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Life After Break Up [Road To Exciting Part]

7 minutes

After reading this sana 'wag nyo ko i-judge.. Tao lang naman po ako, bumibigay din sa tukso. Arot! Haha. Isa pa, isa pa.. Tao lang po ako, nagkakamali din -- ng maraming beses. Wahahahaha. So ayun na nga, tuloy ko lang story ng buhay ko after mag sink in sakin na wala na talaga kami ni jowa.. Lels.

So there i was struggling real hard to keep up in life - to go back with my old self na wala pang X sa buhay ko - and it's fucking hard. I refused to talk to ppl in my circle. Kasi paulit-ulit nalang yung naririnig ko and i was so tired hearing words like "you deserve someone better" and "you gotta move on there's a brighter future ahead of you" when for me is siya na yung BEST and I already planned my future with him. I was so damn broke into pieces for real. Hindi ko alam paano magsisimula ulit. I know you all know how it feels, i bet lahat naman tayo dumaan sa ganyan..

One night, dahil nga pandemic sobrang boring, and ayokong kausap mga kakilala ko na sobrang fragile ng mga tingin sa akin, i looked for an app -- chatting app to be exact. Or what other ppl call it, dating app? WATEVZ. AND NO I DIDN'T GO FOR TINDER. Haha! So ayun, i browse this app. And find it boring at first. But yeah ppl are welcoming, very. It was international chatting app btw, you'll get to know ppl from around the world. Met pinays there too, and you'll be surprised. LOL.

I browsed the featured chat rooms and met ppl, - in the app, you drop pictures and you'll get gifts from generous gifters. Those gifts gives you app currency that you can use to buy stuffs for your avatar, can upgrade or dress up your avi, and buy your avi's stix.. Avatars there are anima*s, cute anima*s, haha. Was a cool app, ngl. So ayun, i once dropped selfie then my inbox flooded, syempre bago lang ako sa app so i replied almost everyone on pms, then sooner narealized ko di pala dapat coz there are trolls in that app.. Meron pa bigla nalang nagsesend ng picture ng tite or videos na nagjajakol mga ganun..

THEN there is this one old men in there na libog na libog sakin pero mabait naman, he was just too honest to tell me and he helped me understand the app. He eventually invited me into his "private" room which i joined ofcourse. I was so shocked kasi sa mga private rooms pala was like online prostitution, yung iba lang ha, kasi nagda-drop ng nudes then reregaluhan naman ng mga mayayaman na user ng app. I was like, "WOW! makakaipon kaagad ng karma pag maraming gift, i should try it." KARMA is the app currency btw. So i did. I took sexy photos of mine, and drop in private rooms, i drop drop and drop a lot. I did nude photos as well the time na nalaman kong may bago na jowa si X. LMAO. shame on me, yeah. Pero wag kayo, pinakamayaman sa app na yun is Pinay, she's holding 15M KARMA. She's selling pussy pic daw kasi sabi nila, not sure tho. I dont have proof ee. Haha. I mean like, imagine having 15M KARMA, not even a real money -- for your nudes -- PATHETIC. I remember myself saying "don't gift me for my nudes, it's just for fun, i don't like the feeling of being paid for it." LMAO! ppl there will praise you for your drops, telling you good things that'll boost up your confidence even more and I was on high.. Ang sakit sakit kasi malaman na may bago na jowa X mo, eh alam mo sa sarili mong maganda ka, tapos sexy ka pa. Ykwim? Ah basta ganun yung feeling ko nun kaya i was whoring so bad and thought it was fun.. Now what i only wanna tell myself everytime i remember those days is "fu** you BITCH". Anyways, sabi ko nga, tao lang din ako.. Nagkakamali din -- ng madaming beses. HAHAHA!

Life in that app was cool, i get to forget my problems for a while.. Also i had a fling there. LOL. He was fucking HOT. and a good hypnotizer. Like, he made me do everything he asked. so yeah, I did phone sex, with cam open. Yesss. and it was soooo good. i cum so fucking hard using my fingers, LMAO. kasi naman napakagwapo ng nagjajakol na kausap mo ganun. LMAO. but yeah, honestly speaking -- my bed was cum dump everytime. HAHAHA.

It's a different level of orgasm ee, i can't explain in words coz di naman ako writer talaga. Basta it was a good expirience i must say, don't get me wrong ha. Hindi ko naman talaga gawain yun. Sa kanya lang, and none here on FSS. WALA PA. AROOOT! HAHA! First time ko yun and of all the lots of men in that app na halos lahat ng kausap ko napaka ga-gwapo sa kanya lang yung nag commit ako ng "exclusivity" meaning no other sexual pm nor flirting in gcs with other user on that app, but were not dating, di kami dumating sa point na naging mag jowa kami on that app but we talked on other app as well, and its not on TG. WALA AKO TG. Kaya yung mga nasa whis ko asking for TG, sorry wala. LMFAO.

So ayun, we did things na hindi dapat ginagawa ng normal ppl but then again im not normal, sooo. and it felt so fucking good. And sa kanya ko lang yun i-try gawin. Peksman. we ended up kasi he was saying iloveyous na, and he always wants me on vidcall, he wants to meet na with my friends pag magkausap kami sa fown and it's kinda cringy na for me. So i said, "we need a break, that I'm not looking for serious shits, so let's not go there." He said okay, he said he thought we might end there but i said no. I don't want a fucking commitment in my life that time, i only wanna have fun.. So fun it is. We ended the exclusivity thing, i can see him flirt with other girls on the app, and i was fucking jealous idk why. so i left. I gave away my Karmas to my friends in there and left. We remain friends tho, we still talk up to now but only quick chats and catch ups, no more playing. Hahaha.

So dahil nga lumayas nanaman ako sa app na yun, i was there for a year and half btw, then lumayas ako dahil maarte nga ako. I said no tapos nagselos ako, so ayun. Diba ang arte lang? Sarap sabunutan.. But well, its me. It's when i met FSS na. Searching for stories, may wattpad naman but ewan ko, i went to google and searched for filipino stories. Si FSS lumabas number one. Haha. And i read and nakakashock makabasa ng mga kagaya ng stories dito lalo na pag 1st time noh? Haha. Weird pero madadala ka talaga ng libog ee. So ayun, tambay ako sa mga stories until maka-encounter ako ng story na need mag sign in kaya gumawa ako account then i discovered the lobby. This is not my first handle tbh. I used to drop too sexy pictures in the lobby din sa una kong acct. And then i realized how maniac Pinoys are, jk. HAHA. Then I was like "ah hindi kagaya ng mga pinay sa ..... yung mga pinay dito sa fss." But damn, meron at meron din talaga mga nagda-drop na malala dito ee, noh? HAHA. salute to those girls who are willing to take the risk, but it is better safe than sorry, sooo.

Thank you for wasting your time reading this.

I was thinking about writing the "phone call" it's gonna be the act of phone sex but im not sure kung madeliver ko ng maayos. I hope one day, yung hindi ako busy, i hope masulat ko sya. Bet nyo ba? Hehe.
pa-comment kung bet nyo and i'll try my best. Also, if you have quedtions, pwede sa comment section nalang din? ang dami kasing tanong sa dm and yung iba same-same. Para isang sagutan ko nalang. ang hirap magreply. Lol.


*first attemp ng writing ko na toh was deleted. Sana di na madelete now.*