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Fragments - 3

17 minutes

Chapter 3. The Aftermath

I had a dream. In that dream I had sex with a lovely lady, only that it wasn't a dream at all- as fragments of memories flooded my head at the events that happened the previous night.

There was this woman named Jana that we just met. Last night, I fucked her so many times in so many ways. And Lily…

Of course my wife was with Jana's husband. The thought knocked out the sleepiness off me.

"Lily?" I asked. But I was alone in my bed, obviously still naked. I got out of the bedroom and checked the baths, but she wasn't there either.

Andoon pa kaya siya sa kabilang suite? I checked the time. It's already six in the morning. Medyo kinabahan ako, at dali-daling naghanap ng damit.

While I was hurriedly putting on a shirt, I heard the door open and thought it was my wife coming in.

No. It was Jana and her husband Jake. They were already dressed up and had a small luggage with them. Jana looked unhappy, while Jake was all smiles.

Jana came to me and planted a kiss on my lips. Then she handed me two keycards. One was for this suite, and the other she said was theirs. She also gave me back the short pants I left in their suite. I checked, and in one of the pockets was my phone.

"Go and get your wife. She's still in our room. She's is upset, and while I can understand it, you should know women." Jana seriously told me. "Mahirap intindihin ang aming iniisip. What happened, already happened. Comfort her, and I hope you both get over it."

And with that she turned around and started to walk out the door.

"W-why? What happened? Is she okay?" I ran after her.

She stopped and looked at me shaking her head. "No, she's not okay. She's mad at me, at Jake, and perhaps at you too."

Asking too many whys is just plain stupid. Of course my wife is upset. I selfishly left her last night to feed my own lust for another woman. Then I slept the rest of the night and only just woke up. Who wouldn't be mad?

Outside the door, Jake shook hands with me and said goodbye. He smiled wickedly at me saying "I had a wonderful night. Your wife was amazing."

Nagpanting ang tenga ko. When I left last night, my memory tells me, he was eating my wife's pussy. What happened after that?

As I squeezed his hand in anger, I felt something hard within his hand. His smile was telling me that he was giving it to me.

"A little something to remember." With that he let go, and both of them walked away. Jana looked back once more, and waved at me.

I stood there looking at their figures until they were gone. I looked at that little something in my hand.

An SD card!

Instantly, I had an idea of what was inside it. Kinabahan ako bigla, at nanginig ang aking kamay. Pero I had no time to check it, what matters most is Lily, my precious wife.

I hurriedly got inside Jake and Jana's room using their keycard. There, inside the bedroom I found my wife sitting on one side of the bed while looking through the window.

The curtains of the room were opened so the sunlight was coming in, filling her face with brightness. But her aura wasn't bright, far from it. It was more like bottled anger and loneliness mashed up together.

She wasn't crying, but I think she should have. It would have made sense. She looked broken. What the hell happened?

I sat beside her, and hugged her. "Babe, I'm sorry."

She did not move nor talk. After a while I heard her murmur, "What are you sorry for?"

"For everything," I said.

"Then you are not truly sorry." And with that, she untangled my arms that are hugging her and she stood up.

"Let's go home."


The trip back home was uneventful. Both of us were silent. I was famished as I didn't have breakfast. So must she be. But we both felt going back home was more important than everything else.

The drive home was 4 hours. It was the most excruciating 4 hours of my life.

And when I was in the intersection that cuts through the apartment we were renting, she finally said some words to me.

"Not here. Bring me to my mom's."

So I slowed down and drove the car to the opposite direction, and After 20 minutes I stopped at a two-story house. It was the house where Lily grew up. Lily got out of the car without looking at me. I shook my head and followed her.

As we walked up the steps leading to the house, I heard the front door open and out came Lily's mother.

Bakas sa mukha nito ang pagkabigla, pero hindi maitatago ang saya nya.

"Lily! Roger! Halikayo pasok"

The mother and daughter exchanged hugs. Lisa, her mother, also gave me a hug.

"Mom, may pagkain pa ba? Hindi pa kasi ako nag-breakfast." Ang sabi ni Lily ng nakapasok na kami. In fact, dumiretso na kami sa kusina, dahil talagang gutom na.

One thing about this house that I've known for years, ay parang hindi nauubusan ng pagkain. Parating may nakatabing makakain kung sakaling may darating na bisita.

"Of course, you know Mommy. Walang pwedeng magutom sa bahay na ito. Umupo lang kayo, ikaw din Roger." At ilang sandali pa, nakahain na ang simple pero masarap na agahan sa hapag namin.

It's more like a brunch, I corrected myself. Despite our silent disagreement, we had a hearty breakfast, with Mom Lisa asking us about our honeymoon at the side.

Of course, we only shared most of the good things, and strayed away from mentioning even about the last night at the hotel, much more about the couple we befriended while we were there.

After breakfast, Lily got up and started walking to the second floor.

"Mom, I'll sleep here for today. So tired," she said.

Sa second floor ang dating kwarto ni Lily. Napag-usapan na namin na after nang kasal, yung solong kwarto nya ay para sa aming dalawa na. Kapag mag-e-stay kami for a night dito sa bahay ng mama nya, then doon kami matutulog.

Susunod sana ako kay Lily nang maalala ko na hindi ko pala nabitbit ang luggage namin at andoon pa sa kotse. Kaya nang akmang aalis ako palabas para kunin mga gamit namin, tinawag ako ng mama nya.

"O Roger anak, saan ka pupunta?"

Sasagot sana ako, pero inunahan ako ni Lily. "Mom, he's going back to the apartment. He has work to do."

"Agad?" Lisa was shocked.

Napakamot na lang ako ng buhok. Looking at Jana's angry eyes, it was clearly her way of rejecting me. My heart sank, pero hindi ako nagpahalata kasi andoon ang mama nya.

"Opo mom, may emergency sa work. Candice called, yung assistant ko, saying it was urgent." Pagsisinungaling ko pa.

Ang totoo, may extra 2 days pa kami before kelangang bumalik sa work. Kasama yun sa hiningi naming leave, in case mapagod kami coming from the honeymoon.

It turned out, kelangan nga namin ng extrang time. Hindi lang kami napagod, parang nawindang ang mundo namin. Lily, obviously took the harder hit, and I pray that whatever's on that SD card would shed light to the problem.

"Roger, is that Candice the tall lady with blonde-dyed hair?" Mom Lisa asked me as she led me out of the house.

"Yes, opo. She attended the wedding as well." I nodded.

"Well, Roger just a piece of advice from someone who's been there. Lily doesn't like that girl. Perhaps because she seems too wild and unnecessarily too close to you. If you can avoid it, just don't mention her in front of your wife. Keep distance if you can. I know you're a good person, and won't hurt Lily."

Malaman ang sinabi ng Mama ni Lily. She could feel something is wrong with us even if we don't admit it. Lisa is sensitive to these kind of things. She, as somebody who went through hell with Lily's father, before they (Lily's mom and dad) decided to separate and have their marriage annulled. I heard Lily was just in high school then when her parents called it quits.

Lily's older sister, whom she didn't get along with, went to live with her father. And Lily chose to be with her mother. They eventually lost communication. Mom Lisa tried to locate her other daughter, but it was like they disappeared from the face of the earth. It was for this reason that Lily had to ask her maternal uncle to walk her down the aisle in our wedding.

I assured Mom Lisa that my life was only for Lily, and that any other women would never be able to get in the way of our marriage.

Mom Lisa bade me goodbye with satisfaction. I drove to the apartment in a hurry. I felt skittish and nervous just thinking about the content of the SD card.

When I reached the apartment, I got in right away and even before taking my clothes off, I retrieved my laptop and turned it on. I slid the SD card into its slot, and impatiently checked its content.

Just two videos. I nervously clicked on the one with filename 1, and saw it was just around 40 minutes long. The other one was bigger in size, so I assumed it was longer than this one.

When the video played, I saw Lisa on a large bed right away, which I assumed was the one in Jake and Jana's hotel suite. She was totally naked and looked flushed.

The video zoomed in on my wife's face, prompting Lisa to cover her face.

"Stop it. Please." I heard my wife complain.

Then the guy said (which I could tell was Jake), "Don't worry! We will delete it naman afterwards. Besides, this is your phone."

Lily frantically covered her face, and as much as she could of her naked body. I took note of her breasts, and notice her nipples were erect. Perhaps it was just recently sucked or licked. I also caught a glimpse of her bushy pussy that looked drenched.

After a minute or so, Jake put the phone down, facing the bed. I could clearly see Lily just lying there. Jake got back to bed on top of Lily. Jake tried to kiss her, but Lily dodged all of his attempts. His lips instead landed on her neck.

Jake didn't mind the clear rejection. He continued to land some kisses on her neck, which made Lily moan. All this time, Jake was fondling her breast in circular motion. Parang naghuhulma ng pandesal.

Due to the fact that they were talking softly, all I could catch was Jake saying "Ang sarap mo Baby. Ang sarap mong araw-arawin."

Hindi ko na marinig pa yung ibang sinasabi nya. Marahil bastos ang mga salitang iyon dahil namula ng husto ang mukha ni Lily.

Ilang sandali pa, habang nakadagan ang katawan ni Jake kay Lily, ay hinawakan ng dalawang kamay nya ang magkabilang pisngi ni Lily. Kaagad pilit hinalikan ni Jake sa bibig si Lily. Nakita kung nagpupumiglas ang asawa ko.

Ayaw nya talaga, pero mabilis ang bawat kilos ni Jake. Magaling din itong humalik, at bigotilyo pa. Mahina pa naman sa halikan si Lily dahil weakness nya ito.

At iyon nga, ilang sandali pa, bumigay na ang asawa ko at gumaganti na ng halik. Putcha, ang wild pala tingnan, at sobrang nakakalibog ang hitsura ng asawa ko habang may kahalikang iba.

Halos sampung minuto din silang naghalikan, nag-espadahan ng dila. Nang bumitaw at tumigil na si Jake, habol habol ni Lily ang kanyang hininga.

Pero parang walang kapaguran si Jake. Agad bumaba ang halik nya papunta sa dibdib ni Lily. Napaliyad ang asawa ko, at rinig ko ang pag-ungol nya.

"Haaah… Haaahh…. Haaah…"

Ang ingay ingay ni Lily. Dinig na dinig ko ang halinghing nya sa bawat pagsanggi ng dila ni Jake sa utong ng asawa ko. Nakausli ang mga ito at naninigas pang lalo.

"You like me sucking your nipples, don't you?"

When Lily didn't answer, I saw Jake bit her left nipple while pulling on the other. Mas lalo pa napaliyad si Lily. I knew how sensitive her nipples are, so it wasn't so surprising that she was now tossing around when Jake played this much.

Lily tried to push Jake's head palayo sa dibdib nya, pero malakas si Jake kaya nagpatuloy lang ito sa kanyang ginagawa .

"Tama na Jake, please." My wife begged him.

Finally, after a couple more minutes, Jake let go of my wife's breasts. Without his face covering her twin peaks, I saw that Lily's breasts are a bit swollen.

"But tell me, you like me sucking your breasts right?" Inulit nya ang tanong kasabay ng isang pagdila pa ulit sa utong nya.

Napaigtad si Lily. She was still silent. Jake poked her nipple using his tongue once more.

"Yesss" Lily finally said what Jake wanted to hear.

"I never had a woman as sensitive as you. Ang swerte ng asawa mo." Ngumiti ito at bumalik ulit sya pagsipsip sa mga utong ni Lily.

"Haaah.. Jake, please… no more."

Hindi nagpatinag si Jake at tinuloy lang ginagawa. Nakita ko ring unti unting bumababa isang kamay ni Jake at huminto sa puke ni Lily. Napasinghap ang asawa ko at agad inipit ang kamay ni Jake. Hinawakan ni Lily ang mga braso ni Jake at tinangka siyang pigilan.

Pero malakas talaga si Jake. He successfully inserted his middle and ring fingers in my wife's pussy, instantly making my wife tremble.

"Ahhh… No more. Haaahhh." Pagsusumamo ulit ni Lily.

Jake answered by moving her fingers in and out faster and deeper. He also didn't stop sucking her breasts. My wife tried moving her body away, but Jake pinned her down with his weight. All Lily could do was beg and wriggle helplessly.

"T-tama na… Please. Hahhhh.. Haaah. Nooo." My wife was now silently sobbing.

Nanlumo ako sa aking nakita. Jake doesn't seem to be a gentle lover. I glanced at the video timer. I'm barely at the 20-minute mark and I have already heard my wife beg Jake to stop at least three times.

Every time Lily begged, he totally ignored her. Instead, his actions intensified. Looking at my wife being driven this crazy made me feel so guilty. I left her with this man last night. Me, his husband, of all people.

But more than that, my guilt was for myself, for being so shameless as to be turned on by this scene of someone else violating my wife. Yes, I already had my pants down and in my slightly shaking hand is my erect cock.

Feelings of guilt, shame, anger, and lust are all mixed up in my heart. Something in me wished that they would stop, but a bigger part of me also wanted to see how far they could go.

I feel like a piece of shit as I masturbated at the scene. I was sweating bullets while my heart was pounding in anger and anticipation.

By now, I saw my wife continuously begging, and Jake just turned deaf. And as if to tease me, he said loudly, "I bet your husband couldn't make you this wild." And he laughed while his fingers furiously went in and out of my wife's pussy.

A while later my wife stopped begging, she just endlessly moaned and writhed underneath Jacob. She also stopped crying, but her face was in a mess. All this time, her legs were shaking and her toes were up in the air.

Finally, after what felt like eternity, nagpakawala si Lily ng isang matindi at mahabang ungol.


Kasabay nito ang pagkisay nya, tanda ito na nilabasan na ang asawa ko. Putcha, kitang kita ko na sumirit ang katas ni Lily. Di ko alam na nag-e-squirt din pala ito.

At tangina lang, ang sarap tingnan ng ekspresyon ng mukha ng asawa ko. Nakanganga ito at puti na lang nakikita ko sa mga mata nya.

"Tangina nyooOOO!" Hindi ko mapigilang mapasigaw dulot ng matinding poot at libog. At sa puntong iyon nga sumirit rin ang tamod ko, habang mabilis kong sinasalsal ang aking uten.

Walanghiya, wala pa nga sa part na kinakantot ang asawa ko, pero ito at nilabasan na agad ako. Sobrang nanliit ang tingin ko sa aking sarili. Napaiyak ako sa pagsisisi, pero matigas pa rin ang titi ko.

Ngising kabayo si Jake habang pinagmamasdan ang asawa kong namimilipit sa sarap. He took out his fingers out of my wife's drenched pussy. His hand was dripping with sticky cum. He first displayed that hand close to my wife's face before he brought his wet fingers to his lips to lick them.

"Look bitch, see how you love my fingers. They are thinner and smaller than my cock, but you love them all the same. What a slut!"

He laughed and mocked my wife. This made Lily cover her face in shame. She cried uncontrollably.

What I heard next from her totally broke my heart. "Roger, babe, where are youuu? Huhuhu."

She said my name over and over again. I clenched my fists in rage and regret. I thought of stopping the video then, to spare myself from further pain, but decided I should not. I wanted to get to the bottom of things.

Kahit masakit. Kahit nakakabaliw. Kahit nakakapanliit.

While I was wallowing in pain, I could not let go of my cock. It was still hard.

I have become a messed-up myself.

"Your darling Roger, won't be here to comfort you. He's with Jana, and perhaps he's doing the same thing to her right now or more. What a loving husband! Hahaha" And with that he laughed.

"You're not any different." Somehow my wife tried to fight back with words. Perhaps because she didn't want any other person mock me. She has always been like that.

"You also left your wife to another man!" she retorted angrily.

"My wife? Bwahaha" He almost doubled-up laughing. " You just don't know. You have no idea."

"Fine, here I'll give you back your phone. Try calling him if he picks up. If he does, then let's call it a night. But if he still chooses to ignore you, then we'll continue. Call?" He challenged her.

And with that, the video ended. I assume that my wife tried to call me shortly afterwards.

Nanlumo ako. Of course, I won't be able to pick up the call. My phone was inside the pocket of my short pants that I left in Jana and Jake's suite. I went out of the room with Jana in just my underwear.

At dahil nga naistorbo kami ni Candice with some work-related stuff earlier that day, I turned the ring tone off and opted to just have the vibration on. Even if my phone vibrated, there's no way Lily would have noticed it considering I left my pants in the living room and she was inside the bedroom at this time.

With shaking hands, I took out my phone and saw that there were some missed calls and several text messages. They were all from Lily.

I checked the recent call history and I found out that Lily's first call was at 11:44pm. By my estimate, Jana and I left the suite around 10 'o clock. So that means, Lily was with Jake for more than an hour already when that video was recorded.

The two of them were in the living room when I stupidly went to the adjacent suite. So there had to be a scene that was never in this SD card.

I let my imagination wander, and I could almost confirm that prior to this first video, Jake must have already fucked my wife!

For all I know, perhaps he also took a video of their first sex, but deliberately chose not to give me a copy? Perhaps he did some unspeakable things to my wife at that time? The first video was just 40 minutes long, so he had at least an hour to do the things he wanted with my wife.

I clenched my fist, but I know my anger at this time is totally pointless.

I switched to the messages on my phone. The message icon displayed 21 messages from Lily. The icon was blinking as if mocking me. With shaking hands, I opened the messages one by one.

The first message was made just right after the first failed call.

It read: "Babe, asan ka na? Come and get me pleaseee!"

It was a plea for help. I silently cried. I browsed at the next few messages. Many of them were done in separate times throughout that night. My heart was broken into pieces. I almost could not read them all.

The few final messages were all full of hate towards me though. She said "I hate you!" so many times, my eyes hurt just looking at the words. The last hate message was at 5 in the morning.

I just grabbed my head and curled up crying like a kid. Para akong nahimasmasan. I deserved to be cursed. I deserved to be hated. I deserved this pain. I should live in this pain.

But my wife didn't deserve this. My beautiful and lovely wife, whom I vowed to love and protect. I'm such a failure.

I remembered there was still that longer video that I haven't seen. With trembling hands, I braced myself and clicked it.