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My Sex Story 2: Saving A Relationship

Written by Nicoleisnottooyoung on
Hi Guys, it's me again

First i would like to thank Converge (Fucking shit kayo di ako nakapag Dota), for giving me a time para makapag sulat ng aking sex stories, just as i promised this is the story on how i helped a couple.

Before tayo mag simula I want to ask you a question, when your relationship hits a wall and you both feel na wala na ang spark,

What will you do to bring it back?

Will you do whatever it takes?

How far will you go to save it?

This story happened early March 2019, last year lang, I experienced already various types of service, in short medyo experienced na ako in this industry and i know my way around it, how to prepare and handle my clients

A message from an unknown number appeared on my phone with a name

"Hi, is this Nicole, gusto ko sana tanungin kung available ka for a service"

Agad ako nag reply "Sure, can i get the Information of the service you want"

Nag palitan kami ng messages to make our deal, and as we near the agreement, may hiniling sya sakin and it kinds of weird, pwede ba daw kami magkita, he pick the place and I can pick the time.

Out of curiosity (ayan nanaman yang curiosity mo girl hahaha) pumayag naman ako, He pick a coffee shop in BGC and i said bukas around noon.

Since may client ako na malapit lang sa BGC i can use it as an alibi, I entered the coffee shop ordered a frap and sat for a while,

I'm thinking "Bwisit naman, sya na nga nag request late pa"

Minutes later a woman sitting not far from me walks and sits on my table, She's a good looking woman, shoulder length hair, nakasalamin and alam mong inaalagaan ang sarili dahil for a really rare time na insecure ako sa skin nya hahahhaha

I smiled at her and she smiled back and said

"Ms Nicole?"

napaisip ako, WTF??? bakit nya alam yung name na yun?, is this a prank or some kind of a joke para hulihin ako?

I'm still shock sa nangyayari that i dont know how to reply, i feel like im being pranked or something, at first i thought na is she a Lesbian?, why does she need my service (well di naman sa tumatanggi), but pinaliwanag nya naman as she continue to talk

(It's a long convo wag na natin i ellaborate kada exchange kapagod mag type Hahahaha explain ko nalang)

At first naka smile sya as she introduce herself

"Im Doctora Carla V*******, i'm the one who ask for your service"

She explains how she got my contact and why it was her and not the picture she sent.

Yung Guy na sinend nya na nasa pic is her husband, He's an Engineer and married for almost 3 years, She want me to have sex with them, take note "THEM".

Inisip ko agad na they are looking for a womb for hire or a Surrogate mother and it's a big NO!! for me, but inexplain nya agad

It was a rough time for them, she was teary eye as she was telling the story, after daw nila magka anak nawala daw yung spark sa kanila, they focus on each other's career, taking care of their daughter, they have sex but the magic was not there, they tried different things, vacation, couples retreat, even counseling, but nothing works

One day as Doctora was browsing the internet she came across an article on how a threesome sex with another individual may change your couple perspective, they love each other so much kaya pinag isipan daw nila maiigi before making a choice, and they dont want someone na may maka alam, so they ended up with an escort service.

may na contact sila and the first escort denied, and tried the second choice, Me (aw ha, ang sakit, second choice to fuck lang ako, sino ba yung una at mapag kumapara sino mas maganda samin hahahaha)

To make it short pumayag naman ako since it's something that i can save a relationship, napangiti si Dra. Carla and make a final request, kung pwede daw ba kong sumama sa kanya for a test to make sure na wala ako sakit, everything is covered naman daw even a payment for my inconvenience.

Ang pinakamalapit is yung St. Lukes Hospital sa BGC, and since resident doctor sya dun everything runs faster, we finished early and talked for our terms and deals, Hotel where i'll offer my service and time, she even asked me to bring my toys (alam nyo na kung anong toys yun guys)

Days have passed and its the day of my service, I prepared my things, (BTW, guys this story is way far from my last story, i have my own place na so walang hirap mag palusot kay Papa and Mama :P)

I recieved a message na sa hotel lobby na daw mag kita, sa may restaurant and asking me to come early para daw ma introduce nya ko sa husband nya

At the resraurant I saw them, si Dra. Carla stunning beauty as expected glowing ang skin sa kanyang sexy dress (hmp), pinakilala nya husband nya, si Engr. Ralph, I can already see na medyo mahiyain si Sir, I can't tell their ages but im pretty sure nasa early 30's palang kasi you can see that their body is well cared, one thing im sure is tinitingnan nila ko as if like their getting a life or death decision.

As we finished our meal we went to our room, we just relaxed a bit, you can really sense na may soemthing, sobrang may naiilang so i take the leap.

"I'm going to prepare myself Sir. I think Ma'am carla should come with me"

Agad namula yung mukha ni Ralph, parang kinakabahan sa mangyayari, but it was Carla who calmed him down

"Hon, don't worry everything will be fine"

Pag pasok namin sa CR, as i was removing my clothes, hindi tumitingin sakin si Carla, she's just standing there, so i lean on to her and kissed her (not my first hahaha), French kiss, she was hesitant sa umpisa pero agad naman sya nakipag laro ng dila.

I started to take off her clothes, I stop kissing her and kinuha ko yung bag ko, and get my 2 sets Lingerie, one is Red for her and the other is Pink, (hindi naman kami nagkakalayo ng build ng katawan, mas matangkad lang ako, so i guess mag kakasya naman yun)

"Carla wear this, let's give your Husband a good show" she smiled at me and taked off her bra and panty

I also wear my pair, habang sinusuot nya yung Lingerie i grabbed her pussy and played with it a little bit, wet na sya, binulungan ko sya

"Sundin mo lahat ng gagawin ko, and i'll make sure to make you both guys happy"

As we went outside, nakaupo lang si Ralph sa gilid ng bed wearing only a boxers and a shirt, he saw us (parang si Sven nakita si Lina at CM hahaha), nakatitig lang sya kita ang pag bukol ng tite nya, lalapitan sana sya ni Carla but i pulled her and wrap her around my arms, one hand sa right boobs nya and the other sa puki nya

As i was playing with her Wife nakatingin lang sakin si Ralph, like alam mong kinakabahan at nalilibugan at the same time

Carla is just moaning, I ask her na lumuhod sa kama, this time si Ralph naman sana ang lalapit but sinabihan ko sya

"Stay there, wait for your turn, we're just gonna play here"

hindi nag sasalita si Carla, i put in my 2 fingers inside her pussy and started licking his neck from the back, after maramdaman ko na nag wet na sya, i removed my fingers and put it in my mouth then french kissed her, lahat to nakikita ni Ralph, he's laser focused.

Sinandal ko si Carla sa bed and continued to kiss her, then i get my dildo Vibrator from my bag, first sinubo ko muna to wet the vibrator, then pinasok ko na sa puki ni Carla, napa ungol sya sa sarap

I then proceed sa boobs nya, nilamas ko sya with my one hand and the other hand holding the vibrator in her pussy and then i started exposing her boobs kitang kita mo na tayong tayo pa nipple nya, i started licking and sucking her boobs, she started to grab my head and pushing it to her boobs.

As i feel na sobrang libog na sya, i stopped and grabbed her hands and give her the dildo na nakapasok sa pussy nya, this time she was playing with herself, one hand at the vibrator the other hand at her own boobs

As she was looking at her husband, i walk towards him

"Now it's our turn to play"

I frenched kissed him and put his hands sa pwet ko and hinawakan ang ulo nya towards my boobs and start licking it, this time I'm looking at Carla while playing herself, it's like she`s having an orgasm while looking at us as having a fun time with his husband, in fairness magaling si Ralph sumipsip, nilalamas nya while sucking and playing with my boobs,

I stopped him, i can also see na libog na libog na sya, so i removed my panties tapos humiga sa kama, he removed his shirt and i grabbed his head again and pushed him to my pussy, like how he played with my nipple, sobrang galing nya kumain ng puki, im already feeling my inside juice flowing.

Just as expected i saw her wife, nag seselos sya iba na tingin nya samin, it's like handa na nya ko sabunutan, what do you expect?, looking at your husband sumisisid sa puki ng ibang babae while playing with yourself, (just as i plan)

I stop him after maramdaman ko na lalabasan na ulit ako, i pull him to the bed pinasandal ko din sya beside her wife, nakatingin lang si Carla samin.

After nya humiga near his wife, i removed his boxers, hinawakan at sinubo ko agad tite nya, it's just an average dick so i can play with it ng walang hirap, i deep throat him and all he do is grab my hair and pushed it even deeper.

I stopped as i feel na lalabasan na din sya, as i look towards his wife she's just staring at us, her husband getting a blowjob from a different woman and her husband enjoying every bit of it.

"Come Carla let's play with your husband, tingnan mo oh ang sarap ng tite nya"

Lumapit sakin si Carla and i guide her towards sa tite ng asawa nya, she started sucking it while i was licking his balls, umuungol si Ralph sa sarap ng ginagawa namin sa kanya, i can see kung pano pinipilit ni Carla na i deepthroat yung asawa nya, i knew it na hindi nya ginagawa yun, ilang beses sya nabibilaukan but still she continue to do it, sarap na sarap padin si Ralph sa ginagawa namin, deepthroat sa asawa nya and me licking sucking his eggs.

I pulled Carla and positioned behind her back, nakahiga si Ralph while kami nakaluhod sa harap nya.

"come look at your beautiful Wife, nakakalibog sya diba?"

habang nilalamas ko boobs nya and si Carla naman is nakatingin din sa asawa nya.

I positioned Carla to her husband, dahan dahang pinasok ni Ralph yung tite nya sa loob ng asawa nya, napa ungol ng malaks si Carla so i started kissing her, while im helping her sa pag taas baba, im playing with her nipple and clit para mas lumakas pa yung sensation nya.

as they get faster, i moved to position my pussy to his husband's face, dinilaan nya agad ito, i reached for his wifes head and kissed her, this time its a 3 way intercourse

Nakahiga sya while his wife naka ibabaw, me getting my pussy licked by him and me and his wife french kissing (gets mo na?, its like Lina CM and Sven Tri Lane, hahahha)

After a while, tumigil si Carla sa pakikipag halikan sakin, nilabasan na pala sya, she stand up and humiga sa tabi ng asawa nya, so i also stop and humiga,

"di ko pwedeng hayaan mabitin si Ralph, so maybe let's continue with my pussy"

He knew what i want to do so tumayo sya and went to me for a missionary position,

even kanina pa sya kumakantot infairness tigas na tigas padin yung tite nya, he's fucking and licking my nipples,

After makapag pahinga ni Carla, I pulled her over and tell her na pumatong sakin, this time our position is me and Carla magkapatong kissing while her husband is fucking me.

Seing this position nag laro si Ralph sa mga puki namin, he's fucking us simultaneously, every time he stop, he moved to another pussy to fuck, salitan kami sa tite ng asawa nya

Sarap na sarap si Carla sa pag pump ni Ralph sa puki namin, im biting her ears

"Oh shit, hon ang sarap ng puki nyo, lalabasan na ako sa sarap, the best"

hearing this pinatayo ko si Ralph and pushed Carla on his knees, i continue na laruin ang tite ng asawa nya while nakatutok sa mukha ni Carla

"Carla you heard your Husband, lalabasan na daw sya, i dont want to waste it, you know how to pleasure your Husband"

agad nya sinubo yung tite ng asawa nya while me on her back nilalamas yung boobs nya

"Oh shit love eto na ko, ubusin mo tamod ko hon"

hindi na nakasagot si Carla all i can see is her mouth dripping with cum ng asawa nya

After hugutin ng asawa nya yung tite sa bunganga, agad nya nilunok yung cum, i french kissed her again

nahiga sila sa kama while i sat on the chair at the side looking at them

this time they are fucking again while playing with myself with my vibrator dildo

It was a fun night, i really enjoy watching them, after joining and finishing the round, natulog na kami but nagigising nalang ako sa pag tulog, i can feel the bed moving

"Shit nagkakantutan nanaman sila"

hindi ako sure kung nakailan sila but im pretty sure that something is new sa kanila

At morning they paid me with Cheque and went home to my Condo to get a proper sleep

So dito na natatapos yung story ko, how i help a couple gain back their sexual connection.

First things first, if you and your partner is facing same problem, I would not recommend doing this agad agad, alamin nyo muna if both of you is in the same page, gayahin nyo sila mr and mrs V*******, pinag aralan muna nila mabuti and make sure na hindi sila mapapahamak.

I read a lot of confessions about doing this, and to be honest parang sumusugal ka talaga dito, some said na gumanda daw yung relationship nila and nakatulong but madami padin ang nagsabi na they find it arousing ang pakikipag sex sa iba so they ended their relationship, talagang gamble kasi hindi mo alam ang magiging resulta.

What i recommend is look for new things, try to spice your intimate relationship, sumubok ng bago (wag iisang build sa hero lang paulit ulit try din ng iba hahaha), try role playing TBH ang sarap kaya mag role play, we just did it the other night, being raped by a robber hahaha, keep it open to your partner hindi yung puki mo ha, i mean honest kayo sa isat isa, if you feel like you want to try something new example Anal, BDSM, Orgy etc

I hope i give you guy's a good advice, it's still up to you to decide

Again thank you sa sweet messages nyo, encouraging me to continue writing, some friendly advice and messages, thank you talaga, but still may mababait na tao padin, good luck nalang sana maging masaya kayo in life (wag bitter, wala tayo sa Facebook)

See you again, i'll keep in touch pag may free time, dito na kasi si partner, good girl muna si Nicole :P

TY and I love you guys.....


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