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JC and Sweet's Journey - Part 1 The Quickie Moment

Written by sweet_kizer04 on

JC (Part 1 – The quickie moment)

Love moves in mysterious way. That's the song I do heard most of the time on the radio every evening.

Whenever I heard it on the radio, I remembered the person I never thought I'd be with for a while. Someone I never thought would touch my life and for a second thought would break me and leave me grieving for him forever.

It was last year when my life went in to a whirlwind romance with this guy.

He's name is JC, 8 years older than me. Filipino by looks, but grew up in the US and so he's far more into an American way kind of attitude.

I met this guy through a site where people around the world were posting their pictures and add people they wanted to add and chat with.

My picture that time was taken last 2013 and my hair that time was shiny long straight & black. My figure that time was really looking great than now.

Everyone there especially guys would like to add me and I can receive in a day 15 friend request from different races.

One guy got my attention, but I know it was not his picture though the location was just near where I live till now.

When I accepted his request, the next day I logged in he sent me a message.

"Thanks for the add lovely" (lovely was my code name there)

"Welcome" – just a short and simple one I sent.

"Where do you live?" JC asked again.

"I lived nearby where you're located at, as what I can see you lived in Mandaluyong right?"

"Really?! That's great – I would like to see you sometime if I do have time."

"Well it's fine, you can ping me a message here whenever you're free"

"Thanks, but can I have a number of yours? I just wanted to text you or call you instead"

"I will give it on you, but once you texted me and you didn't tell me right away who you are I will really ignore your text"

"Of course I will say who I am once I texted you."

"Ok so, talk to you soon then"

The next day, it was past 6 in the evening when I received his message that it was Him and asking my schedules. Told him that I just got home and about to sleep already.

He said ok, and will call on me tomorrow morning. Told him again that my shift starts in the morning so I might not be able to answer his call, but then he said he'll text me.

The next morning, I received his text messages and wanted to talk to me over the phone. But I can't pick up the phone in my jeans pocket as I will have a violation in the office for bringing my phone inside the area.

I texted him real quick and told him give me 10mins and I will be almost on my break for an hour and we can talk by then.

During my lunch time, all we do was laughing and talked things about books and what he was doing here in the Philippines.

Well he told me things that I do not believe at first and I just go with the flow with what he was telling me.

He got an idea that we might be able to meet up each other during my break as it was still early and his place is just few mins away from the office.

He really wanted me to eat lunch with him but I can't as I was so worried that I'll get overdue my break and will have a violation again.

Instead I offered him to join me on a dinner to my place, as I always eat dinner alone.

My roommate will get home by the time I am sleeping already and we do not have time to talk most of the time.

He agreed and said he'll visit my place in the evening and will have dinner together.

I waited until 8 o'clock in the evening for his text or call, but it was almost 8:30 in the evening and his still not calling or texting so I sent him a message that, I have to sleep early and will just considered my invitation ignored by him.

Almost 9 o'clock in the evening when he called me saying that his on his way now to my place. That makes me unprepared cause I was already about to sleep and I was wearing a lose t-shirt and leggings below the knee length.

My hair was messy and I just washed my face from the make up so I really looked pale that night.

Well for me its fine, it's just that I will not really look representable on his sight.

Due to excitement and the security in our place I have to go down and wait on him in the outside of the building. I was not interested that night to see him cause he was really late than what we were expecting to see each other.

He told me that his there but not sure where to go and which building it was so, I really have to walk a little far from the building and go to an establishment where we can easily see each other.

There was this guy that passed by in front of me that was in a hurry and I really didn't notice it was him not until when he called and my phone ring and by the time I answered it, I heard the guy that passed by ask the same question on me.

I laughed and he noticed that I was behind him smiling and looking at him.

He looked awesome and I kind of like him by the way he looked at me in the eyes while we talk and he's really a humorous person I've ever known.

I can see that he was telling the truth and I don't question his personality with that all "shitty" words he used when we do our conversation.

One thing I always notice about him when we talked was that, when he looked at me in the eyes I can sense that he looked me deeper within my soul and that I was not sure if he was able to read my mind.

I know that he noticed something on me, but I really wanted to hide it from him not until I received a text message that really burst me into tears.

I suddenly felt that my eyes were running into tears after I read the message, sent by my ex-bf whom I had been with for almost a year. And I didn't really care if he was watching me crying all along.

He knew the story after a while that my ex-bf just left me and even I do not wanted him to go, it was his choice and I do not have the right to stop him or blame him for what had happen to us.

JC comforted me in a while, hugged me tightly and touch my hair and brush it with his fingertips. I thought I just had found a companionship but it was more of that.

The time that we had skin to skin contact, there was something grew inside of him.

I didn't know that I was starting to seduce him by that kind of act. But when he told me that his feeling something. We separated from embracing and started back to be casual.

He told me more about himself to divert my feelings and thoughts. He even shared to me about his past relationship and what had happen why it failed.

He had a point about things he advised on me and so I tried to set aside the pain and tried to forget those bad memories that had happen on me.

Until he opened up a question that even I was not sure how that will be an answerable question.

"I just wondered how you have sex with your ex before if you do have heart issues, like the way your heart beats fast whenever you get tired."

I laughed about it but he was really seriously looking at me. I can't answer him back.

That makes me think a lot, but I know a better answer for that.

Due to medication that I am taking for my heart rate that beats so fast, I am able to enjoy the so called "sex"

He was dead serious looking at me and I can't think of a better word to answer his question, so I just changed the topic. But he knows that I am trying to ignore that feeling and that presence of him. So he made a way to hook me up.

He sits beside me as we were actually sitting apart on the bed, the place I have has no sofa and when a visitor comes in the first thing that they will see right away was the bed. So I have no choice but to let him sit on the bed my roommate and I used to sleep with.

He was telling me something I didn't know what to think and what to do.
He wanted to hold my hand again. I can sense that he'll do something naughty. So I didn't do what he wanted me to do.

He grabbed my hand and kept on pulling it near to his groin.

I was amazed by that act but I am also aware that I am grown up woman so I know what was going on.

I let him put my hands inside his pants and I can freely touch the hardness of it. And to my surprise it was fully grown.

It was not my first time to touch manhood but this one was so different.

I felt it hot and tender that I wanted to squeeze it all the time inside my palm.

The moment was getting ecstatic and the urge to feel him more was what I am thinking that time.

At first I got excited thinking I will have to feel a new guy filling inside me but that fact that it was our first meet up. My whole body felt cold and I stopped what we were about to do.

He was reaching for me but I am not responding so he asked me what was wrong and told him that, everything wasn't right.

He understands me but I pity him that I hanged him in the air.

We talked a little bit and he was so adorable in the way he looked at me that it touched my heart and set aside all the uneasiness that I felt with him earlier.

He pulled me closely to his side and gently put my hands on his groin.

I looked him in his eyes and see the longing of him being touched by a woman.

I unzipped his pants and slowly went down my head to his groin.

Tasted the sweetness of his cum and the tenderness of filling his groin inside my mouth. I can see the satisfaction on his face but he wanted more.

Can't think of anything that I could do for him other than licking his entire groin and filling it in my mouth. He wanted more and I felt something in me that was also eager to experience him being inside of me.

The lights were on, and as I stood up I turned it off but he requested me not to do it.

So I made my way on the bathroom and turned the lights on there and open the door half way so a dim light would make the room glow a little bit.

He smiled at me and made his way to guide me on the bed half naked and I can feel the urge of him wanted to fill me in right away.

I let him in and let him fill me with his tenderness and warm groin.

I was almost there, getting to where he wanted us to be. He kept moving and pumping and I could not stop him from digging deeper within me.

He looked different and I can see on his face the need of it that I do wanted also to have.

We were both moaning from the delirious moment we have and when we reached the climax. Both of us were catching our breath.

It was a new experience for me. Meeting someone for the first time and had the chance to lose all the stress we have in ourselves.

That was something I will remember for the rest of our lives.

It was already past 10:30 in the evening and it's time for him to go. Because I don't want my roommate know about me letting a guy come in to our place.

As we had a deal not to bring guys in our place and have that kind of scene in our room.

He doesn't want to go yet nor me to let him leave but we have to.

He said that he will call me tomorrow morning and will have breakfast together.

I was thinking about the kind of breakfast we would have.

It was a quickie moment with him but I am looking forward for more exciting and adventurous moment we would do in the future.

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