya ako ..."

The guard ushered me in and told me to look for Abigail first ... secretary pala siya ni Tito Phil.

One employee guided me to the office of Tito Phil ... but Abigail was not on his seat ... the employee just told me to sit and wait.

"Baka nasa loob lang ng office ni Mr. Arenas ..."

After 5 minutes the door opened ... I saw a pretty mestisa and sexy girl came out ... she was fixing the buttons of her blouse but when she saw me she immediately stopped.

"Yes Miss ..."

"Ikaw ba si Abigail, secretary ni Tito Phil ..."

"Ako nga si Abigail ... and you are ? ... "

"Pakisabi si Dess pamangkin niya ..."

Abigail pressed the intercom and told that I was there ... and I heard Tito Phil replied to let me in his room.

Abigail knocked on Tito Phil's office door and opened it ... she let me in the office.

"Oh Dess Iha, what a surprise ..."

"Hi Tito, I was in the building for another business ... but I remembered your office is in this building also ..."

I noted a little bit of lipstick on one side of Tito Phil's lips.

"Glad you dropped by, Iha ... have a seat"

I sat on the chair in front of Tito Phil's table then I heard Abigail speak ...

"Sir Philip ... may ipapagawa pa po ba kayo ? ..."

"Wala na Abigail ... you may take your lunch break ..."

I heard the door closed.

Tito Phil has a big room ... he stood up and sat on the other chair in front of me.

"Lunch time na ... as I texted, I already ordered food ..." then he pointed at one side of his office where one table is there and yes ... food and drinks."

"Wow ang dami naman ..."

"Para mabusog ka iha ... by the way ... you're working already here sa building na ito, i thought you were just on vacation at babalik ka din sa Australia ..."

"I saw a tempting job offer ... pareho ng work ko sa Australia at almost the same salary ... so I tried and I will have my final interview after two days ..."

"Hope you will get the job para makita kita araw araw ..." Tito Phil said smiling.

"Hopefully makuha ko nga yung job ... Ah Tito Phil ... may lipstick ka ..." ... may finger pointing to the left side of his lips

"Oh ... meron ..." and he made a pilyo smile and winked at me.

He got a hanky from the pocket of his pants and wiped off the lipstick.

I suddenly teased him ...

"Mukhang nag appetizer na kayo kanina ng secretary mo ha Tito Phil ... hihihi ..."

"Hindi ah ... ikaw talaga Dess ..."

"Kunwari pa kayo Tito ...may lipstick kayo ... tapos eh nang palabas si Abigail sa room niyo kanina inaayos niya ang buttons ng blouse niya at medyo magulo ang buhok ..."

Tito Phil looked at me seriously ... then suddenly made a big smile ...

"Hmmm ... hahahaha ... you are a good observer iha ..."

"Equation of events and observation lang naman Tito ... hahaha ..."

"O Kain ka na iha ... hindi pa kasi ako gutom ... tatabihan na lang kita ..."

"Hindi pa din ako gutom Tito, I had a late heavy breakfast ... uhmm you were very confident that I will come to your office Tito Phil ... kaya umorder kayo ng lunch ..."

"Well, gut feeling lang Dess ... iniisnab mo ang mga text at tawag ko past two weeks ... so I texted something intruiging like ... you are yummy on your corporate attire ... which really is true ... you're so yummy and sexy right now on your attire ..."

"Kaya I know you saw me Tito ... dahil ganoon ang text mo sa akin ..."

Tito Phil stood up again, walked pass me and I heard a click sound ... then heard him walked again ... and felt him behind me and he placed his hands on my shoulders.

"Bakit mo iniisnab ang text ko Dess? ..." Tito Phil whispered near my ears ...

He began caressing my shoulders ...

"Nahihiya ako kay Tracy at sa inyo Tito, close friend ko anak niyo but I had sex with her father ..."

"O huwag ka ng makonsensya Dess ... isipin mo na lang na two consenting adults ang nangyari sa atin ... pasensya na malibog ang Tito Phil mo at weakness ko ang mga young professional girls na gaya mo ..." whispered Tito Phil again but I felt the tip of his tongue touch part of my ear for a second or two.

"Okay Tito ... sabi mo eh ..."

"I miss you ... and I want you Dess ..." whispered Tito Phil and he started licking my ears and nape.

I felt a surge of electricity in my whole body ... however I tried not to be carried away ...

"Ah Tito ... kumusta si Tracy ... nasa province pa ba siya ..."

"Uhmmm nasa province pa si Tracy ... uhmm ang bango mo Dess ..."

Suddenly I have mixed feelings ... I know Tito Phil wants to have sex with me again ... I was excited ... first time I will experience to be fucked in an office ... isa yun sa fantasy ko ... but then again nakokonsensya ako ulit ... I suddenly stood up ...

Tito Phil was fast ... Hinawakan niya ako sa waist ... lift me up slightly at pinaupo ako sa ibabaw ng table niya ...

"Ayaw mo ba iha?" a smiling Tito Phil asked me.

"Is it okay dito sa office mo ... baka may cameras Tito ..." ... I was just saying something ... I know I want Tito Phil that time also but still my conscience keeps on bothering me.

"Nakakalibog ka Dess maski nakadamit ka pa lang ..." Tito Phil continues to talk while kissing my neck.

I remembered Tito Phil said before that he has fetishes for young girls in corporate attire. I was wearing a terno black blazer and skirt with thin white stripes and a sleeveless white blouse that time. No stockings and black heels.

"Eh Tito ... baka gusto mo ng kumain ng lunch ..."

"Hmmm ... iba gusto ko kainin ... tama ka kanina Dess ... si Abigail nga ang appetizer ko ... main menu for lunch din sana kung hindi ka dumating pero magkikita pala sila ng BF niya kaya nabitin ako ..."

"Uhmm hindi pala para sa akin yun lunch na inorder mo Tito eh ..."

"Huwag ka ng magtampo iha ... okay ..." Tito Phil was looking at me seriously but I felt what they call nakakalibog na tingin ... I suddenly got turned on ...

"Okay ... you want me for your lunch , sir." I told Tito Phil with my sweetest smile.

"Uhmmm that's my girl ... I miss you talaga Dess ... bitin kasi sa house namin dati ..." replied Tito Phil ... his hands started caressing my bare thighs.

"Hindi kaya mabitin ka ulit dito sa office ... hindi naman tayo pwede magtagal din dito Tito ..."

"I will not allow that ... we can shift to some place later ... but I want you right now iha ..."

Tito Phil push my skirt upwards ... big part of my white and smooth legs are exposed ... alam ko kita na niya panty ko ... he started caressing hard my thighs ...

"Ummm... Sir..." I told Tito Phil ... I was playing around that time.

Tito smiled ... nakatitig din siya sa mata ko.

"Payag ka ba to play as my secretary iha ... " asked Tito Phil.

"Uhmmm payag ako Sir ... kung magsasabi ka ng totoo ..."

"Ano yung gusto mo malaman iha ..."

"Ah sir ... are you banging your secretary ... Abigail ..."

"Yes Dess ... I already fucked Abigail three times ... one time on this table you are sitting on now ... "

I got turned on by what Tito Phil said ... I felt tumitigas na ang nipples ko... I suddenly started kissing Ttio Phil on his ears and neck too ... i got turned on more upon smelling yung cologne ni Tito Phil ... it was very manly.

"Ahhhh, you are one hot girl talaga, Dess. Alam mo ba yun?" nakangising sabi ni Tito Phil while he continuously caress my smooth legs.

I felt his hands go further up ... ibinuka ko pa ng husto ang aking mga legs. Tito Phil kissed me on my lips and we started French kissing ... I felt the libog of Tito Phil ... he was exchanging salivas with me ... while his hand already reached my wet pussy over my panties.

"Wow, basa na agad ang panty mo Dess." whispered Tito Phil then licked my ears and neck again.

"Uhmmm ... You know how to make me wet agad Tito ..."

Tito Phil, took off my blazer ... then hinawakan niya ang blouse ko at my back and one by one opened the buttons ... took off my sleeveless blouse and threw it on the floor.

"Sir naman... color white yung blouse ko po... hihihi"

"Haha. Don't worry, I'll shopped for you new clothes later iha ... "

He took off my bra and pushed me lightly para mapahiga sa table niya. I really felt very horny once my bare back felt the coldness of the wooden table. Oh gosh I told myself, one of my fantasy will come true ... makakantot ako sa ibabaw ng table at sa loob ng office.

Tito Phil was looking at my exposed boobs ... he pushed up further my skirt ... my white panty was exposed to him ... hinubad na ni Tito Phil ang panty ko and he threw it again ... to where I don't know.

I then felt the head of his cock on the entrance of my wet pussy ...

"Oh gosh, na miss ko talaga pussy mo Dess ... parang mababaliw ako sa kakaisip ... akala ko hindi na kita matikman ulit iha ..."

"Take me now Sir ... pasok mo na titi mo Tito ... fuck me ..."

I felt the head of his cock split my labia and gently entered my pussy ... shit, Tito Phils big and long cock felt so good while it was sliding deeper ... upon reaching the innermost part of my pussy ... Tito Phil started to pump ...

"FUCK shit! ... ummhh ... unghh ... ang sarap mo iha ... heto pa ... tanggapin mo ... umhhh ... ummhhh ..." Tito Phil was moaning so loud ... I got worried that somebody might hear from outside his room.

Maybe he saw my being worried ...

"Don't worry iha ... everybody is out for lunch ... uhmmm ... unnghhh ... uhhmmm ..."

Tito Phil spread wide more my legs. He fucked furiously my wet pussy.

"Shit, ang sarap mo talaga, iha ... you're so tight ... so wet ...."

Tito Phil and me were already perspiring ... he kept on pumping my pussy hard ... sinalubong ko din ang mga pump niya ... then I spread my long legs more ... we were already breathing hard ... I really can feel his fat member continuously going in and out of my cunt. I was seeing the clock on his wall ... he was fucking me for more than 10 minutes already.

I felt so horny just hearing the creaking sound of his table at the same time his balls slaps below my pussy.

"Ohh... ang sarap mo Tito Phil!... I shouted already

Tito Phil started to mash my boobs while he was pumping ... sometimes he pinches my nipples ... the feeling was so good.

"Shit, Dess... ughh... ummm... lalabasan na ko.."

"Ohhh I'm near too Tito ..."

"Gusto ko sa loob mo magpaputok Dess ..."

"Ohhh... ummm.... It will be messy if you shoot in me Tito ..."

"I have my own bathroom here in my office iha ..."

" It's alright Tito ... I mean sir. Ok lang... Come inside me please..."

A few more pumps at sabay kami nilabasan si Tito Phil.Tito Phil looked up at the ceiling and moaned so loud and he buried so hard deep in my cunt when his load started to come out ...

All felt so good in me that I have to bite my lips to avoid moaning so loud ... I felt the hot juice of Tito Phil filling my pussy.

"Fuck ... Dess! Ang sarap mo! Umm! Umm! ... masikip ... madulas at mainit ... sobrang sarap at nakaka-addict kang kantutin iha ... ahhhh ..."

Then Tito Phil collapsed on me ... pareho kaming humihingal ...

... To be continued ....

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