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The Neighbors 2

14 minutes

Authors note: All places and events are based on fiction, a product of the writer's wild fantasy.

After a week had past and my mind was still bewildered as if it was only yesterday. I tried to move on but I kept going back to that exceptional event. Having sex with your husband in front of other people is not an ordinary thng that can happen in anyday. Mike and I doesn't want to talk about it anymore. Hoping it will just die down as we move on with our life in this new neighborhood. We just want to go on with our life as if nothing happen but everytime I take a shower, I can't help but to think of Ray's enormous cock . My imaginations keep running and I started to think if it's already fringing between having a simple fantasy or cheating Mike already.

It was the middle of the week and I only have few more days remaining in my vacation. I asked Mike to just take the day off. He said he will try to come home early but his not making any promises. The kids were still enjoying their stay with their grand parents. The temperature is still hovering around the mid twenties so I decided to take a plunge in the pool just to cool off. After a few minutes of lounging in it, the memory of that night started to appear very vivid in my mind again. I started to feel something between my legs as I think of Ray's cock inside me, humping me and sucking it. I was thinking what will it be if he did fuck me that night.

I went inside the house and started looking for some personal items that are very sacred to me. They were the first things that I secured when we moved to our new place. I went to my drawer where all my panty's are. It's been a while since the last time I've used it. I went to my recliner, took my two piece off and started playing with my self. I forgot when was the last time I masturbated but some how it helps me through the day especially when hubby is not around. I started licking my vibrator and thinking it is Ray's dick and rubbing it on my nipples and down to my pussy. As I continue to fondle my cherry, I continued playing with my nipples with my left hand pretending it to be Ray's lips sucking and licking it. It hardens my nipples while I could feel my pussy getting wet as I stroke it with my vibrator faster and with intensity. I could hear my self moaning and uttering words such as, " Ray harder and faster, fuck me! ". After several minutes of finger fucking my self I could feel it's coming. I started humping my toy pretending that I am on top of him. Some amount of cum started to come out of my pussy as I breath heavily and faster. " And in one ignite I came heavy as cum flows down to my ass. I could still hear my self saying Ray's name. I tried to take a hold of my self. "Why am I so engross with this guy. Am I cheating my husband already with this fantasy of mine? ", as I asked my self in silence.

It was Friday night again and my husband said that he will be late due tue to some overtime shit that he has to do. Spending by my self alone in a Friday night is not really my ideal thing. I tried to call some of my friends for some intellectual conversation but to no avail. Surprisingly not, it was Friday night of course. As I was fixing something in the kitchen, a text message appeared in my phone. It was Nadia just checking on me if I have any plans for that evening. I just simply replied, " none at the moment " . Then he invited me to have a chill in her place and for some wine since, " Ray won't be home early also ", she said. " I guess I'm not the only one having a lousy Friday night ", I told my self. "Ok, see you around six, will bring a bottle of moscato ", I replied.

She gaved me a kiss and a hug as we walked to her patio. A well prepared table with two lighted candle, some sashimi and of course a white wine. Nadia was dressed in a losely sun dress cut above the knee to help ease the heat. Obviously she's not wearing a bra also while I also wear a similar cut sun dress but a little higher above the knee. "So how are you and Mike doing? ", Nadia asked. " His busy and might work late tonight ", I replied. "How's the house? You guys still needs some help?", she asked. I said, " Oh we're good, thanks Nadia! Nice of you to offer ".

As the night moved on and we just finished our first bottle of moscato. Nadia asked me if I want to have quick dip in the pool and I said, " Sure, why not ". She got up and took her clothes off and to my surprised, she was totally naked. Obviously it was not the first time I've seen her gorgeous body but I wasn't expecting her to be totally nude. She dived to the pool and " Hey the water, is not that cold! ", she said. I finished my entire glass of wine and took a deep breath. I got up and took my clothes off. " Hey that's not fair, take it off! ", Nadia said in reference to my undies. I was thinking of being top less will be fine but totally naked is not something that I am planning that night. So I took my panty's off and went for a dive. It was the fist time in years that I had a skinny dipping and much more, it's not with my Mike.

It was a nice conversation about different kitchen design, going to the gym and about our kids. I can't help it but Nadia's tits is really so perfect and not bad for a fitness intructor. I wonder how it feels licking those nips of her. Her ass is obviously better than mine. Mike won't even have a second thought of having compared to mine. Her shaved pussy was so cleaned up. Luckily that I also did shaved the night before as I was expecting something from my husband. Nadia's athletic built can be some how intimidating for some as it resonates image of roughness if your going to have sex with her. Not the Victoria Secret model that men are hoping for.

As the night continues, our conversation shifted to sex. It some how gave us an intense and awkward moments as we share each other what we want and prefer when we are getting laid not necssarily with our husband but in general. As common to most women are, Nadia and I preferred getting it from behind. We also share the same passion of getting tied up on the bed and sometime blind folded while getting fuck with an acceptable amount of roughness. We both had that fantasy of getting force into submission. Getting force is just a fantasy and not that we want it and looking forward to it but just the imagination of getting tied up agains my will, being strip off my clothes and totally vulnerable sure sets up the fire within me.

The conversation is really hitting up the night as we were already done with our second bottle of wine. We are already within our personal space as Nadia try to caress my hair while I noticed her other hand was on my waist line inching slowly to my ass. I didn't mind it maybe because of the wine and I have to admit that I was also starting to feel something. " Can I ask you something personal if you don't mind? ", Nadia asked. " Sure, what is it? ", I answered. " Have you tried it with another woman before? ", she asked. I was stund and completely taken by surprised with her question. I tried to compose my self and answered her with confidence. " Yes but that was a long time ago. When I was in still junior high ", I replied. " I see, so how was it? " , she asked and I said, " It went well I guessed ", jokingly I replied as I try to fend off some seriousness in our conversation.

She got out of the pool, grab a remote and switched the dimmer light around the area. Giving some sense of privacy for both of us although the next house was quite a few meters from us. " The light was too bright, what do you think? You don't mind if I adjust it a bit? ", she asked. " I said no worries. ", I answered. She hold my hand gently lead me to one of the corner of the pool. She continued to cares my hair and my face and this time with both hands then she said, " I like you!". I was a little taken off guard but I thought she just meant as a friend. " Well I like you to Nadia! " , I returned her pleasanty when she slowly pulled me closer and gave me a kiss on my lips. I was completely dumbfounded and did not give any reaction. She continues to kiss me and made it more intense as her tongue met mine. Then she started licking my neck as I cautiously asked her, " What's going on Nadia? ". My breathing continue to get heavy due to the excitement while I felt her hand on my ass. I had to admit that I was already starting to feel horny at that time. She did not say anything as she continued to heat up my body. I looked around concerned that there might people watching us. The heat in my body intensified more as she lowered her lips on my tits and licking my nipples. " On Nadia! " , I whispered. Her hands slowly moving towards my crotch as her finger try to open up my slice. I tried to stop her and get a hold of my self. " Nadia please stop! ", I whispered to her but to no avail. Her finger slowly opened up my pussy and started playing with my cherry.

My back was leaning on the side of the pool as my legs started to weaken up due to the excitement I am getting from Nadia. Then she turned me around, facing my back on her.
She started licking my neck again all the way up to my ears while her hand started caressing my tits while her other continued to finger fuck my shaved pussy. At this point, Nadia already had a sense that I was enjoying the entire thing. She started pounding my pussy faster with her finger as she whispered to me, " your my bitch tonight and I am going to fuck you! ". I started to breath heavily as I sway my hips making my body move hand in hand with her fucking finger in my pussy. " Please harder and faster ", I whispered to her as I hold her head and pulled it closer to me, gesturing to her to kiss me more. I already opened up my legs ready to take anything that she can throw at me.

After several intense moment in the pool, Nadia invited me inside their house. I grabbed my towel and covered my body while I followed Nadia's naked body in her living room. " You want more wine? ", she asked. " You have something stronger like a Vodka? ", I suggested. She just smiled at me and asked, "will a tequila work for you?". I returned her smile and I said, " Sure sweetie! ". She led me to her basement where it was elegantly finished and obviously dictates the life style of Ray and Nadia. A well crafted bar, a small but so exquisite wine cellar, and a game room. She got a Patron Silver Tequilla and we each a took a shot. " Nice finishing you got for your basement!", I complimented her.
" Thanks and do you care for another round? ", she asked and I said " sure! ". She made another round while I was sitting at the bar stool. This time instead of serving me the drink over the counter, she walked around the bar and towards me with a look, pulled my towel off and gave me a galocher so intense that I could taste the lemon on her tongue. She then went down to my neck and started kissing it. I was breathing heavily due to my ecstatic feeling and wondering what's going to happen next. She went down to my nipples and started licking and sucking it while I could feel her finger openning my already wet cunt and was playing with my cherry. My breathing becomes heavier and I could hear my self moaning. Then Nadia grab the salt and dashed a small amount on one of my nipples and started licking it before gulping down her shot of tequilla. Instead of taking a slice of lemon, she instead went down for my slice and started eating me up. I was so randy that I am pulling her head closer so she could penetrate my already so wet pussy more with her tongue. " More Nadia more please! ", I whisper

I could feel my nipples were getting harder by the minute as she continued to devour my cunt. She then led me to one of the rooms where there is a bed with a post on four corners. " We're going to play sweetie! ", Nadia said. I was dumbfounded and decided to gulp up the tequila and prepared my self for what it is in store for me. She led me on the bed and was all over me. She then grab a silk cloth and tied my hands on each of the two post. " What's going on? ", I asked while I can feel my pussy was getting wet so much. Then she grab another couple of silk cloth and this time open up my legs and tied it on the two post at the end of the bed. I was tied up like a spread eagle when I asked Nadia again, " What are you doing sweetie? ". She did not reply anything while she went on top of me and started licking my thigh, going by my pussy and to my nipples and then ended up giving me a french kiss. She then grab another piece of silk cloth but this time she tied it around my eyes, blind folding me giving me a mix feeling of what is going on.

She continues to kiss me on my lips and around my cheeks and down to my neck. " I am so horny! ", I whispered to her as she continued her way down passing by my tits and again licking my pussy while her smooth hands plays with my erect nipples. I was breathing and moaning heavily. " Nadia more! " , I whispered. " I am going to fuck you bitch! ", she whispered. I know she's going for a strap on which I was already longing for something hard inside my pussy since there is no cock to fuck me. " Your going to like this sweetie, just relax and enjoy it! ", she whispered to me. I could feel she's positioning her self between my openned legs and then, " wait!, wait!, what's going on?, what's this?, Nadia wait!, I said with a firm voice. " Relax sweetie!, you will like it!, she whispered to me. " no dam't it please no, stop it! as I started to beg and cry. " Please no guys! no! ", I continued to plead to them. Tears started to roll down from my eyes as I realized what is unfolding right at that very moment. " Please, please no! ", I pleaded to them.

to be continued.