Ang Aking Perfect Girlfriend S (chapter 10)

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24 minutes
Ang Aking Perfect Girlfriend S (chapter 10)
by: cloud9791

Names and persons in this story are entirely fictional. They bear no resemblance to anyone living or dead.

© 2018 cloud9791. This story may not be reproduced in any manner, without the expressed permission of the author by any means available.

Kay Ned...

Bakit gabi na naman umuwi asawa ko? Ilang linggo ko na napapansin lagi nalang gabi umuwi si Jess. Nauuna pa ako umuwi samantalang Alas-sais na ng gabi nasa bahay nako. Ang misis ko wala pa!

Nung minsan naglalaro ako ng game sa PS4... NBA. Di ako makapag-concentrate! Pano alas-diyes na nang gabi wala pa ang maganda kong misis! 11:30!! 11:30 na ng gabi dumating si Jess! PAgdating sisitahin ko sana, pero naalala ko magkagalit nga pala kami. Di na ako naka-imik! Isa pa parang mejo nakasimangot sya! Hanggan sa papa-akyat na sya sa hagdan. Di man lang ako pinansin! Di man lang ako tinanong kung nakakain na ba ako.

Ilang araw na kami hindi nagpapansinan! Sa pagmumuni ko, napansin ko ang suot nya. Seksing-seksi!! Yung slit ng palda nya, halos kita na ang lhangit! Yung suot nya pang-itaas, anlalim ng hiwa sa gitna!

Nang magkakaron na ako ng lakas nang loob para mag-salita sana... PAG! Nang malakas na sumara ang pinto. Nakapasok na't lahat sa kwarto si Beb JEss ko... Di na naman ako naka-imik!

NAgbukas nalang ako ng delata sa kusina, kumain mag-isa na naman.

© 2019 cloud9791. This story may not be reproduced in any manner, without the expressed permission of the author by any means available.

Jessica Olivia...

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Relax... It's gonna be fun! I promise you babe!" Blake said.

Then he slid his right hand inside the split of my skirt. His pointy-finger found it's way to the slit in between my legs...

"Owoooh..." I moaned as it slid in and out my hot, wet slit of my cunt!!

My lovehole quickly juiced around the two long-thick fingers of my lover!! My waist danced to the deft manueverings around inside the canal of my pussy!!

"OOOHHH! OOOOOOHHHH!!" I groaned with pleasure, as I came!!

WAves of waves of pleasure hit me as my pussy throbbed and my pussy lips tightened around Blake's fingers!! On the side of my eyes... I saw how Blake smiled wickedly as I came!!

I remembered... I wasnt always like this. I only came for my Neddie. My husband! My Love of my life!!

But now... I'm a slut!! A Fucking SLUT!!

Early this afternoon after 4:30pm. I saw Blake was already waiting for me outside school. His car parked not too far from the Campus.

I was even planning to go home early today. I knew Neddie's already getting suspicious. Even though we're not talking to much. I knew with the way he looked at me everytime I go home late at night's. Neddie my husband might...

I Love my husband very much! I had to fuck Blake!! Or else Neddie would be heartbroken!! I dont want him to know that I've been fuckin around!

Or... Am I fuckin Blake because he's blackmailing me? Or is it because I'm loving it??

I'm gonna find out!! I slammed the car door behind me. I was reluctant but excited at the same time. Im already anticipating what's gonna happen next. Am I liking it???

"Here..." As Blake held out his hand.

On the palm of his hand is a pinch of white powdery substance. I already knew what to do. I quickly sniffed the powder into my system!!

"AAAAAHHHHHH!!!" As I closed my eyes into a delicious grandeur!!

My body felt hot and a bolt of passion surged into my body!!

Again... I remembered the First time. At first Blake was forcing me to use these. But now my body seemed to get addicted to it!!

After I came... I saw Blake licking the cum that came from inside my whore pussy.

"It's my turn now Babe...", He commanded.

ZIIPP!!! The sound as Blake unzipped his pants. Out came his long, big
white cock!!

I bowed down and opened my mouth. I immediately sucked his long white dick!!

"AAHHHHHHH!! That's really good babe!!", I heard Blake sighed with


I felt his right hand on the top of my head, as he pushed me downwards. His hard cock slid further inside my mouth... Deep inside my throat!!

"UGH!" I blurted out a little bit, as the head of his cock hit my tonsil.

But I can take it now! After lots of practice... I'm proud at the same time, I felt a little pain in my heart. I have now become a Slut Wife!! A COCKSUCKING BITCH!!!

Blake made me suck his dick, every time we have Sex!! I rarely even do this to my husband. But with Blake, I already lost count.

Jessica... The SLutWife?

I sat on Blake's large bed. I slowly undressed. I slowly remove my short-short skirt and my tops. My upright breast sprang free!! I was already wearing no bra! I saw my lover stared at my bare pinkish nips!!

Blake made me do it everytime. I was reluctant at first. But for the past couple of weeks, I went to school with no Bra!! I felt a twang of self-pity. Wife-CockSlut!!! Jessica The Slut WIFE!!!

A small tear dropped from the side of my eye. I have now become a slave! A Sex Slave! Slave to a man I hated, but loving the sex and his lovemaking!

Now down to my black t-back panty. I looked around every corner of Blake's bedroom. Something was different. This is not Blake's bedroom!! There were small web-camera's around! I didnt notice where we were going earlier. Probably because of the drugs, or because I was busy sucking dick!!

"Wha-Whe-Where are we? I thought we were just gonna have sex on your

place?", I asked.

"Relax babe... We're gonna fuck!! Just a little bit of change." He


Blake stood there on a bar not so far away. Again... He is mixing something! Everytime before we Fuck... He would be mixing some kind of drug.

A shudder... A hunch. I knew something's amiss!! A reluctant thought came through my mind!

Old Jess... Jessica Avibar who who love her husband Neddie very much... Surfaced on ma-mind! I started to and I'm about to bring my skirt back-up.

"OOPS!! OPSS!! What are you doiing?" Said Blake as he stopped me from

pulling up my skirt.

Standing right in front of me... He's already Naked!! His long hard-rock cock almost hit my face! He's now holdin his familiar syringe. Full of liquid of somethin he mixed earlier.

He pulled my right hand up. I saw lots of tiny little dots right at the center of my arms. Everytime... Blake would always inject me with the drug. He felt my pulse like a pro and injected me, pump-full of the searing liquid. Going into my system. Into my mind!! I went crazy again!!

My pussy throbbed like a hot pump!! My pinkish nipples tingled. I looked up at the ceiling and my vision felt like going in circles for a minute.

Just a few seconds, Out came... I saw this familiar tall black-guy standing beside Blake!! He was naked!! His body is lean and hard!! Skin as black as coal. He is even taller than Blake.

"WHAT THE!!!" I started to cover my bare white breasts!

It was him!! The Basketball varsity and our groupmate... Lamar!! My eyes involuntarily looked down... His Long black hard cock is standing upright, throbbing!!! It was even longer and bigger than even Blake's penis!!!

I gulp with anticipation! Damn!! My body grew hot!! What was I thinkin?! I want to fuck this Big Black Cock!??

"Wha... What is he doin here!?", I finally asked loudly to Blake.

"Nothin babe... He just wants to... You know..." Answered my lover

outside of wedlock.

"I waited a long time for this..."Lamar smiled .

"GET OUT!!" I shouted as loud as I can, but my voice came out as weak-

like a whisper!

Lamar quickly knelt down on the bed. One of his knees between my legs before I could close them. His large black hands, his fingers started flickering my nips!! An electricity of warm pleasure flowed through my body. I'm super-horny already!! My vagina was wet with anticiaption!!

But In my mind... I dont want to get fucked by another man!! Its sinful enough that I'm screwing Blake!! But to be fucked by a thirdman...

But before I could... Lamar's fast!! He immediately laid me down to bed. Two hands held my hands!! He's strong!! His long wet tongue slid into my open mouth and snaked into my warm throat!!! He was tongue fucking the inside of my mouth!!

"MMM... Nope... ULP!! Please!"I resisted but my tongue played with his


My legs spread on their own!! Its like they have mind's of their own!! Traitorously disobeying my mind's command. I was about to be fuck!! SHET!!! Again by another man not my husband!!

I looked around for Blake. He's in a bar not so faw away... He was just smiling. It's like he's really liking what's he seeing!! Me about to get raper by this Black dude!! Him drinking a shot of whisky and enjoying the sex-show!! He knew this!!!

In my mind... I was asking for help from Blake to somehow stop Lamar. But my lovehole opened up for this big black man's fingers!!

His long finger sliding in and out of my pussy lips!!! "AAHHHHHHHHH!!!!" It felt soo Good!!!

Then... His other hand reached behind my sexy butt!! He's arms were long!! He could easily reach around!! Then I felt one finger slid inside my butthole!!

UUNHHH... FUCK!! I shouted inside my mind.

I wanted to shout because of the sensation!! But I couldnt!! The inside of mouth is filled with Lamar's long-hot and wet tongue!! My mouth, cunt and asshole being assaulted with simultaneously!! Im being Tongue and Finger-fuck by this black basketball player!!! I'm trying to resist... But My body dance around to the sensation!! I was getting super-hot!! SHET!!!

OOHH!!! OH MY GHOD!!! MY GHOD!!!" Again and again I moaned loudly!!

Until his finger... Slid all the way in to my butthole!!! FUCK!!!! My ass now used to the assault. Blake has been dick-using my asshole every now and then. I didnt want to... But he said... It's so I could get use to anal sex!!!

Is Lamar planning to Fuck me in my ass as well??

With that thought... My body responded heavily to hotness of this Black-man's harlem sex!! My pussy on wet-fire!!! My canal of sex squeezing and coating his finger with lot's of lots of horny wetness!!

"You love that gurl?? Later... You gonna love my cock as well!!!

HEHEHE!!" Lamar laugher

UHUH! I answered in my mind. I didnt immediately understand what he
was saying.

But I dont care!! As long as I am enjoying the moment. The lewdness!! The taboo of it!! I was about to make love to a Black African Man! My body screaming in delight!! This is a first!!

In my delirious state of mind. That's when I didnt notice... Lamar already lifted one of my legs up to his shoulder. With his other hand he held my other leg. I'm now widespread for him!!! My pussy lips also parted... Shining with wetness! Gaping with anticipation!! Coated with my horny juices!! Breathing with anticipation with what's gonna happen!!

Without missing a beat... Lamar aimed his pointed-dark black head of his cock in the center of the opening!!! I noticed my ass involuntarily lifted itself up!!! WHAT THE!!!

STILL!! EVEN SOO!!! Good JEss is still trying to survive!!

"NO!! Please Lamar... No please!" I finally pleaded.

But Lamar's smile just grew. He knew I didnt mean that. My pussy circled around his tip of his cock! Pleading for it to finally come in!!!

NED!! NEDDIE!! HELP!!! My mind shouted!! I'm gonna get fucked again by

another man not you!!!

UNNHHH!!! UNGGHHHH!!! I groaned with ecstacy and pain as the large tip

of the of Lamar's long black rod slowly slide in!!!

Both of my hands gripped Lamar's wrist as tight as I could. As he slowly pushed inside the tip of his large pointed head of his cock, sliding inside my pussy lips!!

"OHHH FUCK!!!" I shouted. I could feel every nub and nave of Lamar's big


The Biggest cock in my life!! I looked down and I saw Lamar smiling!! He knew I'm already his!! The head of his cock easily snaked all the way in!!! An inch or two of his Big black dick already in!!

THAT EASILY IT WENT IN!!? Is my pussy already used to big cocks?!!

And still Lamar didnt stop!! We were both lookin as slowly my pussy ate the whole big head of Lamar's Black-penis!!! Inch by inch he pushed forward. Inch by inch his cock sliding all the -way!!

I took in maybe 3 to 4 inches already, but theres a lot more left of manliness. Hs dick is LONG!! Longer than even Blake's!!! Maybe 9 to 10 inches long, I estimated!!

So that's how they call them BBC's!! Big black cocks!!! Once you go black, You can never go back!! The saying goes... I know because i saw some of Neddie's porn before. I didnt know, now i'm gonna taste one!!

OOOOOHHHHH GHOD!!! SOO BIG!!!!" I moaned loudly again!

As Lamar drilled into my wetness 3 more inches of his ten inch dick!! & inches was I all I could take for now!! He stopped for a while to let me adjust to the girth!!! I could feel every nub and bump of the long black length!! The head of his cock hit my pleasure point!!

Then he slowly pulled out... I sighed. Then in... Then out again.

"UUNGGHHH!!! OOOOHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" I squirmed underneath!! The

pleasure was too much too bear!!!

My pussy started to cream!! Bathing the whole length of the seven inches with my white-warm creaminesS!! Me and Lamar were both lookin at his dick and my pussy as he slowly drilled me for minutes!! Minutes of eternity!!

"LAMAARRR!!!"As I'm nearing orgasm!!!

Slowly as I was getting used to the girth. Lamar drilled-fuck me more!! Deeper!!! Faster!!! The whole nine inches now!!!

SLUCK!!!SLUCK!!! SLUCCKK!!! As my wet creamy pussy filled his whole

lenght with this white substance from my whore-married pussy!!


shouted as i came!!!

This is by far the best fuck of my life!!! I orgasmed around this Beautiful Black cock drilling me!!! Lamar continued fucking me!!! Now with long-faster strokes!! Until finally our pubic mounds grind into each other!!! My pussy took in the whole 10 inch!!!!

Lamar pulled up... His black butt high in the air. Then he rammed my pussy slippered in to my wetness!!!

AGGHHH!!! I'm going crazy!!! I knew after this I'm gonna be a slave to this

dick!! No other dick could make me cum again!!

PAKK!!! PAKKK!!! PAKKK!!! FUNGK!!! FUNGK!!! FUNGKK!!! The loud sounds

of Lamar pounding my married pussy harder and the bed creaking loudly!!!

"OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!" As I came again!!

OHH MY GHOD!!!!! OH MY GHOD!!!" My body shuddered for almost an

eternity!! My love canal tightly clinging and opening on Lamar's Long Black

Dick as i orgasmed!!!

How many have I came so far!?? Then I felt Lamar's strokes faster and faster now! He's gonna come!!

"PU-PULL OUT!!!"I shouted. As Lamar finally drove his whole ten inches

long black steel into my pussy...


He held me tight as... BLurts and blobs of hot black come sprayed into the back of my pussy!!! NO!!! OH MY GHOD!!! I'M GONNA GET PREGNANT WITH A BLACK BABY!??

Finally after minutes of what I felt like an eternity. I opened my eyes and I looked down. My pussy mound and his pubic mound mashed together!! His Long hot-black cock all the way in!! Inside my pussy!!! All 10 inches of long black cock!!! Hs long black steel still throbbing. Still pumping more dark cum into my cervix!!

"My GHOD!! Youre so good Jessica!!! Youre soo beautiful!!! I'm not gonna

stop fucking YOU!!" He said to me.

As Lamar slowly but surely... His Long Big black Cock started pistoning in and out of my slick and wet-canal again!!! Slippering in and out of my wetness!! He would pull out 6-inches then putting it back in that drove me crazy!! Everytime the whole 10 inches all the way inside my pussy!!

For another thirty minutes, Lamar continued fuckin me!! Every minute his pumping is getting Faster again!!! I'm getting craazy!!! I want to fuck this beautiful black cock forever!!!

But wait I also said that to Blake's cock!!! I'm a SLUT!!! A slut for LONG BIG COCKS!!!

MORE!! MOREE!! FUCK ME MORE!!! In my mind!!!

I would meet Lamar's thrust everytime with my ass going upwards!! My waist would come up everytime Lamar's dick pistoned in!!! EVerytime the whole 10 inches all the way in... It hit my pleasure spot!!

"OWW GHOD!!!" I came hard again!!! Harder than ever before!!

The Best FUCK OF MY LIFE!!! I know after this... I would never fuck
another dick smaller!!!!

"I'm Coming!!!" Lamar shouted loudly!!!

He's gonna cum into me again1!!

He hugged me tight as his butt scrammed in and out harder and faster!! I knew he was again near his climax!!!

SPLOK!!!SPLOK!!!SPLOK!!!SPLOK!!!SPLOK!!! The beautiful sound of my pussy and Lamar's cock melshing together in greedines and Sex!!!

Then He Came again into me!!!

"OOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!" He groaned!

As his long and big black cock all the way in inside my pussy. Waves of waves of cum shoot out inside my pussy again!! HE even held my sexy butt while he's coming inside me!! My body also held him tight as we both came... Globs of globs of Lamar's semen... I coould feel... Filling up my cervix with baby making cum!!


the Black dude fuckin me bare-back!! Lamar came inside me twice now!!!

"BRAVO JESSICA HEHEHE!!!" Blake shouted from the side's. He was

holding a celphone!!

He was recording every second of how Lamar fucked my brains out!! Focusing on Lamar's Big-dick all the way, still inside screwed-deep into my pussy!! Lamar still isnt finish cumming inside me!!

What if i get pregnant!? I cried inside. I knew it was over now with my Neddie if ever I got pregnant with a blackman.

© 2019 cloud9791. This story may not be reproduced in any manner, without the expressed permission of the author by any means available.

Kay Leila...

Taenang negro yun!! Sigaw ko sa inis sa sarili ko! Hindi na naman nag-text!!! Di na naman ako sinundo sa school!!

Pati si Rose at Blake wala rin!! Kala ko ba sabay-sabay kami uuwi?? Palabas na ko ng campus, napansin ko yung isa rin naming kagrupo si... Sino nga ba yun? Yung JEssica ba yun??? KA-grupo namin sa project.

Wala na rin ata? Wala na tuloy ako kasabay pauwi!!

Nag-para nako ng jeep sabay sakay. Yung guard sumilip pa sa seksing puwit ko pagsakay ko sa suot kong hapit na pants. Sa kaseksihan at ganda marami ring nagkaka-gusto sakin! Pero may boyfriend na ko! Yun si Lamar!!! Varsity basketball player namin sa school!!

Lagot ka sakin mamaya negro ka!! Galit ako, pero naramdaman ko sa loob ng panty ko. Basa sa may hiwa!! Ang kiki ko nagagalit na rin!! Gusto na naman ng kantot!! KAntot galing sa malaking batuta ng boyfriend kong Egoy!!!

Araw-araw nagpapakantot ako sa syota kong negrong basketball player!! BAkit hinde?? Sa haba ng batuta nya, lagi ko naabot ang langit!!! Kinikilig na ang pokpok kong puke! Malapit na rin ako sa condo nya!!

Tsaka baka mamaya pag hindi ko pinagbigyan... Baka maghanap ng iba si Lamar!! Maraming coed din ang umaaligid sa paligid nya!!

Pero napapansin ko tuwing may group meet. Napapansin ko nakatingin sya palagi kay Jess. TAENA!! Type ata etong ka-grupo namin ah!! Tumibok sa selos ang puso ko!!

Iba rin kasi ang ganda nito ni Jess!! Yung tisay na kagandahan na hot looks nito nakaka-akit!!! Sino ba namang hindi magkaka-gusto na lalaki rito??

Pero alam ko may asawa na etong si Jessica eh!! Ligtas na rin ang Lamar ko!! Tsaka napapansin ko laging kasama nito si Blake!! Hawak-hawak pa ni Blake sa may balakang palagi si babaita!

PEro teka hindi kaya maggalit asawa netong si Jessica? Laging kasama ibang lalaki?? Malandi rin ang kunwari mahinhin at mahiyain ding pokpok pala!!

Natigil nalang pag-iisip ko nang malapit na ko sa condo ni Lamar! PAgbaba ko sa jeep, unting lakad nalang nasa lobby na ko! NAgmamadali ako, pakembot-kembot ang kaseksihan ko sa paglalakad!

Para akong uhaw sa pagmamadali eh. Paglabas ko sa elevator. Unit agad ni Lamar ang puntirya ko! Wala akong pakialam sa gwapong nakasalubong ko na nakatitig sakin! Sa ngayon Titi lang ni Lamar ang habol ko!!

"SURPRISE!! I'M HERE!!" Bukas ko agad ng pinto!

Hindi nakalock!! Di ko akalain ako pala masusurpprise!!

Sa sofa may isang napakagandang hubad na babae ang nakatayo!! Sa magkabila nya ang dalawang makikisig na lalaki!! ISang matangkad na negro at puting gwapo!! Si Blake yun!! Ang negro si Lamar!! Ang boyfriend ko!!!

Sa gitna nila si... Si JESS!!! Napalunok ako... Hubat-hubad sila!! Umiiyot-umiimbay sabay ang mga puwit ni Blake at nobyo ko sa pag-kantot!! Pero sino... si JEss!! PAgtingin ko sa baba... Ang mahabang titi ni Blake naka-sagad-labas masok sa naglalawang pukelya ni Tisay!!

Sa likod naman ng kaseksihan ni JEssica ang nobyo ko!! Ang mahabang negrong titi nya nakasagad naman sa pinkish na butas ng puwitan ni Tisay!!

TANGINA MO!!! Sigaw ng isip ko. Walanghiya kang negro ka!!! Araw-araw

na nga ako nag-papaka-puta sayo naghanap ka pa ibang babae!!

Pero ang katawan ko nagsimulang mag-init!! Sabay na iniiyot ni Blake at ng boyfriend kong negro si pokpok na Jessica!!! Isang hot na Threesome!! Double-penetration gangbang nila si JEss!!

Labas-masok ang mahahabang mga batuta ng dalawa sa naglalawa mga puke at puwit ni Jessica!! Pero teka... Kala ko may asawa na tong hindot na to!??

Pero eto ngayon sabay nagpapa-kaplog sa dalawang malalaki at mahahabang tite!!! NAkikipag-palitan pa ng halik sa nobyo ko at kay Blake habang iniiyot sya!! Sipsipan sila ng mga dila!! Habang ang mga tarugong mahahaba halinhinan sa pag-labas-masok-tuhog sa napaka-ganda at seksing babaeng to!!!

Ang hot tingnan yung mahabang itim na burat ng baskebolista kong nobyo labas masok sa maputing butas ng puwit ni Tisay!!


Ang sabay-sabay na musika ng tunog ng kantutan ng tatlo!! Di pa

nila ako napapansin!!

Hanggan sa napatingin sakin si pokpok Jess!! Yung mata parang nanghahamon!! Iba na itsura!! Addict na!! Addict na sa Sex at drugs ang magandang mukha nya!!!

PAghugot ng mahabang itim na burat ng bf ko sa butas ng puwit ni Jessica. Yun butas ng puwit naka-buka na!! Laki ba naman ng uten ng nobyo ko eh!!

Dun na sila sabay-sabay napaharap sakin tatlo.

© 2019 cloud9791. This story may not be reproduced in any manner, without the expressed permission of the author by any means available.

Kay Ned...

"NED!! NED!! BABY WAKE UP!!" Ang mga naririnig kong sigaw ng isang

babae sa pandinig ko.

Anlakas ng sigaw nya!! Maya-maya... May yumuyugyog sa mga braso ko! May gumigising sakin!! Pero bakit hindi ako makamulat?! Hindi rin ako makahinga!! PArang may nakadagan sa tiyan ko!!

PAKk!!! PArang tumalsik ang leeg ko sa lakas ng tumama sa kanang pisngi ko!! Dun na ko napamulat!! Pagtingin ko ang pinakamagandang anghel sa nakilala at nakasama ko sa buong buhay ko... Ang asawa ko!! Si Jess!!! Suot lang nya ang kanyang pantulog na nighties. Kitang-kita ang maputi nyang cleavage... Ang ganda talaga nya na nakaka-akit!!

"HUHUHU!! BABY! BABYY NEDDIEE!! Huhuhu!!" Ang iyak ng aking

pinakamamahal na si JEss.

Napaiyak din ako... Namiss ko na ang asawa ko!! Yung parang pakiramdam na ilang taon na kaming hindi nagkikita!! Gusto ko sya yakapin pero hindi ako makagalaw!! Bakit kaya!!?

Sobrang dami ng patak nang luha ni Jess ang tumulo sa may dibdib ko! Grabe na sa pag-iyak ang asawa ko. MAsakit!! Masakit pala makita umiiyak para sayo ang mahal mo sa buhay!! Gusto kong punasan ang dumadaloy na luha sa gilid ng kanyang mga mata!

Pero bakit hindi ako makagalaw!?? Pinilit ko bumangon pero... Masakit!! AHHHH!! Masakit ang katawan ko! Ano nangyari!?

"I'm sorryyy Baby!! I'm So-sorry!! Please dont die!! I promise not to fight

with you again!!" Ang mga sinasabi ni Jess habang humahagulgol.

DIE!? Ganun na ba kalala ang nangyari sakin kung ano man yun?

"I'm sorry din Beb!! SORRY!! NAMISS NA KITA BEB!!! MISS NA MISS!!! WAG

NA TAYO MAG-AAWAY HA!!!!" Ang bigla ko nalang naisigaw!

Nakakapagsalita pa naman pala ako!! Buti naman!!


!!" Sigaw ni Jess... Sabay yakap sakin.

Ang malambot nyang katawan mahigpit na bumalot sa katauhan ko!! Dun ko na rin naiyakap ang dalawang kamay ko sa mainit na likod ng aking asawa!! OH!! ANSARAAPP!! Ang malambot na katawan ni Jess nayakap ko na uli!! Parang sobrang tagal ko nang hindi nayakap ang asawa ko!!

Sa isip ko... I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH JESS!!!!! Mas mahal pa kita sa buhay ko kung alam mo lang!!!

Pero teka... Ano ba nangyari?? Bulong ko lang sa isip ko.

"Be-beb... Beb... Ano nga pala nangyari??" Naitanong ko na rin sa salita

ang naisip ko kanina.

"Huh? Sniift... You didnt know?" Si Jess sabay upo tuwid, nagpapahid ng


"I was getting ready to sleep when... I saw you... You started shaking

violently in youre sleep!!" SAgot ni Jess.

Ang mukha nya biglang bumakas ang sobrang pag-aalala sa itsura nyang katatapos lang na, kanina pa sa sobrang pag-iyak!

"I thought at first it was just nothing... But... But... When I saw you...

When you were having a hard time breathing... OH MY GOSH!!!! HEEEH!!"

Ang parang nahirapang hinga ni JEss.

Ngayon naman ang sobrang takot ang nakita ko sa mukha ng asawa ko!! Dun na yumakap uli si Jess sakin ng sobrang higpit!! Inisip ko ano ba talaga ang nangyari!?

Maya-maya parang feeling ko inaantok na naman ako... Yung feeling na makakatulog na naman ako. Niyuyugyog ako ni JEss para hindi makatulog, pero pumipikit pa rin ang mga mata ko. Pinilit ko magising! Pinagmamasdan ko lang ang magandang asawa ko!!

Ayun naalala ko na unti! Pagka-tulog ko kanina. Nanaginip ako. Si Jess!! SI JESS ang nasa panaginip ko!!

Ang ganda!! Ang seksi talaga ng asawa ko!!! Sa panaginip ko... Humiga sya hubo't-hubad sa isang sofa.

Teka... Andyan nako!! Yung sa panaginip... Feeling ko maghuhubad na ko. Sigurado inaantay na ko Jess!!!

Yung mapuputi at magaganda nyang mga hita bumuka na!! Pero ng malapit na ko... Nakita ko may isang matangkad na lalaki dumapa kay JEss!!

ISang maitim at matangkad na negro!!! AMPUTAH!! YUNG titing maitim anhaba!! Nakatutok na sa pinkish na pussy lips ng misis ko!!

TANG!!! Sa panaginip ko hindi na ko nakagalaw!! Yung magandang-puti at tisay na asawa ko.... Kakantutin na ng iba!!

Kala ko maggagalit si Jess!! Ako lang kaya mahal ni Jess! PEro nagulat ako ng lumusong yung mahabang etits sa masarap na lagusan ng misis ko.

UNGGHHH!! Napaungol si Beb Jess ko!! Hindi yung ungol na umayaw o may

protesta. Ungol nang isang nasasarapan!!


Yung puki ni JEss sumasalubong sa mahabang-mahabang maitim na tarugo!! Ang pinakamagandang misis ko sa buong mundo... Yung puki nya naglalawa na!!! Pinaliliguan yung kahabaan ng itim na titi ng negro!!

Ang mga daliri sa paa ni JEss... NAngungunyapit na!! Lalabasan na asawa ko!!!

Nanginig ang katawan ko!!! Pagmulat ko uli... Ayun naalala ko na!!! Pagising ko... Na-seizure na pala ako sa panaginip habang natutulog!! Sabi sakin ni Jess kanina.

Hindi lang yun panaginip!! BANGUNGOT!!!! Bangungot yun!! Kaka-panuod mo kasi ng porn pa rin manyak ka eh!! Yung mga cuckold interracial pa!! Tigilan ko na nga mamamatay ako nito eh!!

Buti nalang talaga panaginip lang!! Paghawak ko sa gilid ng mata ko dami luha!! Umiyak na pala ako!! PEro buti nalang talaga hindi totoo!!

Pagtingin ko uli kay Jess. Andun naghahanda ng ipapahid sakin. NA-MISS KO TALAGA MISIS Ko!! Di na talaga ako makikipag-away sa kanya promise!!

© 2019 cloud9791. This story may not be reproduced in any manner, without the expressed permission of the author by any means available.

Ned pa rin...

"NED!!! NED!!! NED!!!" Ang naririnig ko nalang sigaw galing sa labas.

BLAG!!! Sa lakas ng pagbagsak ng pinto!! Muntik na kong atakihin sa puso!! Kahit si Jess na nasa tabi ko laking gulat!!

"NEEEEDDD!!!" Ang malakas na sigaw nung pumasok!

Pagtingin ko kung sino... SI ATE SOFIA!!! Nakapang-opisina pa sya

"TE!!!!" Sigaw rin ni JEss.



"A-Ate!? Why are you here!?" Tanong-gulat pa rin si Jess.

Pero si Ate Sofia dumirecho lang sakin. Pagyuko nya hahalik sana sya sakin... Kung hindi lang nakatingin samin ang asawa ko.

"What happened to you two, Cutie?? You were gone for a long time. I

missed you at work." Sabi sakin ni Ate Sofia.

Nangingilid ang luha sa mga mata nya. DUn ko lang napansin naka-salamin na pala si Ate Sofia! Lalo syang gumanda!! Hawig nya si Jess ko pero parang mas maganda pa! Ang mainit at mas seksi nyang katawan lumapat sa katawan ko!! Patay na naman ako kay Jess nito nyan mamaya!!

"I dont want to lose you... I love you very much..." Bulong lang sakin ni

Ate Sofia.

"ATE!!! Get AWAY FROM MY HUSBAND!!" Sigaw naman ni Jess, hawak ang

isang towel pamunas.

Saya ko naman!! Saya ng puso ko!! Dalawang babaeng gaganda sobra nagmamahal sakin!!


© 2019 cloud9791. This story may not be reproduced in any manner, without the expressed permission of the author by any means available.

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