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Sideline Ni Joyce

By pheromay ·


The moment I saw her in that backless dress in a pool of dancing people. I find her charismatic and hot. She was not the prettiest face on the dance floor, but she looked good with her clothes and flowy hair. I just came out from the comfort room with someone I fucked. All I know was she just kissed me out of nowhere, and being the horny ass I was, I brought her to the cubicle and banged her like a whore. She gave me her IG account, but I immediately blocked her; not my type, but she's good at sucking.

I was expecting that it would be another typical weekend for me after stressful workdays but damn. Di ko alam kung libog ba yun or epekto lang ng alak pero tangina, i want to just fuck her right there and now.

Tinungga ko ulit ang baso ng alak at inobserbahan ang kilos niya. Wait, damn. Is she new here?

I watched her as she was trying to avoid guys dancing to her. Fuck, don't tell me she's a virgin! I stood right away and went to the dance floor. I started to dance with other girls while looking at her directly. My body was grinding with her, but I was looking at her directly at the woman in front of me whos trying to be comfortable with dancing.

Mula sa upbeat na kanta ay nag iba ang musika. Naghiyawan ang mga tao. Maraming tao ang nagsi alisan sa dance floor. Mga iilang pares na lang ang natitira. Buti na lang at nandito pa rin siya kasama ang lalaki na medyo mahigpit ang pagkakahawk sa kanyang bewang. Sabay sa saliw sa musika ay paminsan minsan ko ring nginingitan at kinakausap ang babaeng kasayaw ko ngayon.

Take off those heels, lay on my bed.

Whisper dirty secrets while I'm pulling on your hair

Poison in our veins, but we don't even care

"Baby, are you free tonight? Can we head somewhere after this?"

"No. I'm busy," I said sternly and continued to follow her with my gaze while she was dancing with a man. She looks sexy with that anxious facial expression. God, I want to look at her features closely.

I'm gon' ride, I'm gon' ride.

I'm gon ride. I'm, I'm gon' ride

On you baby, on you lady all night, all night

I'm gon' take care of your body

I'll be gentle; don't you scream

It's getting hotter; make it softer

The woman seemed disappointed with my response as she suddenly pushed me away. Nice, I smirked and got my way through the lady I wanted to bed tonight.

Di ko alam anong sumapi ako sa mga oras na yun at bakit ako humingi ng permiso sa lalaking kasama ng babae. Must be the alchohol talking.

Lay on your back, like you right there

Don't have to say it twice, love; there's nothing here to fear

Takin' it back, back to where it's clear

Rollin' on and on sounds of love are in the air

"Tol" ani ko sa lalaking nakatalikod sa akin ngayon habang sinasayaw ang babaeng gusto kong makilala ngayong gabi. Lumingon ang lalaki sa akin at tiningnan ako nang ilang segundo. He muttered something and left the dance floor. I couldn't care less. My eyes were intoxicated to the woman in front of me.

"Hi, Miss. I know you're tired, but can we dance for a minute?" I told her.

"Ha?" Tugon niya. Damn, I almost forgot. We were in a loud place. I smiled and just whispered in her ear. Fuck, she smells so good. Vanilla or something but fuck, I wanna lick her neck.

"I said, can we dance for a minute? I know you're dead tired, but please"

"Ha? Englishero na sad ni ako ka estorya?"

The fuck is she saying?

"What did you say?"

"Wala, let's dance before I leave."

Next time, we know, I was holding her waist as her hands enveloped my neck. Another song was played again. For three minutes and more, we were just there dancing.

Take off, take off, take off all of your clothes

They say only the good die young

That just ain't right

'Cause we're having too much fun

Too much fun tonight (Yeah)

As I looked at her, I couldn't help but glance at her features, from eyes to her tempting cleavage and the dress emphasizing her curves with my hands on her waist.

"Are you new here?"

"No, Ngayong gabi lang. Iniwan ako ng mga kaibigan" sagot niya habang nakalingkis sa akin. He tiptoed her way up to my ear just to answer that. Fuck, she looks so sexy.

Nararamdaman ko rin na nag iinit ang katawan katawan sa tuwing sumasagi ang katawan niya sa akin.

"Where are they?"

My boyfriend's back, and he's cooler than ever

There's no more night, blue skies forever

There's no more night, blue skies forever

'Cause we're the masters of our own fate

We're the captains of our souls.

So there's no need for us to hesitate

We're all alone, let's take control

And I was like

"Iniwan nga ako. Aalis na rin ako" She responded as she danced gracefully and unintentionally pressed her body on mine.

"Wait, saan ka ba? Ihahatid na lang kita" Fuck. No, no, no. I wanna taste how she smells good down there. Tangina. There's no way i will not fuck this woman tonight.

"Ay. Wag na sir. Kailangan ko rin umalis pagkatapos nito. Masakit na rin ang ulo ko"

We kept on responding through whispering that sent me shivers and made me hornier down there.

Take off, take off, take off all your clothes.

Take off, take off, take off all your clothes

Take off, take off, take off all of your clothes

As I stared at her, the lights kept hitting her face, and alcohol must have dominated my sanity as I immediately kissed her. I was waiting to be slapped, but the heavens must be kind as I felt her tongue sliding inside my mouth as she clung to me.

And a lust for life, and a lust for life

And a lust for life, and a lust for life

Keeps us alive, keeps us alive

Keeps us alive, keeps us alive

And a lust for life, and a lust for life

And a lust for life, and a lust for life

Keeps us alive, keeps us alive

Keeps us alive, keeps us alive

"Sir, i have to go. May klase pa ako" she looked at me after our wild kiss in the bar, not giving a damn about drunk people.

"You're a student?" I did not wait for an answer and asked her as I pulled her out from the dance floor.

A few meters have passed from the bar. We reached a parking car, and I kissed her aggressively as I could.

Ang sarap niyang halikan habang gumagapang ang aking kamay sa kanyang likuran. Tanging mahihinang ungol lang ang maririnig sa amin. I started to touch her well endowed boobs. Fuck, ang lambot. Tangina, nakakadagdag libog kung paano ko sapong sapo ang malambot niyang suso ng isa kong kamay.

Tigas na tigas rin ang titi ko na gustong gusto nang iyotin ang babaeng kalaplapan ko ngayon.

Fuck, we were kissing on the wall.

"Baby, can we go somewhere"

She didn't respond, but I felt her nipple was erect as I encircled my thumb into her well-endowed tit.

I pulled her and opened the car a few meters from the wall.

The second we enter the car, her widespread legs, with my knees bent outside the car on the reclined seats.

Kinapa ko agad ang suot niyang takip sa pagkakababe niyang gusto ko na amuyin.

Fuck, fuck, putangina. She's wearing a thong. I felt her hands caressing my head as i dive deep down into her womanhood. She smells so good. Outside of the thin sheet, I can feel and smell her wetness down there.

Hinawi ko ang thong at tuluyan kinain ang putahe ko ngayong gabi. Tangina, basang basa ang bilat ng babaeng nakabukaka sa aking harapan. Madilim at di ako komportable sa position ko but fuck that, i damn like her scent as i trace my toungue on the lips of her pussy and explored inside the walls of her wet womahood.

"Ooooh, shit. Ang sarap" she uttered as she started to caress and pushed my head down to her sweet hole.

"Baby, masarap ba?" I stopped for a second and traced with my fingers her erect clitoris and started to circle it with my thumb. Oh, fuck. She's wetter and is moaning louder.

"You like it, huh? "As I continued to pleasure her clitoris as it produces sweet juices.

"Yeah, ganyan. Shit, shit…fuck"

As i devour her pussy while ocassionally tease her nipples. Bakat na bakat sa itim niyang damit kung gaano kalibog ang babae. Kalaunan ay pinasok ko ang dalawang daliri.

God, she is so fucking wet as I fingerfuck her pussy. It's making sounds. Oh, the sound of our organs might sound better than this.

Her moans were getting louder as I sucked her clit and went through her walls again.

"Shit, ooohhh sir, please don't stop. I'm cumming na po" she remarked as she held my head aggressively, pushing to her fuckable pussy. The "po" made me chuckle.

I couldn't see her face as she was cumming, but she must look hot and erotic.

Her legs were shaking and spasming as she was cumming. I reached out to her and kissed her lovely mouth. She was panting heavily.

"Thank you," she said slowly in a hoarse voice.

Her juices were fucking sweet.


I want to fuck her. I'm so hard right now; it must be nice to ask him to blow me real good.

"Anong oras na sir?" Tanong niya habang inaayos ang sarili. Her thong is inside my pocket.

"4:30" I approached her, cupped her face with my two hands and kissed her.

"Putangina" gently pushed me. She fixed her dress and forgot she was wearing under the dress.

"Sir, salamat sa masarap na pagkain but tangina, late na ako" and started running away from me.

My mind was clouded with alcohol, emotions, and libido, and surprised and horny.

Someone's cock was hard, but my mouth was full of her cum.

She left me not telling her name with a thong full of the smell of her.

I never thought I would find her at the university near my office. She was only wearing pants and a shirt, but I knew it was her; she was one of the women I had tasted.