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Fringes Of Law - Ch.1 (Teaser)

By info.tester ·

Chapter 1. Dilim (Teaser)

The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this production are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

Sabi nila na ang liwanag ay laging may kaakibat na kadiliman. Ang pagbabago ay matatamo lamang sa ibabaw ng dugo at bangkay ng kahapon.

2035, Pilipinas sa loob lamang ng isang dekada mahigit, naging maunlad ang ekonomiya ng Pilipinas, sa pagpasa ng Bangsamoro Basic Law na nagdulot ng kapapayapaan, ay mas lalong nabuksan ang natural resources ng bansa sa Mindanao na siyang nagbigay sigla sa ekonomiya. Mula sa natural gas na natagpuan sa Ligawasan Marsh, depositong mineral at bakal, at gayundin ang di sinasadyang pagkakadiskubre ng offshore natural oil sa bandang silangan ng bansa ay tuluyan na nag-ahon sa Pilipinas mula sa utang at naging isa sa mga malakas na ekonomiya sa mundo. Kasama din dito ay epektibong pamumuno ng nagdaang mga administrasyon.

Ako? Saan ako kasali sa bagong dekada ng Pilipinas? Isa lamang ako sa mga taong nasa dilim. Naglalaro kasama ng mga kriminal na nagtatago sa kadiliman. We are the people that spilled the blood and dug up the graves that established the new era. Kami ang nakaka-alam kung nasaan ang mga bangkay ng kahapon na siyang naging pundasyon ng maunlad na Pilipinas.

Our history is not something we are proud of, our predecessors are called Police Death Squads during the early onset of the Duts Admin, we clean up those that were able to dodge the law via its loopholes. Due process doesn't apply to us, what we need is just strong evidence that you are dirty and we dispatch you. Sabi nga ng superiors ko "Bakit mo pa huhulihin kung makakatakas lang din, kung di makatakas papasok ng kulungan pero may sarili namang kubol"

So they dispatched those that were considered dirty, we waged war with drugs during those times along with the whole Police force, we hunted and killed large fishes of drug syndicates. Along the way we found ourselves mired in controversy due to some bad apples among our ranks. During the Jr. Admin most of our predecessors were decommissioned some others were transferred to desk work and departmental work. Most changes were done during this time, Police are more scrutinized, body cams on all active personnel in the field, Well defined SOPs and Rules of Engagement. These were the ground work that built the cleaner and better Police ranks in our country. At the end of the Jr. Admin with the booming economy he decided to establish a different department within the Police force named PNP-SAU (Philippine National Police - Special Assignments Unit) codename Dark Knights, our mandate is simple, those that cannot be done by overt police forces will be assigned to us.

Here I am 7 years in service. Still playing within the darkness. Come with me and let's explore the Fringes of Law.

Side note: Hello po! Trying my hand again in writing. It's been awhile. As you can see po I'm using both English and Tagalog for my writing, still finding that balance and smoother transition between the languages. Most likely, one to two chapters every two weeks yung goal ko to release. This will be a bit of a drawn out story so if you like it stay with me. Thank you!