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Tales from the black book (The Dare 1.1)

Written by skeithizm on
Scene: bar somewhere
Time: night
Characters: Mark, Szadeck, Skeith

"Is too late now to say sorry...
Missing more than just your body..."

Tunog ng music sa bar, gabi, tatlo kami sa table, nanunuod ng Super Bowl replays, ilang linggo na ding tapos ang football season, american football.
Commercial kaya nagpatugtog ang manager, request ng gf ng isa sa mga patron.
And since cute si ate, pinagbigyan ni manager, tinignan namin ang bf nya, at tinaas ang bote ng beer.
Tinaas din nya at nag sorry, and nag on the house sya for 1 round.
Great guy.

"So anyway, skeith, ayun nga, me and my wife are sweaty, naked, and doing it."
Kwento samen ng kaibigan ko si Mark.

"Cut the naked part pre, nawawalan ako ng gana."
Banat ni deck.

Tumingin sya sa amin, nakita ang uninterested look sa mukha namin, so tinigil and..

"And poof, nawala ung libog ko, namatay si manoy, and kita ko yung inis sa mukha ni misis, then i just went down on her, ayun, tumagal kami, siguro additional half hour, and then she jerked me nalang."
Tapos nya

"Jeez, sabi eh lay down on the details, we dont want you in our fantasies pre, go to the stuff your mumbling about"
Banat ko.

Nilagok namin ang bote, nagsindi ako ng sigarilyo, and si Deck kumain ng hot wings. Alam kong hot kase pinagpawisan sya. Fucking ass, hindi nagdala ng panyo at ginamit ang tissue pamunas sa pawis. Nakaka ilang palit na din kame ng tissue holder, sya umuubos.

"Eto na, so kinausap ako nung umaga, may inabot na brochure, mga gym, and may inabot na magazine, pinabasa ung article, *30 day challenge, no wanking, no sex, no ejaculation*, binasa ko"

Tumigil sya ng hipan ko sya ng usok, si Mark? Ang pinaka mataas na libido samin ay pumayag na magbasa ng ganun?! Hell will freeze over.

"So im on my 3rd week and, fuck, im feeling like a new man. Yari si misis after next week"

Tinaas nya ang beer nya, sumunod si Deck, ako naman ay nahinto, did hell freeze over? Baka naman panaginip toh.

"Uy Skeith, dont leave us hanging!"
Siko sakin ni Deck.

Sumunod ako, hindi parin makapaniwala.


Ungol ng girl, nakatalikod sya, hubad kami, pawisan, nanginginig sya, and ninanamnam namin ang orgasm namin. Nakatuwad padin ako, and i can feel her pussy, contracting my dick, but i knew it was over, di na sya gumalaw. Buti nalang.

I got off her, tumabi, hingal ng mabilis, damn...i should really start some cardio, madali na ako mapagod.
Pinikit ko mata ko, pagod at pata ang katawan.

"Wow, skeith, you okey?"
Bulong sakin ng girl, si D.

Yumakap sakin, hinalikan nya ako sa baba, and i kissed her head.
I smell her minty, flowery fragrance, it was lovely, i urge my dick to be erect...but...no avail. Too tired.

Tumayo sya and nag wash, sumunod ako, but we did only some petting and teasing, am still cathing my breath. Damn...I really need a cardio.
And humiga sa kama nya, magka akap.
I was dating her for a couple of weeks, nothing serious, but it's nice to have someone pag wala ka, so I kept on dating her, well not really, we're more like FUBU. I can see some on the sides, but isang text nya, I should be ready. Im pretty sure may bf or asawa siya, may singsing sya everytime we go out. I dont ask, and she doesn't tell. Im ok with it, im not looking for someone serious anyway.

Nakwento ko sa kanya ang pinagusapan namin ng mga kaibigan ko kanina sa bar, and...

"Hmmm, let's try it. No sex, or masturbation for one month."
Basag nya sakin.
I could not believe my ears. Heto ang isang girl, oozing with sexuality, always needs some time with me atleast three times a week and is asking for more...and she is down with the suggestion.?!.

"Baka naman sa workout sinasabi mo? Hayaan mo dun sa gym ng friend ko, maganda dun"
Banat ko naman.
Im steering the conversation away from the chastity thing... I dont't like the sound of it.
But mapilit sya.

"No! Its a good experiment, besides if we can't follow through, we can just call it quits, fuck our brains out"
She told me.
Then she went down on me, sucked my cock, and when it was erect, she went on top of me, and proceeded to fuck herself with my hard dick. Her sexy body, grinding my dick, my balls, her wetness..dripping out, moaning in pleasure, her eyes closed, her pussy sucking my dick, my hand embracing her soft, flat tummy..


She moaned, convulsed then fell as if asleep on top off me.
Fuck, im soing into this no sex, chastity thing, and i have'nt cum yet, so i thrusted her hard, fast and good, and ejaculated inside her, while she lay there, moaning but not moving.

"So here are the list, pros and cons, and let's start today, so no morning flag skeith"
Sabi sakin ni D.
Palakad ako sa kanya, sa kitchen.
Tinampal nya ang naka bukol sa boxer ko, kakagising ko lang.
Buti nalang mahina, but it still stings.

"That is natural hun, so wag mo na gawin ulit yun, sige ka, pag nagalit toh, masisira plano mo, we'll finish soon after starting, and you don't want to this angry."

Inabot nya sakin ang kape, at tinapay, nasa kitchen nya kami, naka ligo na sya, papunta sa gym, and ako naman ay pauwi. Ang sexy nya sa suot, gym clothes, loose shirt, black leggings, headband na pink, and sports bra. Hindi katambukan ang dibdib nya, pero maalaga sya, makinis ang katawan, soft ang morenang kutis, singkit at ka akit akit ang mata, hidden behind her thick glasses, cute na ilong, and manipis na pale pink na lips.

Wala syang makeup, but she doesn't need one, unless papasok sya. But it's her off day.
"So hatid kita sa sakayan, then ill be off, sumama ka kaya?"
Alok nya sakin.
I declined, may gagawin pako excuses ko.
But really i should start some exercise.


Fuck, i cannot concentrate, im writing trying to... but all i can think of is her ass, D's, ass, she sent a photo, asking me if the dress was ok, she was wearing it, it was okey, but her pose...was seductive, her eyes in the photo was alluring, and her lips were begging. Then her ass was pronounced. Plus she texted me ..
*don't jerk*..

DAY 4.

Ok, she texted me to come over, i was excited, sana hindi na nya ginagawa ang challenge. I nearly touched myself while im in the showers. But for some reason, Mark called and so did Deck, so nawala ang urge ko. Asshole friends.

I went to her place, then she opened it, showing only her head, she cut her hair short, and somehow, she became more...beautiful, cuter, adjectives here, and... here.
Nadala ng gupit nya ang mukha nya.

Tumigas agad si junior, nasabik ako, so I entered. Then she closed the door, and she pulled me close, kissed me deep, then pushed me in the door, she was wearing only a bra and panty, then she slid her body, to mine, like a cat, seducing me. I responded to her kiss, slid my hand to her naked back, and proceed to go down to her luscious ass.
She moaned, then slid her thigh sa gitna ko, sa crotch ko, then pushed my manhood while im still wearing pants and played it using her thighs.
I moaned.

My hand was about to enter her panties from the back when she stopped, pushed my hand away, purred, then walkes away, her wet back was all i can see, as she entered the bathroom and emerged with a robe, thick one, hiding her features.
She then went to the kitchen grabbed some coffe and brought me one, and she pulled me to sit in the sofa.
Turned on the tv tuned to cnn, turned on her laptop, then proceeded typing.
Hindi kami nagpansinan.


DAy 7

"Pare...sakit ng bayag ko"
Deck and I were complaining to Mark, apparently were doing the same thing.

"Ganyan talaga sa simula, alam mo ba na hindi nagbihis sa harapan ko si misis nung ginagawa ko toh, and she always peck me, no hard kisses, baka daw madala ako. Hahaha"

Tawa nya, damn...should not have answered his call before, should not have told her, D., this fucking great idea.
Now im agonizing, every woman in my eye, no matter the dress, i got an erection, it was awkward.
I stopped commuting so as not to have to feel everyones touch.
I felt that a simple hagod in my arms would set me off, so I touch people less, I dont do high five no more. Afraid it would leek, and stain my pants, thats how fucked up ifeel, and im only starting.
I looked to my side, Deck is feeling and doing the same, squirming and focusing too much on his drink.

Banat ni gagong Mark.

DAY 10

She texted again, that was the 4th straight day she wanted me to come over.
And everytime i do, all we do is kiss, and...touch...slighlty.
It was killing me, but the upside was, I got to know her better, she was a geek, a starwars and star treck geek.
She was corny, and loves to cook, and write, and type.

And a big fucking tease.

Binuksan nya ang pinto, nakadamit sya, sa wakas, at pinapasok ako.

Dumiretso ako agad sa kitchen, and i saw her...tools?

"Good, i'll borrow that great hands and fingers of yours."
Bulong nya sakin, she was close, i smell her natural odour, it was intoxicating... tumigas si manoy.

Then pinalo nya ito.

"Down boy. Let the other head do some work first"
Nakatuwad sya, pinapagalitan parang bata ang etits ko. Kinembot ang pwet, alam nya na nakatitig ako dun.
Tumayo sya, looked at me, smiling sweetly, then lumapit sa akin.
Hinalikan nya ako, malalim, at bumitaw.
Pinaupo nya ako, and binigay ang isang folder, binuksan ko at nakita ang ibat ibang design concept. Marketing nga pala sya, so...what?

"Ok, i need ideas, well, more on pick and tell me if its good, were promoting a new store, and it needs new idea, some commercial, and brochure, and it is all about sex, lingerie, and undergarments. I want something that says conservative but wild and adventurous"

Naka tingin sya sakin, expecting, and i flipped through the pages, skipping things not suitable in our reserved culture. Photos of naked bodies, sexy women...sexy womens ass...i swear puro babae ang model and they are all seductive, parang isang model lang, and kahawig pa ng katawan ni D. hindi nga lang maliit ang boobs.

Nakilala nya din ako sa mga pagpunta ko, alam nya na inaral ko ang cultures ng mga tao, so she went to me.
Or tinitease nya ako? cunning girl.

"Those are all my works, and wow, it's like Im a lightbulb of ideas, wow."
Sabi nya.
Genuine sya, so it means im here to help, which i did, i threw some pics, offered opinions to make it better.
Then she giggled.

"Yeah, about that"
Tumayo sya, then inupuan ako, bumukaka, ramdam ko ang init ng pagitan ng legs nya.

"I alread picked and passed the pics we'll be using"
Bulong nya sakin
Nag grind sya sa pants ko, hindi nako maka kilos, pinagpawisan ako.
She licked my ears, down my neck and chin.

"I was that model, did it turned you on?"
Bulong nya

Napaungol ako nang yumakap lalo sya sakin, ramdam ko ang init ng katawan nya.
She bit my ear then lip, then released as i was about to kiss her, then her eyes squinted, flashed a mischievous smile, then got off of me.

Umalis sya and tumungo sa sala, binuksan ang tv, nag tune in sa CNN.

Naka upo padin ako sa upuan, frozen, my member erect, pinagpapawisan...
It's gonna be a long....30 days...

*spin off from Journey, deals with skeith's experience and others he knew but unknown to szadeck*

Allrights reserved to skeithizm. No works maybe reproduced without express consent from the author. Copyright skeithizm.
All names are changed and omitted, loctions changed, to protect anonimity .
Based on a true story

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