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THE MANY FACES OF SEX IN THE KINGDOM (Heaven or Hell!!! Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)?? Part 8

By mark_antony0259 ·

THE MANY FACES OF SEX IN THE KINGDOM (Heaven or Hell!!! Riyadh, Saudi Arabia)?? Part 8

Hello avid readers of Erotica/PinoySpyForum. This is a true story that I will share… I will change the names at baka mabasa ng mga husbands nila, but the whole story is true…. They are both happily married now, so this is just a sweet memory to them.. but for me it is still fresh like it was only yesterday..

DATELINE; November 1993, US Air Base, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Chapter IX

A couple of weeks passed and our routine was broken by the intransigence of President Saddan Hussien.. He would challenged our fighter planes enforcing the NO FLY ZONE by firing ainti aircraft missiles and guns.. and as always, we bombed the shit out of the missile and gun sites… It was a one sided war.. The good guys win.. We did not loose any aircraft from Saddam"s playing with fire.. but we managed to neutralized many missile and gun sites..

My two Tomboy lovers (Vanessa and Celeste) are both well satisfied and satiated every chance I get.. and I kept them happy.. Finally they will have a weekend na sabay sila.. I invited both of them for a Thanksgiving Dinner on the 3rd Thursay of Nov.. They traded their duty with their room mates, so they can both go to the Air Base at the same weekend.. We planned the dinner to be just the three of us, at alam mo na, we will have a three some after the dinner.. and of course our marathon sexcapades..

I went shopping and bought a five turkeys, a large chunk of ham chuck and a case of Asti Spumanti.. I also appropriated several bottles of white wine and additional bottle of Corvoiusier Cognac.. being in the war zone, we are prohibited to consume alcohol and plus it is Saudi Arabia, alcohol is "Haram"‚.. but I managed to get what I need , when I need it.. after all, I was the Executive Officer of the 2 star General leading the Joint Task Force-Southwest Asia..

The Thanksgiving Day came and I preferred the one turkey and started baking the ham myself early in the morning.. I picked both Vanessa and Celeste at the gate and we drove back to my Villa.. Kwentuhan kami on the way..

"Oh mumusta na kayo and hows everything"‚.. Tanong ko sa dalawa..

Sagot si Vanessa na parang excited; "Ngayon lang ako makakaranas ng Thanksgiving Day ah.. ano ba ang significance noon sa America??.

{Tahimik and I noticed na parang walang kibo si Celeste.. parang malalim ang iniisip}

"Well, it was during the first settlement of Europeans in America.. There was a drought and they were running out of food and the natives of America (Indians) offered to have a dinner and they all share their food and harvest and it was the start of Thanksgiving.. People in the US celebrate it to be thankful for all the blessings that they usually share with their families, friends and neighbors.. So for me, it will be my very special and very close friends this year.. that will be Vanessa and Celeste.."‚ Explain ko to both of them…

As soon as we got to the Villa, I have to go back to the office due to some trouble happening in Southern Iraq.. Saddan Hussein moved an Armored Brigade (50 tanks and 5,600 troops) to the NO FLY ZONE area and threatening the Shiite minorities in the Basra area.. We went to FULL BATTLE RED ALERT and proceeded to to send fighter and bomber planes to keep the Iraqis at bay from mass killing the population in Basra.. As our planes flew cover, the Iraqis were given ultimatum to withdraw above 33 degrees parallel or face the wrath of the Coalition Forces.. They were given six hours to comply.. One hour before the deadline, we have 120 aircraft airborne poised ready to attack the Iraqis..

The Iraqi blinked and they finally withdraw to the 33 degrees parallel.. The UN resolution was changed to the NO FLY / NO DRIVE ZONE a week after that incident..

Anyway, I gave instruction to the two Tomboys how to cook the turkey.. keep the temperature of the oven at 300 degrees and keep rotating the bird every 20 minutes and apply the juice so it will not dry up.. and the Ham is ready na para pakuluan ng 7-up, pineapple juice, brandy at some Tabasco sauce… to make it a little bit spicy..

I called the two to go ahead and eat their lunch and I will join them at dinner about 6:00 PM or so.. we were still FULL BATTLE RED ALERT.. we are not recalling the planes until the Iraqis are out of the NO FLY ZONE and no longer a threat to the population.. we have to send tanker aircraft to refuel the planes and finally we were able to stand down at 7:40 PM.. I called ahead and told the ladies that I will be home in 10 minutes and to prepare for our Thanksgiving Dinner..

The table was all set when I got home.. the turkey, the ham, the corn on the cub and the salad.. the wine glasses are full and the candles were lit.. and you can smell the freshly baked bread in the air.. It was a very romantic and at the same time nakakagutom..

Naka ayos na si Celeste at si Vanessa at mukhang bagong paligo.. Celeste was wearing a very tight Red dress, na bakat na bakat yung kanyang body curves and her boobs are sticking out.. CC was also wearing an very glossy red lipstick.. Si Vanessa naman ay nakasuot ng two piece suit Beige color, na parang executive look ang dating.. her hair is up and her lipstick is also glossy with natural look.. Vanessa body curves were also visible sa kanyang damit and her blouse is partially open so I can see a little bit of her voluptuous cleavage..

I was stunned by the two beautiful women, with both different looks at beauty.. talagang very professional ang dating nilang dalawa.. kagalang galang talaga..

{Parang hindi chumuchupa ng burat…He! He! He!, Pumitlag yung burat ko.. hindi ko maubos maisip kung ano ang nagustuhan sa akin ng dalawang ito and then again I stop questioning myself and I just felt lucky… this will be one hell of a Thanksgiving Night, I said to myself.. just enjoy what"s coming you stupid Moron..}

"I apologize for being late.. I hope you will both forgive me, but we just had a crisis and I am glad it is over for now.. at least nobody got killed, Iraqis or otherwise.. after all they are human beings too.. I don"t think I will be able celebrate Thanksgiving, while we are bombing the 5,600 Iraqis soldiers to smithereens".. they would have been pulverized.."‚; Explain ko sa dalawa..

Sagot si Celeste; "Naku mabuti naman at umalis yung mga sundalong Iraqis, kundi kawawa naman sila..

I said; "Actually ang kawawa dun ay yung mga taga Basra, kung hindi namonitor yung movements ng Republican Guards ni Saddam, talagang pupulbusin nila yung mga Shiite.. galit kasi si Saddam dun sa mga Shiite Muslims, kasi nagrebelde yun last Desert Storm/Gulf War I.."‚

I told both my guest to pick their seats and we will start our dinner.. I led a short prayer; "Dear Lord, thank you the bountiful meal we are about to share with our dearest of friends and may our families and friends who are not present today may have the same blessings and thanksgiving dinner.., Amen!!"‚

I started curving the turkey and the ham and gave both Vanessa and Celeste a large portions.. I took the bread out of the oven and we ate our meal.. I also served some red wine to go with the meal..

I stood up and proposed a toast for all of us and I said; "To our everlasting friendship and happy life.. no matter what happens tomorrow, we will always be friends and will always have these memories FOREVER.."‚

They both said; "We drink to that and Hear!! Hear!!

Tapos nagsalita si Vanessa; "Kuya Mark… whatever happens we will never forget the lessons you tought us about life and living happily to the fullest… and I am speaking for both of us.. you are friend, a lover and confidant to both os us.. may God Bless you.."‚

{Muntik na akong masamid dun sa iniinom ko.. Langhiya eh baka nga sa Dagat -Dagatan apoy ako pulutin eh.. May God Bless You pa ang sinabi..}

We clink our glasses and we all took a healthy sip from our wine glasses.. and we all sat down and had a nice dinner complete with candle lights and soft music in the background.. and you guess it right, it was my favorite The Best of Celine Dion album, The Power of Love.. I was in love with her songs.. and these two Tomboys!!!

Masaya ang kwentuhan while we ate dinner.. I mentioned to Vanessa and Celeste that we will be going to the OWWA house the next day to bring some food and some women things.. (Napkins, tooth brush, hygiene things and etc..)

Sagot agad si Vanessa; "Naku sana sinabi mo sa akin, para nadala ko yung mga instrument ko and I can check their oral hygiene and Celeste can check their temperature, blood pressure at siguro hypertension.. at yung general health nila.."

I said to both; "It"s not to late, kasi 11:00 AM pa ang punta natin dun, we can just leave 50 minutes early… we can stop by your dormitory… get your instruments and then we can go to the OWWA house..

"OK nga yun sweetheart.. sige nandun lang naman sa room yung ibang personal na instrument namin.."‚ Explain naman ni Celeste..

We finished our dinner and ate our desert.. it was an apple pie.. with cherry flavored whipped cream.. it was good.. after we cleaned up and put away the left over food.. I ask both Celeste and Vanessa to the roofdeck.. November is a nice a cool month in Saudi Arabia… I brought a bottle of Asti Spumanti and the bottle of Corvoiusier and three wine glasses.. Vanessa brought the cheese and some smoked salmon..

The full moon is up and the stars are all over the universe.. we can easily see the big dipper and the constellation.. it was a beautiful and romantic night.. I have a large metal bench with over stuffed cushion on the roof deck and we all sat in the center bench..

I poured champagne on our glasses and gave each a glass.. and I asked the two ladies a question.. "Have you ladies ever made love under the moonlight??

The immediate response from both and in unison; "Not yet, but we are willing to explore the experience.."‚ sabi both ni Vanessa and Celeste… without hesitation..

I was sitting between the two ladies and I started embracing them both.. we were all day dreaming.. I started kissing Vanessa on the neck kasi nakahilig siya sa akin.. I also started playing with Celeste boobs, kasi kahit sa liwanag ng buwan ay tayong tayo pa din..

Nagsalita si Vanessa; "Sana palagi tayong ganito.. kasi alam mo Kuya Mark Masayang Masaya kami ni Celeste pag pupunta kami dito sa Villa mo.. hindi lamang sa sex hah.. kasi pag nandito kami secured na secured kami sa yo..", tapos medyo defensive na; " pero okay din yung sex siyempre.., but what I meant was, kahit walang sex ay Masaya kami dito.."‚

{Putang ina mukha yata ng bibigay na at tinatamaan na itong si Vanessa ah.. nalilibugan tuloy ako ng husto.. delikado, may asawa ito sa Pilipinas.. baka hiwalayan na ng tuluyan.. kawawa naman si Doc Dennis}

With that, hinatak ko na si Vanessa ang inupakan ko na ng lips to lips, pinalibog niya ako dun sa sinabi niya.. matagal kaming naglips to lips.. Si Celeste naman ay sinimulan ng tanggaling ang zipper at tuluyan ng ibinaba ang boxer shorts ko at lumabas na ang aking nagngangalit na burat..

Nilaro laro at hinimas himas muna ni Celeste ang burat ko at medyo baba-tass ng kaunti.. Ng tumigas na ito ng husto ay saka dinilaan ang ulo.. napahaluyhoy ako ng hindi oras.. Ohhhhh!!!!

Tuloy naman ang halikan naming dalawa ni Vanessa.. hawak hawak ko nag ang suso niya at hinuhubad ko na ang kanyang beige jacket at blouse na sleeveless.. after four bottons, I slide her blouse form her shoulder and down it goes.. WOW ang puti at napakakinis talaga ng buong katawan ni Vanessa.. nakakaloko talaga.. ibinababa ko ang mga labi ko sa ibabaw ng bra ni Vanessa sabay tanggal ng hook sa likuran at sinibasik at inararo ko ng halik at himod ang suso ni Vanessa na very firm at matigas pa.. dadalawang lalaki pa lang ang nakakalamas, nakakasuso at nakakahimod.. swerte ko talaga..

Ungol si Vanessa; "Anggg Saraaaap Niyaaan!!! Sige Susuhin mo ang mga Utong koooohh.. Kagatiiiin Mooohh!!

Si Celeste naman at tuloy tuloy ang pagtsupa sa burat ko at para siyang bata na kumakain ng sorbetes.. hihimurin niya ang ulo.. didilaan at pagtapos ay hihimurin na parang ice drop na tumutulo.. napakainit ng bibig ni Celeste.. parang may fever..

"Haaaahhhh!!! Sigeeee Paaaah!!! Isubooooh Moooong Putaaaah Kaaaah!!! Hayuuuup Kang Chumupaaa CC.!!! Napakasaraaap Niyaaaaan!!!"‚ Sabi ko naman.. ramdam ko na may lumalabas ng kaunting pre-cum sa burat ko..

Lalong pinagbuti ni Celeste ang pagchupa dahil tinawag ko siyang puta.. Lalong nalilibugan si Celeste pag minumura mo siya at tinatawag na Puta or Putatsing..

Ibinaba ko na din ang skirt ni Vanessa at panty na lang ang natira.. hinihimas-himas ko ang kanyang pussy sa labas ng panty.. her panty is soak and wet sa may crotch.. very juicy talaga si Vanessa compared kay Celeste.. siguro yung pagka Spanish mestizahin niya..

I took Celeste"s hand at pinatayo ko siya.. I guided yung ulo naman ni Vanessa sa burat ko para palit naman sila ni Celeste.. para namang maamong tupa na sinubo agab ni Vanessa ang burat ko.. todo chupa agad siya.. parang vacuum cleaner agad.. ibang klaseng chumupa si Vanessa parang hinihigop yung katas sa kaloob looban ng bayag ko.. pinaiikot ikot pa niya ang dila niya sa ulo ng burat ko.. napakasarap at talagang hindi mo mapipigilan ang lalabasan kaagad.. para siyang bagong panganak na tuta na naka sarado pa yung mata kung makasuso ng burat.. yung dila ni Vanessa ay nakapulupot at nakaikot sa katawan ng aking burat..

Lips to lips kami ni Celeste na halos supsupan ng dila.. pinaikot ikot ko ang dila ko sa loob ng bibig ni CC.. para naman siyang masunurin na habol habol ang aking dila.. tuloy ang lamas ko sa suso ni CC at sa kanyang likuran.. matigas na matigas na ang kanyang utong.. ramdam na ramdam ko sa dibdib ko..

{this is life, two beautiful women giving you pleasures in the moonlight, Wow!! I think I died and went to heaven..}

I slowly kissed CC sa leeg, sa batok at dibdib.. pinaikot ikot ko ang aking dila sa katambukan ng suso ni CC, pero hindi ko pinatatamaan ang kanyang utong.. ang utong ay tirik na tirik at ubod ng tigas.. tanda na libog na libog na si CC.. itinaas ko ang dalawang kamay ni CC at hinimod ko ang may ilalim nang kanyang kili kili.. paikot ikot sa may tagiliran.. halos magkandabale ang katawan ni CC sa pagliyad sa sarap…
"…¾Aaaaaaahhhh!! Ohhhhhhhh Shiiiiiiit!!! Angggggg Saraaaaaap Niyaaaan!!!!! Ungol ni CC..

Habang si Vanessa naman ay patuloy ang chupa sa burat ko.. walang tigil siya parang vacuum cleaner talaga.. ang lakas ng suction at tumutunog pa…

Umaagos na ang katas ni CC sa puke niya.. kaya hinimod himod ko ang kanyang pussy na pahaba at pababa.. ibinuka ko ang nakapikit pang labi at inilabas ko ang tinggil na nakatayo na parang burat din.. I started licking and sucking CC small dick.. habol ang hininga ni CC at hindi mapakali ang kanyang baywang sa pag giling.. para siyang nag sasayaw na A-go-go dancer at pakanyod kanyod pa parang hinahabol ang aking dila..

"Ohhhhhh!!! Shit!! Shit!! Ayaaaan Naaaah!! Ohhhhhh!!! Ahhhhh!! Sigaw ni CC at tuluyan ng nilabasan ng walang tigil.. tulo hanggang hita.. tirik ang mata.. puti na lang ang makikita mo.. habol ang hininga at nakapikit pa si CC na ninanamnam ang sarap na naranasan niya..

Hinila ko naman si Vanessa pataas at nag lips to lips kaming dalawa.. nalalasahan ko na ang aking pre-cum sa laway ni Vanessa.. inihiga ko si Vanessa sa tabi ni CC na nakapikit pa din at habol pa din ang pag breathing.. ibinaba ko ang aking ulo sa matambok na suso ni Vanessa at sinuso ko ng palitan sa kaliwa at sa kanan.. nakatayo at pinkish pa din ang suso ni Vanessa.. ipinagdiinan naman ni Vanessa ang ulo ko sa suso niya… inipit ko in between my teeth ang utong ni Vanessa at saka ko pinatigas ang aking dila, sabay himod sa matigas na utong..

"Suck my Tiiitts!! Ohhh Yessss!! Bite my Tiiitts!! You son-of-a-bitchhh!!!"‚; sigaw ni Vanessa.. lalo naman akong ginanahan.. sa pagmumura ni Vanessa.. ibinaba ko ang aking mga halik sa tiyan at tuloy tuloy sa pussy ni Vanessa..

Wet na wet na at tumutulo na ang katas ni Vanessa.. dinilaan ko ng konti ang clitoris ng pussy ni Vanessa at para agad siyang kinuryente.. hinila ako ni Vanessa pataas at sinabihan ako in demanding voice;

"Fuck me NOW!! I want your cock in my pussy NOW!! Sigaw at demand ni Vanessa.

Dahil masunurin akong sundalo, I obeyed the order.. I stradled between Vanessa legs and spread them wide.. I slowly guided my stiff and throbbing burat sa entrance ng pussy ni Vanessa.. pag pasok pa lang ng ulo ng burat ko ay biglang kumadyot si Vanessa at parang hinigop ang burat ko sa loob ng pussy niya.. It was very warm and very wet ang loob ng pussy ni Vanessa.. Iilang baon at hugot ko pa lang ay napasigaw na si Vanessa..

"Ohhhhh Fucccck!! Annnng Saraaapp!! Ayaaaan Naaaah Agaaad Akooooh!!!.. "; at nilabasan agad si Vanessa na lalong nagpadulas sa loob ng kanyang pussy.. ang pussy walls at nagcontraction at pilit pinipiga ang burat ko.. as I continue to slowly thrusting into Vanessa pussy, ay lalo naman siyang maloka loka.. her head was turning left and right.. hindi niya malaman ang gagawin..

Everytime na huhugutin ko ang aking burat ay parang sumusundot sa butas ng puwet ko.. ng hindi ko mapigilan ang sarap at kiliti ay nilingon ko kung bakit.. si CC pala at medyo nakarecover na at hinihimod yung tumbong ko pag hugot ko sa pussy ni Vanessa. . what a sensation.. napabilis tuloy ang kantot ko Vanessa para maramdaman ko ang dila ni CC sa puwet ko..

"Kuyaaaa Maaaark Lalabasaaaan Naaaah Namaaaan Akooooh!!.. Shiiiite!!!Ayaaaan Naaaah!!.., " nagdidiliryong sigaw ni Vanessa..

Binilisan ko ang kantot at napasigaw na din ako; "Sabaaaay Tayoooo!!! Hintayiiiin Moooh Akoooooh!!! Ayaaaaan Naaaah!!! Diiiin AKoooohhh!! Palalabasiin Kooooh Saaa Loooob!! Bubuntisiiin Kitaaaah!! Ahhhhh!!! Ahhhhhh!!..,; sabay sabog ng tamod ko sa loob ng pussy at siya naman pagkikisay ni Vanessa at nilabasan na din siya ng pangdalawa… malakas ang kibot kibot ng pussy walls ni Vanessa na halos pigain ang burat ko sa muscle control..

All three of us laid down and rested… before we knew it, we were all dozing off.. We were all woken up about 11PM cause it was a bit chilly with just our clothes on.. We all moved downstairs to the bedroom and took quick showers, before finally going to bed..

I was sound asleep when I was awaken with someones mouth sucking my cock to life.. before I knew it, my cock was stiff as a rod and in the darkness I wasn"t sure who is mounting me.. I tried to pretend that I am asleep but after ten minutes of grinding and pumping, I was about ready to blow my wad.. The first girl tensed at nilabasan agad siya.. basa ang aking burat..

The first girl unmounted me and another one took over what the other left off.. the second girl started grinding ang bucking like a bronco.. hayup makakantot ito parang hinete ng derby.. baba - taas siya na walang tigil.. another deep encirling and I got a hold of her hips and I started thrusting upward to meet her every pump.. we went on like this for ten minutes and I thrusted real hard and we both came inside her pussy.. her pussy was pulsating as she came.. she was exhausted and so am I.. and I didn"t bother to find out who it was the first and the second.. as far as I can remember their pussy was both tight.. so we all fell asleep.. it was 2AM.. the two girls slept on my left and right sides.. sarap ng may kayakap na dalawa at katabing matulog..

I got up at 0500 Hr and prepared for my morning run.. I did not feel like running two miles.. the Tomboys wore me out last night.. they are both still asleep.. but I got up anyway.. I went to the bathroom to pee.. paglabas ko ay gising na silang dalawa with only skimpy nighties..

Bati ni Vanessa; "Good Morning!! Aalis ka pa eh madilim pa yata??"‚ ..

"It"s my morning run.. I have to maintain my exercise.. , remember sundalo ako at hindi sa opisina.." Sagot ko naman..

"Halika na sa bed, we will just give you exercise, kami na lang ang exercise mo.."‚; sabi naman ni CC..

Well, I thought about it and decided; "What the hell, I can always run four miles tomorrow.. and I went back to bed with the two Tomboys.. the two got up went to the bathroom and took a quick hot shower and before I know one of them is laraedy giving me a blow job and sucking on my cock.. buhay nga naman ng tao.. pag dinaanan ka ng swerte eh, hindi ka makapaniwala.. we enjoy each other company making love, having unadulterated sex and more sex.. before we knew it was 9 AM in the morning and we have to get ready..

I loaded everything on the two SUV and headed downtown.. we stopped by the dorm and got their medical bag and instruments.. we arrived at the OWWA house with four baked turkeys, one large bownl of pancit and four cases of softdrinks.. the two ladies did their medical checks and I distributed the feminine hygiene for the ladies.. again no press was present as I requested from the RP Labor Attache and after we were done, we just said our goodbyes..

We went back to the base at 4 PM and we were all exhausted.. all three of us took a nap and after, Vanessa cook a pork sinigang and pork adobo.. we had our dinner.. it was a very good meal..

That night again, we all watch TV and when time to go to bed. All of us slept in my King size bed.. again in the dark of the night, after I fell asleep, someone gave me a blow job and got my cock to life.. she mounted me again in the dark of night and before I knew it she was trembling and her pussy was pulsating.. she came violently without uttering a sound except muffled ecstacy.. she unmounted and the another one took over..

I could not pretend anymore that I am asleep, so again, I started thrusting upward and meet her every pump.. I was not satisfied and I roll her over and start pumping her pussy like no tomorrow.. after a while, again I was not satisfied I rolled her over and bend her over and started to fuck her doggie style.. I slowly inserted my cock up her pussy and started pumping deep thrust.. all the way to her cervix.. the sound of our skin was loud "plok, plok, plok, plok,plok"‚.. I kept on pounding her pussy..

"I"mmm Comiiinng!!! Shiiiite!!!! Fuck Meeeee Deeeeepp!!!.. Boses ni Vanessa, siya pala ang kinakantot ko… nagkikisay si Vanessa at pinipiga ng pussy walls ang burat ko.. todo muscle control… magaling siyang mag muscle control..

"…¾Sabaaay Tayooohh!! Ayaaaaan Naaaaaah!!! Ahhhhhhh!! Ohhhhhhh!! ; sabay todo bayo ko sa pussy ni Vanessa..

One more deep thrust and we both came violently inside her pussy.. it trickle out of her pussy to her legs..
Habol hininga ni Vanessa at nakadapa ako sa likuran niya.. I slide over to put my legs around her legs and all three of us fell asleep in each other arms.. it was one hell of a night.. para kaming nasa honeymoon, the only difference was, dalawa silang kinakantot ko..

{Sana huwag nang matapos ang assignment ko sa Saudi Arabia.. heaven pala ang kantutan dito, especially bawal na pag ibig}

Ganun kami every chance we get.. three some, sometimes one on one and pag walang day offyung dalawa, mag isa ako sa Villa ko.. but I always look forward to the time that we will have three some.. what a way to fight a war.. lots of pussy..

Lesson learned; The Joy of Sex can be good thing.. Having an open relationship with two girls were magnificent.. I just wondered how long it will last.. but who"s counting.. I figured this is my good grace, so enjoy what coming.. I do know however that one day, Vanessa will be returning to her husband and CC will find Mr. Right and hopefully I will return to my estranged wife.. In the meantime, the war goes on and I was in the forefront..

Watch out the saga continues… and more to follow..

This is Mark Antony signing - off for now!!